Friday, May 19, 2017

A Special Day in the Mountains

Well, the title is kind of funny, because we LIVE on a mountain, but still.... my husband and I have a favorite thing to do together, and that is to get in one of our mountain rambler vehicles and go out into the hills and mountains around our place, exploring, and just enjoying being together.

Snow capped mountains embraced the views as we traveled along a dusty little road that curved back into the mountains.

Our drive turned into a detour because of mudslides that had shut down the road we planned to take.

But we love detours on this kind of day, because we get to travel down roads we might have missed. We encountered this quaint one lane bridge on the detour.

Someone had put Christmas lights on the bridge and left them there for the season.  We must come back at Christmas to see them lit up!

The cold waters of the river carrying snow melt rushed below us.

We found a trail along the river and followed it as it meandered along.

Trillium were in bloom throughout the forest, their happy faces announcing springtime's arrival.

As we walked along the river, the soothing melody of the rushing waters was music to our souls.

We found an old rotten log to sit on and just sat by the river, drinking in the beauty of the moment, and the music of the stream as it rushed past us.

In our own little paradise, it seemed time itself stopped as we took the time to listen, and to feel the very heartbeat of the Lord in that place.

After soaking in the beauty of our little spot in paradise until it seemed our very souls would burst with the joy and peace we felt, we continued our hike through the woods, thankful for the the glorious moments sitting by the stream had given us.

We came to a bridge crossing the stream, and stood amazed to see a tree that had grown out of the side of the bank, turned, and lifted itself straight up towards the sun.  I knew the lesson from that little tree well.  
Don't let adversity hinder you from finding your way to the SON.  
He can take your brokenness, your mistakes, and your misguided efforts, 
and turn them into something beautiful, 
when your face and life looks to HIM. 

What a beautiful thing you can become, 
because of the SON. 

For if that little tree had not tried to lift its life towards the sun, 
it would have perished in the cold waters of the stream, 
but because it looked upward, 
instead of out, around, or down... 
it survived by looking up
and remains a lesson for us all to see. 

Many trees have perished during the storms passing their way along this little stream. But the amazing thing is that the brave little tree was a survivor.

An incredible lesson that blessed our hearts as we pondered it.

Here is a video of the little stream that blessed our hearts. I hope it is a blessing to you too!

We got back into our vehicle and headed deep into the heart of the mountains, winding our way, up and around an old logging road.  Privacy is never an issue here in these mountains... so vast is the terrain that seldom do you ever see anything or anyone except for the wildlife.

Many mountain streams were encountered throughout our drive... tiny one-lane bridges crossing them.. built by the logging companies who once logged this area.  We stopped to enjoy each one of them.

The roads wind and move us on, deeper and deeper into the forest, all grown up since being logged many years ago.  We stopped and hiked several little "deer trails".  On one of them we saw huge amounts of moose droppings.  In fact, you couldn't even walk the trail without stepping in them.  We hiked for a while, clapping our hands, and making lots of noise.  We stopped for a minute to look at the view spread before us.  And then we heard a crashing heavy sound behind us.  We turned and saw a large flash of fur in the trees.  It was time to go!  We made our way quickly back down the trail, keeping a close eye around us.  We did not want to meet this moose on her terrain!  Back in the truck, we paused to see if she would come out, but she didn't.  But we were glad to leave her be, alone in the place she calls home.

The cool stillness of the mountain air and the darkening hues of the sky let us know night was coming, and that it was time to head back home.

We passed by a local buffalo farm, and stopped to watch them.

He was quite unimpressed with me. We stared at each other for a moment or two, and then I slowly raised my camera to take a picture.  He went back to grazing, there was more important things to do than watch me, lol.

The mountains were shadowed in the distance, with shades of pink drifting across the skies.

A close-up showed he really wasn't thrilled about my attentions at all.  Just as well, we enjoyed watching them graze as the daylight faded away.  

Looking at the family's little cabin who owns this farm, we thought it an idyllic spot to live... we loved the front porch, and simple design of the cabin. But the views remained the most spectacular part of it all.

Soon our adventure came to an end as we finished the day back at home, sitting outside in our lounge chairs, watching the moon come up, and thankful for the little getaway that we had together, in the midst of all the work we needed to be doing.  But sometimes... a day away like this is just what you need to get your "batteries recharged" for the long days of work ahead.  :)


  1. It's nice that you and your hubby both like to go on an adventure like this, and I agree that a day out in nature does much for the soul.
    Breath taking scenery Marilyn, my spirits were lifted just from your photos.

  2. What a beautiful day! Thank you for sharing the beauty with us!

  3. Couple outings like this one are the best. We love them too.

  4. Absolutely beautiful country. I was so delighted when the scripture popped up at the end of the video. That was nice!!

  5. Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful place! I loved listening to and watching the little stream! Thank you for including that...I felt like I was right there. I love the little house you saw, with the porch, too. Looks like an idyllic place to live. So thankful you could get away together and enjoy the peace and take a break from your hard labors, too. Sending love and hugs to you, sweet friend...God bless you richly. :)

  6. Loved the bridge.....time spent in nature is time well spent. I am happy for the blessing your beautiful day was!

  7. What stunning photos...thanks so much for sharing with us

  8. Thank you for taking us on this "mini-vacation" with you, Marilyn! How I loved the sound of the stream in the video as it reminded me of the many times Danny and I have visited the mountains and walked beside the numerous streams that flow there. Nothing quite like that soothing sound, is there?
    Your photos surely got my Saturday off to a wonderful start!

  9. Marilyn, Why an idyllic day!!!! I could almost smell the clear mountain air. I LOVE those little back roads and the one lane bridge makes me smile. I grew up in an area with several of those and one was on a curve!!! so you always had your heart in your throat hoping no one was coming around from the other way at a fast clip!!!

    Thanks for taking us along on the ride. I loved it. xo Diana

  10. Hi Marilyn! What a beautiful post, and I loved reading about your day the back roads. You live in such a beautiful area - the photos are stunning.
    I trust the wedding plans are going smoothly. Still keeping you in my prayers. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh, my goodness, what a beautiful area you live in.....and right in your backyard! Great fotos. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with FFF. And, your link did show up. I think there's some issue with it not looking like it does, but if you'll go back to my blog and refresh the page, you should be there! HOPE you have a great weekend!

  12. Good morning, my beautiful friend. Oh, what a joy this post was on this Saturday morning. Your images were breathtakingly beautiful and your sweet video brought a smile to my face. Whenever my family and I go camping we love to be by the water as it sounds so musical to my ears....just as you said :)

    We, too, live in the mountains and I never tire of seeing God's glorious creations. Oh, what a sight!

    I hope you are well, dear one. I have been terrible at visiting my friends and I am truly sorry. Know that you are never far from my thoughts. Much love to you!

  13. You live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. It's wonderful that you take advantage of all the area has to offer. Sometimes, the simplicity of nature is better than any vacation destination. Enjoy the weekend!

  14. First visit here for me...and boy did I ever enjoy your mountain excursions and scenery. The tall pines remind me of 'home' in Colorado where I grew up in the foothills.

  15. Thank you for taking us along on this wonderful drive and hike. You truly live in paradise. The photos you captured are amazing. Surly God's artwork created so beautifully.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xo

  16. You live in such a beautiful place! Thanks for taking us along with you for this trip. I love the tree growing out of the cliff and your commentary on it.

  17. Marilyn, thank you for sharing your photographs and the video! My, that stream rushes by! The landscape is gorgeous! Such a testament to God's character. xo

  18. Thank you so much for this! I have never seen mountains and this is do special to see. Beautiful area!

  19. Thank for the video too! Love the Scripture in it!!!

  20. Wish I had your beautiful scenery close to my home - I would wander around for hours.

  21. What a wonderful tour the two of you had, my husband and I enjoy those too although it only happens once or twice a year. I wish we had the mountains and logging trails like you have though - gorgeous! That's amazing with the moose trail, definitely don't want to run into one of those. I love seeing buffalo, they're such interesting creatures. I found the little tree reaching for the sun to be quite amazing. Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. That is an amazing way to recharge your batteries! It's the kind of visit that one would remember all their life if it was a vacation, but to think that it's just a day trip for you--you live near that paradise! Actually, you live in paradise.

    And I love the lessons you drew from the little tree reaching for the sun!

  23. Your beautiful drive made me homesick for "my" mountains in SW Washington where I lived for so many years... north and a little east of the tiny town of Washougal, there are mountains galore that spread for miles and miles.. and I used to make my boys, when they were little, up there for magical drives and exploring. There were, as you have, little creeks and streams, a bigger river, single lane bridges and many trails and hikes to discover. I even used to ride my horse up there. It looks so much like "your" mountains! What a wonderful drive I got to take with you! We didn't have Moose like you do though, but there was an occasional bear or wolf.. and even cougars living not far from our house. Now I live "in town" in central Oregon, which is dry and not many big trees or water.. and I do miss the mountains.. but thankfully, I travel back to them now and then and go for a little drive to breathe in the fresh air and dampness of the earth. it always has that damp smell, no matter what time of year it seems! Thank you for a trip down memory lane! Hugs... Marilyn

  24. What gorgeous country you live in! Thanks for this inside view of Idaho, someplace I have never been. Except for the snowcapped mountain, it looks a lot like Upstate NY, where I live. What a glorious day you had!

  25. Hi Marilyn! That video of the rushing stream was just so calming, even though I wasn't there! And I was so pleasantly surprised to see that Scripture pop up, what a perfect pairing to that water.
    You do really live in a beautiful place, and I'm so glad that you and your husband both enjoy the nature around you, and that you can experience that together. The best kind of 'date'!

  26. Beautiful post, Marilyn! I love mini-getaways like this one. They can be so refreshing! We got away a couple of days last week; quite different from this one, but so much fun in its own way. Love the little video of the rushing stream. The sound of water is so relaxing, I think. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Beautiful photos!

  28. I always enjoy taking trips with you. I love how you capture the love you have for the mountains, land, animals and family.
    Thank you for sharing,

  29. Amazing country you live in. We have been enjoying some of your scenery here in the hills above Colville. Last night with this heat we had the guest bedroom window open and I heard some wild life noises that I never experience in the suburbs of Seattle. Beautiful photos of your trip around your area! Glad your batteries were recharged!

  30. I look forward to your posts so very much my friend. You have such a way with words and your photos are simply gorgeous. I have yet to master the art of taking good pictures of running water that show their true beauty the way you have been able to capture it. Be blessed!

  31. Marilyn, I feel so revitalized after following you around on your adventurous day in the beautiful mountains that surround you! The sound of the stream is so invigorating. I am amazed at the variety of floral and fauna, as well as differing landscapes, in your neck of the woods. Love the photo of the soft, pink sky against the peaks. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderfully exhilarating day with us!


  32. This post is like a short story, well written with exceptional pictures.
    I was holding my breath, reading about the moose!
    Lovely, just lovely!!

  33. Marilyn, I just love reading your posts and seeing your area! We are heading to SD tomorrow for a few days and looking forward to seeing some new sights. Some of our next trips will be Montana-Jackson Hole and also possibly Idaho. I love seeing Buffalo and we also eat Bison whenever we can.

  34. Your lovely home and outbuildings with the backdrop of those majestic mountains is truly splendid. Oh, how breathtaking your part of the world is, Marilyn. I love the sound of rushing torrents of water, it is music to my soul as well. Reading about your reflections on the tree growing in the most unexpected place I am reminded ofa song Evie Tornquist I think her song is Evie Karlson now) is called the "Tree Song". Listen to this link it is so very cool. As always, Marilyn, I have been uplifted by visiting your place, if only for a little while. A beautiful and lyrical post, lovely lady.

  35. Love the way delicate flowers pop up out of nowhere and show off their beauty! This post is very country and nestled in the mountains. I love it.

  36. What a glorious part of God's creation you live in, Marilyn! Such beauty...and you capture with your camera beautifully. Thank you for sharing your get away with your hubby with us. xo

  37. Very pretty pictures. I was taking pictures the other day, outside, and you popped into my head. I don't know why, but...maybe we were photographing things simultaneously. :) Thanks for sharing all the pretties!

  38. Love the photos all, especially the water and mountains. I am leaving tomorrow to spend a week with my youngest daughter. Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments.

  39. Wow, what a beautiful area of the country you live in. I can almost feel and smell the forest and countryside all around. Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you also for visiting my blog and your kind comment.


  40. Oh Marilyn...what stunning beauty surrounds you! By looking at your beautiful photos, I felt as if I was traveling right along with you....could you sense that I was there?? :D What a blessing it surely is to live among such magnificent beauty! Thanks for the tour!

  41. What a fun outing!! I love your pictures. All the little bridges are so neat. We have trilliums here too but unfortunately not on our current property.


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