Saturday, December 26, 2015

A truly GLORIOUS Christmas!

This was absolutely the most amazing Christmas Day one could ever have!  The sun came out for the day - we've had mostly clouds the past few days - and the skies put on the most glorious colors you have ever seen!  It was a spectacular day as we celebrated and praised the Lord all day for the most beautiful gift ever given to mankind... and the skies seemed to celebrate with us!

It was an amazing, breathtaking day indeed!  There was sweet joy of being with our family enjoying precious and special moments together as we read the Christmas story together, and gave praise to the Lord for the joy His birth brought into our lives, as we enjoyed food and fellowship, and special gifts given to those we love.

As the day passed, while we were busy in the kitchen cooking up a special meal, I couldn't keep from looking outside, and seeing the beauty unfolding outside... I then sent my daughter outside to get some pictures for me.... she did a beautiful job, and I was so thankful to have these pictures!

Lots of snow showers from the trees as the snow falls off the limbs and fills the air with snow...

Rosy skies against the snow laden trees...

The dogs were having fun playing in the snow that was chest deep for them!

The skies blushing with sweet joy..

As the sun began to set... the sky was filled with amazing colors that constantly changed across the horizon...

It was a magnificent day ... and how thankful we were to live in this beautiful country celebrating the blessed birth of our Savior with family and friends.  It was a very blessed Christmas indeed!  I pray that the presence of the Lord made its abode with you and your family this season.  :)

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Praying that today is a special day filled with joy, love, hope, peace, and all good things as we celebrate the most amazing gift ever given to mankind, the birth of our Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Snow Snow Snow! Three Storms in a Row!

This past week has been really something!  We have gotten three storms within the week each bringing with them 6-8 inches of snow... we now have close to 3 foot of snow up here!

Excited! ... oh yes we were!

My husband and I took a walk together right at dark while it was snowing last weekend.  We took our flashlight and Annie with us.  The snow was just beautiful as it softly came down.  Silent Night... indeed!

The eaves of the chicken run had deep snow overhangs where you can see the amount of snow we had already gotten!

As we walked back up the driveway, Roger was waiting for us.  Can you see him?  He doesn't like to walk with us, as he is scared of a leash.  He would rather patrol the yard instead, lol.

The next morning, the sun came out in its glorious splendor!

The sunshine was not about to last long though.  The clouds were pushing in... and the colors of the sky changed dramatically in just minutes.

We went for an early morning drive along the river while the sun was still doing its best to break through the clouds.... but another storm was on the horizon!

More snow moving in!

The roads were nicely plowed and sanded... perfect for a drive in our 4x4 truck.

Overlooking the river....

The lake close to us had just begun to freeze over.  It still wasn't safe to walk out on the ice yet.

The ice had formed on each of the branches in beautiful glistening patterns.

We hiked around the lake for a bit.  Annie was glad to be with us exploring.

So many tracks... which one to follow?

Ummm... none of them Annie!  You need to stay with us!

Huh?  You want me to stay with you, when I have all this detective work to do?

Do your dogs talk back to you?  LOL!

Every turn and bend offered special glimpses of pine trees adorned in their white attire.

I can see someone has their work cut out for them!

Don't guess we'll be doing any grilling today!

Dogs up to their knees in silly antics in the snow!

Would you like to have a seat in the white fluffy chair? LOL!

The next day we took a ride along the river again, in a different direction.  Again, the sun and clouds were battling, as yet another storm was approaching!

Everything the snow had touched had turned to a special icy snow that glittered and glistened in the against the somewhat eerie colored sky.

Large maple trees bowing in their magnificence.

The sun flexed its muscles and spread wide the clouds to show off the blue skies beneath...

It was lovely to see the sunshine, even if just momentarily... because we knew another storm was approaching!

This morning as the third storm was lessening, I went outside, and walked knee deep in the snow.

There was hardly a difference in the color of the snow on the ground to the sky above.  The only color to be seen was the darkness of the trees.  It is almost as if I took a black and white picture!  But this was in the middle of the afternoon...

The fence posts have snow toppers that look like glistening light globes...

I think it is time someone brushed the snow off the poor grill, but you can see just how much snow we've gotten in the last few days.  

We are having a grand time with all the snow... especially after we were told by the weather forecasters earlier in the year that we were going to have a mild wet winter... ha! Don't guess we can trust those forecasters, lol! 

It is still snowing outside!  We are forecast to possibly get another 4-6 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow.  Do you think we are going to have a white Christmas?  (heehee!)  I think so!  :)