Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Enjoying Winter's Last Moments

We had a January thaw, where we despaired that winter would ever really show up here.. But then... we got a bunch of snow, and I for one, was very happy to see snow, and winter make their entrance!

However, sadly, after all this snow, we are now again in a thaw! Once again, we have experienced temperatures up into the 50s, with all the snow melting very, very quickly.

So I wanted to share with you some pictures that I took just before all this beautiful snow began to melt away!

I had taken the dogs for a walk on a very unusual day... the sky was brilliant blue with hardly a cloud anywhere, against the backdrop of the sparkling white snow, and it made for a beautiful walk outside!

The dogs were thrilled to be out for a walk on this beautiful day.

We walked along the road a bit before turning into the trail across the road from our house.

The snow was pretty deep through the woods.

Someone had taken their vehicle through the trail, which made it much easier to walk than having to step through the deep snow.

The dogs, as usual, were busy about their detective sniffing work.

Annie would run ahead of me, and then turn around, and wait until I reached her, before taking off again.

Here, she was playing some kind of game with Cosmo, where she would lay down and wait until Cosmo got close to her, and then pounce on him. Silly dogs!

A stately view of the mountains in the distance draped in their purplish-blue colors.

More pictures of the woods as we walked.

Finally, it was time to head back to the house.

The dogs were walking sadly along, as they knew that our short hike was about to end.

A few days later, we were out at our property, and  the weather was changing, even as we were walking around enjoying the beauty there.  The temperatures were rising to a balmy 40 degrees, and the snow had become very sticky and wet.

Because of the weight of the snow as it became wet and started to melt, some of the tree limbs were bowing and breaking under the weight of the wet snow.

The snow was very deep out here, up to my knees in places as we walked.

I had put a little bird feeder up hoping to attract some birds, but my feeder was still full.  My dad had advised me to spill some of the bird seed onto the snow, and that maybe birds would be attracted to the feeder that way, so I dumped out quite a bit of bird seed on the snow.  We will have to wait and see whether the birds will find a new food source or not.  As we walk through the woods, it is very quiet and still, with no birds at all, except for the occasional crow.  I am hoping that come spring we will be able to have more birds stopping by to visit us.

This is the tree that went down in the wind storm we got back in January.  Now it is covered in snow, and appears as if it has been like this forever.

The snow was up to Annie's belly.  She didn't seem to mind it a bit!

We saw evidence of squirrel activity here with fresh acorn droppings just outside of a tree stump covered by snow.

Stately fir trees covered in a blanket of snow.

I love the lacy look that the snow leaves on the trees.

Poor Cosmo was not enjoying the wet snow very much at all.  It looked as if he had white pantaloons on... the snow was sticking to his legs, in balls and clumps, making it difficult for him to walk.  He looked so sad!

We walked over to visit the horses.  They were happy to see us!

She gladly let me rub her nose as I talked to her.

Annie thought that the horses should play with her, and didn't understand why I wouldn't let her through the fence to play.

The other two horses came up to the fence to see us as well.

Not too sure what to think about us! She just kept looking at me very sadly, and would not let me pet her.

Annie wanted to play with them, and kept begging.... and she didn't understand that they wouldn't play nicely.

Poor Cosmo! This wet snow was really dragging him down, he could hardly move!  It was attaching in balls all over his fur, and he looked so bedraggled, and worried!

He was begging to go home so that he could dry off, and so... that is what we did!

We loaded up in the truck to go home, so that the dogs could dry off.  There was a puddle of water on the seat by the time we got home, as the snow began to melt off his fur!

As we headed for home, this was how the river was looking today... frozen over!

But, it was already raining, and the temperatures were rising, so this ice was about to melt very, very soon...

This may have been winter's last stand.... as the higher temperatures moved in... now all this ice has melted... but that is the nice thing about living in an area with the four seasons.... we must enjoy each season as it arrives, and departs!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Golden Tipped Trees

One evening a week or so ago, the sun was setting, and creating a dramatic picture outside my door.  I grabbed my camera.  It seemed as if the treetops had been dipped in glittering gold paint and were sparkling and shimmering in the late afternoon rays of the sun, while the clouds painted a dark, chaotic backdrop.

It looked as if the trees had been dipped into a huge pot of gold paint... an incredible scene to behold!

It seemed as if the very clouds themselves were dancing with joy at the beauty of the moment spread out before me!

The different shades of the trees as the rays of the sun played games across my horizon with the clouds...

The stately Douglas Fir remaining untouched by the gold paintbrush, against the backdrop of the whirling dark clouds...

What beauty and majesty have touched these trees that they appear to have turned into pure gold!

The sun was fading quick, and the darkness was quickly upon us.  But just for a few moments, my world was enriched by the beauty of the golden trees!

Here is another random event that I wanted to share with you. We were taking a drive into town on a very icy/snow-covered road.  The sun had somewhat melted the snow, and then it had refroze again, and it was slow going on these treacherous roads.

As we arrived in town, the recent cold snap that we had had created ice buildup that almost completely covered the river.

We've lived here several years, and we've not seen the ice freeze up in the river like this before.

As we continued our drive, I spotted this fellow up in a tree.  By the time I got my camera out, I didn't have time to zoom in for a close-up... but you can see this stately eagle perched here close to the river, no doubt scanning the waters for his next meal...

It was a rather grey, overcast day... and not the best day for snapping pictures... but since this is a random post of random events... I'll share these random mountain shots with you...

The world had taken on a silverish-gray color, and with the ice forming on the water... everything was colored in shades of gray.

The trees had frost still on them from the cold, and everything was shrouded in grey loveliness.

And, just so you'll know that the "golden tree" sunset was unusual... this is another sunset that took place... and although it wasn't quite as spectacular, I still loved the stark contrast between the dark trees, and the brilliant blue sky.

The shows that nature puts on through the creative handiwork of our Master Artist, never ceases to amaze me, and I live every day very thankful for all the blessings HE has put in our world for us to enjoy!