Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Looking on the Sunny side of life

I think there is a song to the effect "Keep on the sunny side of life"... or perhaps it is just a familiar term that I've heard throughout the years, to always try to look on the "Sunny" side of life.

Today, I intend to do just that!

Meet Sunny!

That's right! We live right next door to the "SUNNY" side of life!

Sunny, our next door horse, is a sweet 20-year-old horse.  She loves to come over to the fence to be petted, and especially to see if we have any treats.

I thought it was just dogs that like to eat snow... but Sunny introduced me to the fact that this is just not so!

Horses LOVE to eat snow too!

I could hardly get her to lift her head up long enough as she ate the crispy, crunchy, icy snow...

... to let me get a good picture of her beautiful Sunny face!

The sun was shining brilliantly, and the snow was reflecting that brilliance.

Ahh!! There we go Sunny!!! A beautiful picture of your face!  See how her fur is very fuzzy and furry.  I always worry about the poor horses who have to stay outside in this bitter cold weather, but when I see how the Lord so perfectly clothes them for every season of the year, I don't feel so bad!

Ok... she is feeling a bit shy today...

Or perhaps we are just interrupting her snow-eating delight!

Annie desperately wanted to play with Sunny.  She whined, and begged, and whined some more... she wanted under the fence so badly!

She didn't have a great attitude, but she did remain obedient!

Sunny continued her snow-eating, after we petted her for a while.  Not sure what it is about the snow that tastes so good... but she was sure enjoying it!

We talked her a bit more, and then Sunny decided to move on.  Thanks Sunny... for being the Sunny side to our life today!

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