Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hiking in Slush/Snow/Water

NOTE: This is an old post that was begun back in January, and I never completed it!

We had gone hiking the first week of January out on our property, the day after a blustery storm had blown through during the night.  After the storm had passed,  the temperatures rose to the high 30s.  So, when we arrived out at our property, the snow was very wet.  Have you ever hiked in wet snow?  It must weigh twice as much as crusty crunchy snow.  It is a HUGE workout for every step you take through the slush, water, and snow!

As we began our hike, we noticed several large trees down throughout the property.  Apparently the wind storm throughout the night had caused several of them to come crashing down.

I look at this as a good thing... one less tree that we have to cut down for firewood!  It will be nice and seasoned for this summer when we begin to get our wood ready for winter!

You can see the debris left by the storm.  There were downed limbs everywhere.  The snow was covered with pine needles.  It almost looked like a war zone!

We had a crew of kids with us hiking.  Each of my kids had brought a friend with them to hike.

The snow was so soft and slushy as you walked, and then below the snow was a layer of ice mixed with water that just gurgled as you walked... it was a workout!

We stopped to say hello to the horses before getting serious about hiking.

There was just one horse out there today, and he was out in the far field when we arrived.

But it didn't take him long to come in close for a visit.

The boys meanwhile decided that it was more fun pushing over trees that had become weakened in the storm.

There were quite a few trees that were easily pushed over and these boys had lots of energy to spare!

This tree was fighting back... it wasn't about to go over...

Finally, we headed out on our hike to the bluff.  A snapshot of the mountains off in the distance.

Cosmo was ready to go, and wondering why we were clumping along so slowly!

Annie had more fun eating the snow than anything else.

This was her playground out here, and she was lovin' every minute of it!

The snow wasn't as fun to eat with all the pine needles in it... eww!!!

Annie with her tongue hanging out... running through this wet snow does take a chunk of energy for even her!

Finally we reached the bluff, which was our destination.

Off in the distance, Mount Spokane was covered with a fine layer of clouds.  We had come earlier in the day today, and had lots of daylight.  But, since it was such tough going in the very wet sticky snow, the trek back to our property was fairly uneventful.  Mostly everyone was concentrating on putting one wet sloggy foot in front of the other!

It was a rather quiet, uneventful hike back to where we started.  Even the dogs were walking single file, and not chasing a single smell off the beaten trail.  There was hardly a peep out of any of the kids as we walked back, as we were all busy conserving our energy!

I don't know how many calories we burnt on this hike, but I will guarantee this... we got a double workout on this hike, and we were very glad to see the 'ole red truck in the distance, and be able to climb into it and ride back home.  Luckily I had lunch in the oven, ready to go, as our bellies were all rumbling after this wet, slushy adventure!!!

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