Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter's Gracious Presence Has Arrived!

A friend of mine coined the phrase "whipped cream delight" when referring to the snow, and truly... the snow we just received over the past few days, is so beautiful, clean, sparkling, and delectable looking that you could almost eat it, it is so beautiful!  The dogs certainly don't mind eating the snow, and the kids have been known on occasion to grab a handful of snow.... there is something so irresistible about it!

I got out early this morning to take the dogs on a hike, and it was still overcast.  However, the snow was incredibly fluffy, soft, and dreamy looking! I couldn't wait a minute longer!

And neither could the dogs... the dogs as usual... began showing their excitement about the possibility of a hike by going crazy, and nipping, and chasing each other, and generally just being very rambunctious and excited!

It was overcast this morning when I left, but you could seek the clouds lifting.

The snow was coating the tree in huge clumps of silvery loveliness.

The skies are starting to part!  Oh sun, please come forth!!!

Our hike took us into the woods behind our home.  You can see the trail covered in deep white snow.

Annie is happiest when she is completely immersed in and covered with snow!

Oh the excitement and possibilities that snow brings to the day!

Most of the tree branches were laden down with their gorgeous burdens.  About 3-4" were on most of the tree limbs.

There were new arches or arbors of branches covering the trail.  The snow had created all kinds of amazing possibilities with the branches hanging low, all laden down with their snowy creations.

Incredible to see the scope of every single tree covered with the snow.  And they say that each snowflake is unique and no one of them is alike... well... that just boggles my noggin! Incredible to look at the innumerable snowflakes covering my world, and to know that the Creator of this Universe is so creative that HE made each one different.... I just stand in amazement at His Handiwork!

Every step I took was almost knee-deep in snow.  Approximately 9" of snow fell, with more falling or gathering in some places, and then others, the snow would be ankle deep.  What a workout it is to hike through the deep snow! But in this winter wonderland, I wasn't complaining!

Incredible how much snow had taken up residence on these trees!

The dogs never seemed to tire of digging their noses down deep in the snow...

Ahhh!!! The sun was shoving the clouds away, and ushering herself into this winter wonderland scene!

Every snowflake seemed to take on a drop of sunlight, as the sun spread wide her arms of love, and showered the world with her warmth, and beauty!

As the blue sky began to fade out the clouds, the trees just seemed to stand up straighter!

It was taking some effort, but the sun was making huge strides in order to let her rays shine forth...

The canopy of trees overshadowing the trail was simply divine...

Someone had come through the trail with their vehicle, making this part of the hike much easier on the 'ole calves!  I didn't have to step so deep with every step!

 The trail turned a bit, and this is my favorite part of the trail, where the trees have grown very close together, and an incredible canopy is showcased.

By the time I got to the end of the hike, the sun had really broken through the clouds, and the whole world had taken on the warmth of her appearance.

Normally when I walk on this trail, there are certain areas of canopies covering the trail, but today... it seemed all the trees were bowing with their beautiful burdens of snow, leaning over us as we walked through...

And interesting snow formation with these two small branches!

Towards the end of the walk, Annie would just lie down in the snow like she couldn't get enough of it!

She never stayed still very long though.... too many things to investigate, and report on!

What a cute little ragamuffin with his snowball face!!!

Sadly, it was time for the walk to end. I could have walked on forever, I think, in the glorious world out there today... but other duties were calling me.... Let's hope that tomorrow is as lovely as today! Looking forward to some more fun in the snow tomorrow.... I'm glad Winter finally decided to grace us with her presence!!!!

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