Saturday, January 11, 2014

Spring in January!

Well, strange weather seems to be the phenomenon dominating the news lately!  The mid-west and eastern areas of the US have seen unprecedented amounts of snow, and extremely frigid temperatures.  While we here in the west, where those kinds of things are typical for this time of year,  instead we have gotten way below our usual amounts of snow.  We have had some cold temperatures, but our snowfall amounts have been way down for the year so far.

Today, a storm system has blown in with some very strange weather!  We very seldom get high winds here, but today the winds are blowing about 40-50 mph and it has been raining, and the little amount of snow that we got earlier this week is melting!  Our driveway and yard has turned into a pond! This is typical weather for March-April, not January!!!!

50 degrees in January is extremely unusual!

In fact, so unusual that we may need water skis to get out of the yard!

Or maybe a life raft... I don't know....

Water is just pooling everywhere.  I imagine some folks will be dealing with water in their basements, with this much snow melt, and rain all at once.

I've never seen this much water pool in our yard before, although the low spots will typically pool if we get a lot of rain... but this is a LOT of water!

Our well house looks like it is about to float away!

Water is pooling in places I've not seen it do before.  Remember my wish in an earlier post to be able to go ice-skating? Well, I'm thinking that if we get a freeze with this much standing water, my wish just may come true!

The wind was blowing so fierce, poor Cosmo was just about blown away!

The animals have been uptight all day with the wind howling around the house.  When you hear the wind howling like that in January, you would expect snow to be blowing, instead of rain! Annie has been acting nervous and unhappy all day.

This really looks like a spring melt.  I can't even imagine the problems we'll have when all this freezes, it will be dangerous to step outside our front door!

I went to get the mail, and in places, I walked in ankle deep slush to get there.  This ought to get real interesting once it freezes tonight!

Do they make skates for animals?  Just wondering... they might need them!

Cosmo was watching all the running water, and trying to decide what to do about it.  One paw in the air... I really don't want to get wet here folks... but somebody's GOT to do something about this mess!

Annie is just very sad.  She loves the snow, and all this snow melting is just breaking her heart!

 I feel your pain, Annie, I do! 

I can hear her saying...  "Where oh where has all my snow gone? What is going on?"  I wish I could tell her the answer... but I'm asking the same question too!!!

Cosmo comes over to comfort Annie, and assure her that it's okay...

And the comforting must have worked... and all must now be okay... because Annie's back to doing what dogs do.... ewww! .... LOL!

I wonder what we should name this river running down the the ditch in front of our house?

You can see how the layers of ice and snow are just disappearing, and turning into pools of water everywhere... it's just crazy I tell ya!

Well, perhaps I should dust off my ice skates, and get ready for the skating party when all this freezes!

Yes, 'tis very strange weather in January... I'll let you know if... or....when the ice skating party is in full swing... now that would be something to look forward to!

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