Friday, January 10, 2014

Walking On Water

I've had lots of adventures in my life, but this is definitely one of the most unique adventures - the opportunity to walk on water!

Now, if you'd asked me sometime earlier in my life to draw up a list of adventures I was willing to take, most likely, I would not have included on that list "walking on water".  I love water, love to look at it, take pictures of it, drink it, boat on it, and even swim in it when the temperatures are right.... but walking on water.... well, that is not something I'd willingly sign up for... sounds waaayy too dangerous for me!

But.... without further ado... let me tell you just how this adventure took place.... you see my husband and I were out for a drive, and just exploring the beautiful area we live in.  We decided to drive to a lake back up in the mountains.

When we got there, the lake was completely frozen over... catching my drift now? lol...

Yes, others had been even more brave than we were... they had not only walked on the water, but they had been out DRIVING on the water!  Kinda crazy if you ask me!

But since we could see that others had taken liberties to drive on this frozen water, we decided we'd at least try to walk on the water.

We weren't real brave, and decided we'd stay real close to the shoreline, just in case.... so we tested the ice here before branching out any farther, but it was icy clear to us that the water was indeed completely frozen!

I was lamenting the fact that because of all the footprints, and tire marks out there, that it would be nearly impossible to clean the snow off and be able to ice skate out here.  I remember some wonderful times as a child ice-skating on frozen ponds, and how much fun it was.  But because of the many tracks made through the ice and snow before being completely frozen, an ice-skating adventure was not to be had... here at least!

Whoever had been here before us had taken liberties to walk pretty far out onto the ice, and we weren't that brave!  We stayed close to the shoreline...

A snapshot of the cattails frozen in place..

And my dear hubby taking liberties to walk on the water... frozen that is!

I stayed close to the shore where I knew if I fell in, I wouldn't have far to go!  I sure didn't intend to become another Peter!

A picture of the floating dock frozen in the ice.  We didn't see any signs of ice fisherman out here... yet.  I'm sure that's who was out here checking the ice.  We've never tried our hand at ice fishing... as I wouldn't really call any of us dedicated fisherman... and really, if you ice fish, you REALLY have to be dedicated to the cause, to sit out here and freeze!  Now I don't mind having a fishing pole in my hand, a book in the other, and soaking up the sun's rays while I sit out there... but to sit out there on that ice and FREEZE does not sound like my idea of fun.... but who knows... maybe one day I'll get to experience it for myself, just to see!

But for now, I'm just glad that I can say.... I've walked on water.... and that's good enough for me!  

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