Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where OH WHERE is Annie?

Our excitement at finding a new hiking avenue had opened up a whole new world to us.  Finding this new ground to hike on, opened up our property far beyond the ten acres that belong to us, into an exciting new adventure!

It didn't take us long to recover from the effects of hiking for 3 hours through deep snow, completely unplanned, until we were back out there at it again!  This time our daughter came with us. Unfortunately, our son was home sick on the couch with a fever, and possible pneumonia.  He sure wasn't up to such excitement, and so after making sure he was going to survive with Momma being gone for a few hours, we left to see what excitement we could drum up for the day!

Cosmo loaded up in the truck, ready to go!

Annie was impatiently waiting on us to get loaded up, and get the show on the road!

This picture is for my Dad.  He has been suggesting that we put out a bird feeder out at our place to see if what kind of birds are out there.  Hey Dad... here it is... and its full... just waiting on some birds to drop by for a visit and chow down!

Annie and Cosmo with their sheriff's badges on, and ready to go!

Time to sniff out, smell, and uncover all activities not yet reported on!

The next door neighbor has several horses, and a donkey/pony mix.  Sometimes they will come over to see us.  Today, all three of them came to the fence so we could pet them.

They were pretty inquisitive and wanting to know if we'd brought any treats.

Sadly, we hadn't!

Annie kept trying to go under the fence to play with them.  We had to keep reminding her that they weren't friends that were likely to play fair.

Such sad eyes! I apologized again for not bringing a special treat for them!

Poor little Mrs. Donkey/Pony... wasn't too sure what to make of Annie.  She kept a very close eye on Annie, and never really came close to the fence to let us pet her.

If looks could kill!!!!  Mrs. Donkey/Pony... was not too happy about us being close to her fence.  She kept a very close eye on us... especially on Annie!

They forgave us for not bringing them something special....  ... and were glad for the attention we were giving them!

As the sun was lowering in the sky, it was time for us to get on our hike, and say our goodbyes to these pretty ladies.

 Hopefully next time, we'll remember to bring them a treat!

 Cosmo heard me say... let's get walking... and boy...  he was off like a stick of dynamite!

Adventure lies deep in the heart of these two dogs...

Oh the fun of hiking in new places, exploring new smells, and .... eating snow!

 Annie's happiest moments are when she is playing in the snow...

 Another glimpse of the red barn...

 ... the horses sadly watching us leave...

 ... and its off to the races... with Annie!


The sun was moving quickly across the horizon, and we knew that we were racing against the clock to make it to the bluff and back before dark...

The sun was casting its golden late afternoon rays over the mountains all around us.


Hurry, hurry, hurry seemed to be what we were all feeling, as the sun's rays convinced us that daylight was running out!

Finally, we arrived at our special spot at the bluff, the sun was setting with its golden ray turning the world around us into brilliant golden hues.

The brilliant rays of the sun brought such beauty into the scene spread out before us.

Everything was taking on the colors of the sun's orange glowing rays.

Since the sun was in a hurry to get to the other side of the world, we realized we needed to be in a hurry to get back to our property before the sun beat us to it!  Annie wasn't ready to leave, she kept looking behind longingly.... sorry Annie... that will have to wait for another time... it's getting dark, we don't have a flashlight, and we need to scoot!

The sun had fallen behind the horizon by the time we were headed back. We had been slogging along, and of course, finding the going back much harder than the coming.  It was slow going, even though we were trying to hurry.  Suddenly, my daughter called out for Annie, and .... there was no Annie.

Oh my.  For 30 long minutes, there was no Annie.  I can't begin to tell you how long those 30 minutes were!  The sun was rushing away, and darkness was upon us, and no Annie to be found.  She had completely disappeared.  We called, and called, and called, to no avail.  Finally, we turned around and walked back the way we had just come, hoping maybe she would hear us.  We walked about half a mile back, tracing our steps, calling Annie all the way, worried sick about her.  She has never done this before.  She always stayed very close to us while we walked, a few yards away, but always close.

Finally, after we had wore out our voices calling her, I heard a scream of joy, and it was my daughter ... the lost had been found!  Annie's tongue was hanging out, and she was barely moving.  Evidently she had been on the trail of something, and got farther away from us than she realized.  Oh, but how we were so glad to see her!  We didn't have time for much of a reunion, as darkness was upon us, and we really had to pick up our pace, as tired as we were, to try to get back before dark.

We're really glad you came back Annie! But PLEASE don't ever do this again!!!!

The sun had set, and the moon was taking over the watch for the night.  Just a sliver of the moon was all we had!

There were still enough rays of sunshine to keep our path lit up, until we finally saw the fence line and we were back at our property.

And not a moment to spare either!  The darkness was here, and the moon was in charge.  But all was well... we had found Annie, and we were none the worse for all the excitement!

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