Monday, February 10, 2014

Buying Organic Chicken @ Zaycon Foods

I wanted to share with you a remarkable savings that I've been enjoying thanks to a great company called Zaycon Foods.  Their website is located here:

The thing that piqued my interest in this company was the fact that their products are all organically grown.  The product is shipped directly from the farm to the consumer, with no middleman involved (like the grocery stores).  The first time I tried their products, I was nervous about spending this much money and was worried that I would be disappointed.

Instead, I found myself absolutely THRILLED with the meat!  First of all, the meat was fresh, and never frozen.  The chicken breasts were huge.  I was able to package them according to our family's needs. Then, my delight turned to amazement, as when these chicken breasts were cooked, they did not shrink into unrecognizable pieces no bigger than a golf ball, but remained the same size and shape when cooked.  The pieces of frozen chicken you buy at the grocery store seem to shrink almost half in size when baked or boiled.  These pieces of chicken retain their size.  Also, the flavor, and taste is incredible!  No hard pieces of gristle at all.  The chicken is flavorful, tender, and overall the most delicious chicken you'll ever eat.

After trying Zaycon chicken, my family agrees that buying chicken through a grocery store is just not an option.  Not to mention the savings that you get by buying the chicken in bulk, fresh, and packaging it according to your family's needs.

So, this time, I documented for you just what the chicken looks like when you buy it from Zaycon.

The chicken comes in a large waterproof cardboard box box that holds 40 pounds of fresh, never frozen, straight from the farm to you - chicken breasts.

When you open the cardboard box, the chicken is packed fresh into these heavy-duty plastic bags that keep all the fluids contained.

As you open the large plastic bag, you find four 10-pound bags of fresh chicken breasts.

The chicken is fresh, and the breasts are intact, so you get 2 breasts, plus some rib meat for each piece of chicken.

These breasts are huge, as you can see.  I am using a 15 x 9" pan here.  I would say each breast piece weighs at least 1 pound, or both together, about 2 pounds.

This is the 15 x 9 " pan completely filled with the 10 pounds of chicken.  Because I was packaging the meat downstairs in our basement area, I brought some soapy water and clean water to rinse my heads as I worked with the meat, and then also to clean up after the packaging was finished.

Our family of four can generally make a meal on 1 pound of chicken, and most of the time, even with that, we still have leftovers for another meal.  So, approximately there are 40 meals that can be made with this chicken, plus leftovers.

I packaged the chicken into quart-sized freezer Ziplock bags.  From this 40 pounds of chicken, I am able to get at least 40 meals.  The price of the chicken breasts, along with tax is about $2.00 pound, or $2.00 a meal for a family of four!

While you can buy frozen chicken breasts at a cheaper price at times, I can guarantee you, that you are losing about half of the chicken breast when you cook it, as most of the chicken breasts you buy in the grocery store shrivel in size after being cooked.  These breasts retain their size and shape, the taste, flavor, and texture are not even comparable to anything found in a grocery store, and best of all, they are organic, natural farm raised chickens.

This has been a huge savings and blessing to our family.  I always have lots of fresh frozen chicken on hand now.  Check out the Zaycon website, and see if they offer their product in your area, it is an incredible value.  I can say that I will never go back to grocery store chicken after seeing for myself the value in purchasing the bulk organic fresh chicken breasts!!


  1. Cool.... I am going to check them out more. I've already looked at their locations, and they have a TON near us. Zac and I are hoping to buy some grass fed, antibiotic-free beef from a local farmer soon. We are going in with two (maybe three) other families and buying a half cow. They make the cuts and process it for you. The final price is under $4/lb, which is really good for the quality of meat. We don't use much meat in our meals, so meat lasts us a good while.

    I am hoping that eventually I will be able to get my own chickens... although, I think I rather sell some eggs and chickens to get money to buy already killed chickens than to kill my own.... :-) haha

    I'm loving all the photos you post!! :-)

    God bless you!
    Love you.

  2. I can't find anywhere on their website that says Zaycon chicken is organic (and the box you posted the photo of only says "natural" Could you tell me where to find more information?


  3. I can't find anywhere on their website that says Zaycon chicken is organic (and the box you posted the photo of only says "natural" Could you tell me where to find more information?



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