Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It'll Break You To Buy It, and Keep You Broke Once You Have It...

Can you solve this riddle? Who am I?

Another clue needed?

OK... second clue: If you thought you were the "belle" of your husband's life, once he has one of these, you might come in a close second.... Know what it is yet?

Really! You need another clue?

Ha... It's blue, and can do the work of 60 horses!

And what that should mean, is that we should no longer have to do the work of 60 horses, but this lovely lady *should* be able to do it.

Oh, and yes, she's stolen my husband's heart, along with my son's.

She has been introduced to our family as "Blue Belle"... there are *stars* in my husband's eyes to prove it!

And our son thinks she's pretty fine too.

His first time to drive a tractor, and he was hooked!

And all I have to say is this.... It broke us to buy her... and it is going to break us to keep her... she's already broke down twice... but considering her age, I'll give her a break.  She's a few days older than my hubby, so we're hoping that there's lots of great life in her yet.  Blue Belle just needs a bit of TLC... according to my husband, and she'll be good as new.

All I care about is if she can do the work of 60 horses, instead of me having to do it! If she'll haul logs, push snow, and till my garden, I might someday even call her my friend :)

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  1. My husband's mistress is his tractor too!


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