Friday, October 17, 2014

Glorious Fall Colors

My husband and I were just driving together the other day, and he said to  me... you know, I just love fall weather, and the colors here that are so amazing.  And I said to him - so which season is your favorite?  And we both thought a minute, and found ourselves struggling to pinpoint when in Idaho we don't love what each season has to offer.  Then (unanimously I might add), we both agreed that if there was a month that we could do without, it would probably be the March to April season when the snow is melting, everything is muddy, and the world is struggling to come back to life.  But other than that... it seems that EVERY season here is simply amazing, even winter! And once spring does come, wow, it is glorious here too.  So it is just that in-between season when winter is trying to leave, and spring is trying to appear that we could really do without... but every season here really is just hands-down gorgeous!

So, back to the fall colors... sometimes you just have to pinch yourself when out in woods when it is fall.  Everything has a beautiful color of gold to it, and it is simply glorious.  The tamaracks are turning yellow-gold, all the shrubs are turning yellow, orange and gold, and the crisp air mixed with the brightest blue skies you can imagine, and it all just makes you want to sing!

So, here are some pictures that I have snapped here, there, and everywhere of the beautiful colors of fall!

Crossing over the Pend O'Reille River one beautiful fall morning.

Brilliant blue skies showcased against the glassy glow of the river.

The maple trees bursting forth in all their glorious color - oh what a beautiful sight!

As we drove along the highway, the view was filled with the beautiful colors of fall appearing throughout the mountains and along the river.

If I could erase the telephone wires in this picture, what a beautiful one it would be!

The hues of golden never cease to amaze.

 Those pesky telephone wires!  My husband told me we would never get to our destination if he stopped every time I wanted a picture.  So... I had to grab pictures driving down the road... sadly telephone wires included!

I never get tired of the views, even from the same drive.  My husband will say - you already have a picture of this view... and I respond - yes, perhaps, but... this one is different!  Look - the clouds are forming beautiful shapes, the colors of the trees and the sky... so many variables - so no, I never take the same picture twice :) LOL!

Gorgeous, isn't it!

I never tire of seeing the mountains all around us.  They are always changing, and never the same.

It almost looks as if someone took a paintbrush, dipped it in gold, and just randomly painted trees and shrubs...

 Can you not help but just LOVE Fall!

I always love driving down this street in our local town.  The trees meet in an arch covering the street, and it is always thrilling to see, especially in the fall!

The tunnel of fall colors!

A railroad bridge crossing the road surrounded with bright fall colors.

I could drive all day just looking at scenery like this.  

An evening storm had passed through when I got these shots.

Golden light was lying around everywhere.

The angry clouds contrasting with the golden trees was simply stunning.


This picture was taken through our window, but you can see that the scene outside was 
simply incredible. 

 I took this picture today from our property. We've had some rain the past few days, and the clouds were breaking up over the far mountain, and the sun was pushing through the clouds.  Lovely!

I hope to put a nice comfy seating area out here on our property so that I can come out here and relax with this view spread out before me.

There is just something about the purple mountains, fall colors, and brisk crisp air that makes you think... FALL is my favorite season... at least for today :) I hope you enjoyed these fall pictures.  There is a nip in the air that lets me know winter is lurking close by... but for now, I will enjoy every golden moment that I can!


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