Monday, September 14, 2015

A September This -n- That ....

How is it that it is already the middle of September?  I don't know the answer to that question... except that it has just flown by!

Progress on our little home has been moving forward!  My husband, son, and a friend completed the skirting, which made me very, very happy!  And... do you see that hot water heater on the front porch? Well... we had been living without hot water since we moved in, and just to make a very long story short... this hot water heater, while it works, it wasn't propane, and we couldn't get it converted.  So we finally found a propane hot water heater for a mobile home... and now have hot water!! Oh happy day! You never truly appreciate something until it is gone... and in our case, no hot water was not a terrible thing - it is a convenience really - but still wonderful to have!  We often go bush camping, and having no hot water is not something new for me... but to not have it for weeks on end... well, it just felt like the camping trip went on a little long, lol!  But, thankfully we got the new hot water heater installed without any problems, and oh the joy of running hot water again!

Annie wasn't sure what was making me so happy (when I saw the finished skirting)... but she rejoiced with me!  I love that about her!  She is so sensitive to what is happening around her, and displays that emotion on her face!  Don't you just love her one ear up and one ear down face?

In reality, she was probably thinking my joy meant we were going for a walk... haha!

We have beautiful red rose hips that are in season now!  Sadly, I was not able to find that many on our place.  I have been collecting as many of them as I can find.

My husband and I took a walk through the woods together on a beautiful glorious day.  We saw our green mountain ash tree had had a visitor.  We found all the the lower hanging fruit to have been eaten, and the rest of the fruit from about 7 feet up intact.

As you can see here, something quite tall reached very high and ate what fruit they could without climbing the tree... we have our suspicions about what it might be... (read on!)

Annie was with us, and sniffed diligently around the tree, and we found a large spot under the tree where a very large animal had evidently spent some time, as all the grass was laid over.

We continued our walk through the woods, and I found more rose hips!

Annie's joy is always contagious when we walk together :)

Not a cloud in the sky!

Uh oh... a chipmunk had to interrupt the fun walk we were having, and insult poor Annie!

The insults got louder and louder, and Annie was quite ready to give the chipmunk a piece of her mind!

... if only I could climb this tree!

.... you wouldn't be saying those things about me!

Ah well Annie... don't you know the old saying... sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt ... just come along now, and don't listen to anymore of that nonsense from the chipmunk!  {smile}

Back in the garden after our walk, we noticed evidence of a large visitor to my garden.  Right next to my raspberry bushes the fence appeared as if something very large and heavy climbed over it. Now while I don't have a picture to show you who we believe is responsible... I can tell you what our suspicions are... our son was driving home from work late last week, and about a mile from our house a large black bear crossed the road in front of him. It stopped on the road and looked at him.  Finally he lumbered off back into the woods.  He said it was about waist high, or approximately 4 feet tall, so it appears it is the yearling that we saw right after we moved into our house (out in our front yard from a distance).  We thought it would have probably moved on, but apparently not.  It (not sure if it is a he/she) has become a regular visitor, it appears.  And, we have found several piles of bear scat scattered around our yard.  So, we know it has been back several times to visit.

And just a side note for all of you who worry... I carry bear spray with me now out in the yard or walking!  {smile} And of course, our dogs are always with us.  More than likely, our visitor is just looking for berries, and we have no reason to worry.  If however, we have more problems with it such as trying to get into our trash, or other more ominous things such as getting closer to our house, then we will put in a call to Fish and Game.  I did talk to Fish and Game, and they said it appears it is just searching for berries, and as long as that is all it is doing, it is not a threat.  :)

... and also in September I celebrated a birthday, and my family took me out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant, and we had a lovely time together.

Later, some friends came over with a fun birthday surprise for me!  Our friends wanted to bake me a cake, and so they came in the door with a little cake in a mug with one candle.  I was delighted, and they sang a birthday song to me.  Then I said, "Oh I feel so bad to eat this cake all by myself".

They said, "Oh, it's OK.  Hey, why don't you open your gift now?"  So then they carried in this large box for me to open.

Inside the box I found this amazing iron skillet tiered birthday cake!  Our friend's boyfriend had designed this iron skillet holder to display three different kinds of birthday cake made in three different sized iron skillets - and all the cakes were completely homemade, with whole wheat flour!  They picked the carrots for the carrot cake from their garden that day, and made the awesome carrot cake, vanilla, and chocolate cake.

And let me tell you... I tried to get away with only 29 candles, but someone spilled the exact number of years old I am, and so we almost had to call the fire department, lol! What fun we all had, and this was definitely most unique birthday cake I've ever had... and most delicious too!

Dear Lord have mercy on me, I had a piece of each cake they made!  (Annie told me it was okay though... we have plans to walk this week... lol!)

Last but not least,... this morning, after I let the chickens out of their coop, this is what I found on our front steps... well, first I heard what sounded like someone knocking at the door. So when I peeked out the window, this is what I saw... now I'm a country girl at heart, and love my sweet chickens... but we gotta draw a line somewhere folks, and since chickens will never be potty trained... they are not to be allowed on the porch!  Annie and Roger happened to be inside, and so the chickens seem to just take over the yard when that happens!  I let Roger out, and he shooed them back towards their coop, while Annie just watched them. Roger appears to want to herd the chicken, while Annie watches them and ... licks her chops.  Sigh.

Until we get the chicken run built... the chickens and I are going to have to have a talk about coming to visit on our front porch!

That's right.  See you later!

And that's my update so far for September.. a bit of this -n- that for you... hope that your September has been wonderful and beautiful!  I'll try to get back to posting on a more regular schedule soon... :)


  1. What a beautiful place for a walk in the woods! Happy birthday to you too. It looks like you had a special time. Do you get to keep the skillets?! :-) My chickens would do the same thing when I would let them out of the hen yard. They would come looking for me and end up on the side porch. Not good, as that's the door everyone uses. Hope the bear wanders off to another area.
    Enjoy your evening ♥

    1. Oh, we love our woods, and walking through it is so peaceful for us. Someday, my husband promises to build me a gazebo back in there, but then I might want to stay out there all day, lol!

      I didn't get to keep the skillets... they are a prized possession of our friend's boyfriend, and I have my own prized skillet collection as well, lol! I do think that the cake was amazingly tender and moist baked in the iron skillets, and will be giving that a try soon!

      Funny thing about the chickens isn't it! They follow me whenever I come outside too!

      Yes, we are hoping the bear sightings are over, indeed. :)

      Thanks for your visit today, hoping you had a lovely fall day! :)

  2. Happy birthday wishes to you! Your home looks sweet skirted. Lol. I've lived 16 years without hot or running water. Maybe someday- there are just more important things to me. Great pictures of Annie and your chickens are looking very content. Lovely.

    1. Oh, I am SO happy to have the house skirted, it makes a huge difference in appearance, and heating. We have no heat source yet. That is the next thing my husband has to work on, lol! No hot water for 16 years - wow my friend, you have the heart of a true pioneer! I miss having a wood stove, this home doesn't have one... It is so small, we are trying to decide where to put one if we do. Decisions, decisions! Appreciate your visit, and hope the cool fall weather is bringing you sweet precious moments! :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! I'm so glad you got your hot running water now! Yes, Annie looks very cute and happy.

    1. Oh thank you dear friend! I am so glad to have hot water now too...although after Ronda commented that she has lived without it for 16 years, wow, I really am blessed, all things considered! Appreciate your birthday wishes... and always love to have you visit :)

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!! That was so sweet of your friends to surprise you like that.
    Love your chicken with the feathers on her legs. What kind is she, she is very pretty.
    I'm glad it is just a black bear that is visiting you. They would rather run off when they see people than try to challenge them. But I would still stay on the look out.

    God bless

    1. Oh, it was a great surprise! I just felt so bad for everyone who came (when they gave me the small cake mug) that I thought weren't going to get a piece of cake... oh it was a great laugh!

      The chicken with feathers on her legs is a banty chicken, and Goldie is the one who comes first when she sees me or I call them. She and I are very close, and she lets me pet and hold her. Some of the other ones won't.

      Yes, black bears really aren't a problem. Although we have heard that a grizzly bear may be in the area as well. Some sightings north of us. It is likely due to displacement because of all the fires. So we are just being extra careful. :) Like you said!

      Appreciate your visit so much today, and will be stopping by to say hello to you as well :)

  5. Aww...what a sweet post! It was so good to hear all about what is going on with you, dear, sweet friend! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!! God bless you to see many, many more birthdays that are healthy and spent with cherished friends! Love and appreciate you so much!

    1. Oh thank you dear friend! It was a very special and unique birthday, and I appreciate your sweet wishes! Appreciate you so very much too, and it is always a joy to my heart to see your visit here :) Have a blessed and beautiful day in the Lord!

  6. Well Happy Birthday!! For me, hot water would've been the greatest gift, but that cake/ pan looked pretty awesome! A black bear, huh? That's some neighbor to have! I hope you are safe and enjoying your chickens. They seem to like you a lot...maybe they just wanted to come in and say Happy Birthday! :)

    1. Oh yes, my husband worked so hard and got so much done in a short time. Hot water working, then he worked on running a water line to the garden so a hose won't have to run the length of our yard... and the skirting on the house. So much indeed!

      Yes, we think it is the black bear... and hoping he is just a traveler, and not a neighbor, lol!

      I do really enjoy my chickens, they are so fun to watch! Appreciate your happy birthday wishes so much, and as always, your visit is always enjoyed! Have a beautiful and refreshing day with hopefully cooler weather :)

  7. Happy, happy belated birthday, dear friend. I'd love to celebrate it with you up there on your lovely homestead. Hot water is a necessity at home, as far as I'm concerned. I was raised on a farm with no indoor plumbing and we had to carry water into the house in pails and heat it on the stove for dish washing and cleaning. When my parents moved into a house with a bathtub and running water I finally knew what it was like to live with instant hot water. Oh, I would have a hard time giving that up now. Camping without it is fine. Even fun for a change. But full-time? No. I'm glad you have hot water now. Yipeee!
    Hugs, Nancy

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes Nancy... sure would have loved to celebrate it with you too... or any day for that matter! So you understand what it is like to not have hot water... and oh what a joy it is to have it! Yes, camping is fine, and for a few days... but full time would be tough. Do you know Ronda has not had hot running water for 16 years... wow! She is one tough gal! Well, thanks for your visit, appreciate it so much, and hope you are able to enjoy lovely fall weather in your cozy new home! :)


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