Thursday, August 11, 2016

Snippets of Summer

Lovely summer days... fleeting sweet moments in time... passing through our lives... moments enjoyed to the fullest, savored in joy.... busy days, full days... and now days that I am wondering where did the summer go to?

Our local ski resort had a festival offering free rides on the ski lift.  It was an incredibly beautifully clear day which was such a bonus!

As I looked back through my pictures, I realized I had missed sharing several events with you, and so this post is going to be a hodgepodge of sorts... little tidbits of the good days of summer we've had here this year :)

My daughter and I rode the ski lift to the top, and such a beautiful view was seen! 

There was a lovely stream cascading down the mountain following the path of the ski lift. 

The view was spectacular!  Everyone was amazed at how clear it was up there... as usually the clouds hide part of the horizon. 

At the top, my daughter and I decided we were going to hike back down the mountain. The line to go back down the mountain on the ski lift was 30-45 minutes long!    

There were many trails leading down, and we just picked one and went with it.  It was an awesome workout, with an incredible view! 

I just had to stop and not just catch my breath from the downward trek, but from the view spread out before us.

At the top of the mountain these lupins were growing... don't they look like Texas bluebonnets?


One evening we went to this nearby lake.  Friends of ours brought their canoe, and we took our little fishing boat.

The evening rays of sun washed the world with beauty.

We had a hilarious time on the lake.  Our little fishing boat does not not have a trolling motor, and no big motors are allowed.  So we had to paddle our fishing boat around.  Our boat was not made to row.... and trying to get it to go in a straight line was ..... well.... rather silly to watch!

So our friends tied our boat to their canoe, and pulled us along... and we managed to maneuver around the lake a little easier after that. LOL!

Lots of algae and lilies growing along the edges of the lake. 

Beautiful wildflowers along the banks.


Speaking of flowers... this beautiful verbena is blooming in my garden...

Kale is growing abundantly this year.

My husband and father found this little wagon for me at the dump, and I've filled it with some flowers that I started from seed... in vintage containers.. aka coffee cans, lol!

This is an Indigo Rose tomato plant that I purchased from a local gardener.  The tomatoes look like little plums, and have the most delicious flavor, so that you could eat them like a plum! I have never eaten a purple tomato before, but they are soooo good! Try one if you ever get a chance :)

The hummingbirds are keeping me busy refilling their feeders almost on a daily basis!

A tom turkey brave enough to enter the hen's domain... and it wasn't but a few seconds after I snapped the picture that the hens chased him away, lol!

The summer full moon was bright and beautiful with the gathered clouds below adding an air of mystery to the view.

We went to the local Timber Days parade... it is always an impressive sight to see all the log trucks lined up loaded with their timber driving down Main Street.

This fancy truck caught my eye... it wasn't in the parade, but it sure was purty!

Bright colorful floats are always fun to see.

And lots of candy for the children...

My husband and I took a drive and stopped at the lake... it was a beautiful day with cotton candy clouds in the sky.

We went to a little state park and hiked along its rocky beach.

It was late afternoon, and the sun was sitting low in the sky... a perfect time to enjoy the beauty of the river.


Friends of ours are buying their very first home.  Some renovating  had to be done before they could move in.  This is how the house looked before... 

Another before view looking into the kitchen. 

And an after view of the newly installed floors, painting, and trim.  It was not finished when I took this picture, but you get the idea... a great new look.

It is amazing what paint and new flooring can do for a home!  They plan on moving in this weekend, as the purchase of the house was just finalized.  Only life can throw a curveball like this - the house closed on the same day that our friend's sister flew in from England with her family to attend the wedding this Saturday of their sister, and on the same week that they need to move into the new house, with company in tow!  The Lord is giving them grace to accomplish all that needs to be done, and we have helped them as much as we can.

Indeed, there has been so much happening around here, and summer seems to be sliding into third base, and headed for the home base!   We have had some cooler weather lately with highs in the 60s, and lots of rain.  We are not complaining about the rain!  So happy and thankful that this year we don't have the terrible concern for forest fires, as we have been blessed with rain all summer long.  My garden is coming along slowly, truthfully - all the cool weather has slowed it down, but I am anticipating a nice crop of vegetables still, and holding out hope that we don't get an early frost!

Our calendars tell us that all seasons have about equal days in them... but summer just really seems to fly by, while winter drags its feet... and so we are enjoying the most of every moment that summer has to offer us... and when the weather cools down, the days get shorter, and the fall colors are bright... I hope to have more time to visit all of my dear friends in "blogland".  :)

I hope to be back sometime next week to share pictures of the wedding this weekend.  :)


  1. Oh Marilyn! What a joy it was to stop by your lovely spot here in Blogland and be inspired, blessed and delighted by all the beautiful titbits you shared! Oh do live in an exquisit part of the world! Those views...what a wonderful experience it must have been to ride the car all the way to the top and then have the pleasure of hiking down!
    Your garden looks actually reminds me of ours with the flowers in vintage tins too! I am so happy to hear there have been no forest fires this year for you... Near where we live, a number of houses burnt to the ground last night due to a runaway fire...and it is WINTER! Please keep these poor families in your prayers...many other houses were also damaged, but thankfully it would appear no one was hurt.
    I am surely anticipating Spring days and thinking ahead to what I'd like to sow in terms of summer crops...definitely lots of squash and beans...they're so handy to have in the pantry!
    Well...I must sign off for now! I hope you have a wonderful weekend...and enjoy the upcoming wedding!
    I hope to write back to your email a bit later...oh, it was a delight to find it in my inbox!
    Sending love, hugs and smiles your way!

  2. Good morning,

    I know, summer slips by so quickly. I can't believe it is about the middle of August; it was just June!

    So many lovely mountain pictures. Gardening season is too short. We are so blessed to have peace in our country and so many blessings to look forward to as autumn approaches.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Looks like you've had a beautiful summer. The views and the flowers and fun times. I agree, it seems like summer has just sped by. Now, on to fall. :-)
    Enjoy your day! ♥

  4. Beautiful Marilyn....I so want to live in Idaho. smiles...pretty soon those ski slopes will have snow on them.

  5. Wow! You live in a gorgeous place. The views from the ski lift are breathtaking!
    I think fall goes fast. I wish it would last longer before the snows come.
    Take care, sweet YOU! The turkey is very funny!

  6. The wagon is adorable! I agree that summer seems to sail by and winter seems to drag on. Just the way of life, I suppose. Those views... wow! About two years ago our former pastor retired and moved from Central Indiana to the Sagle/Sandpoint area. His daughter, son-in-law and grandkids also moved along with he and his wife. His daughter shares some stunning scenery on FB. Quite different then the flat farmland I am use to!

  7. Glorious photos of your Summer, Marilyn! You live in a little piece of God's paradise, don't you. So many majestic views to drink in! I can't imagine paddling a fishing boat, that must have been hilarious. Love your little wagon filled with pretty plants and that it! Your friends' home is looking rather lovely with the renovation. I'm a little sad for you that Summer is disappearing from your neck of the woods...BUT....that means it will soon be appearing all the way down here at the bottom of the world. This fact does make my heart sing. I'll be sending Ole Man Winter your way. =))

  8. My sweet friend, I was just thinking of you this morning and wondered how you were doing :) It looks like you are having a delightful summer.

    I so enjoyed the photos of the mountain and the hike down sounded wonderful.

    Your little red wagon is ever so charming and I just love the vintage containers {{smiles}}

    Thinking of you, dearest friend. Much love and sweet hugs!

  9. OH, how pretty! I love seeing the photos you do such an amazing job. Honestly, I know your pictures could make it to magazines! My favorite in this post? The one of the moon! That is just so beautiful. I LOVE that picture. Thank you for sharing all of the tidbits and stories of your lovely summer days. I am so thankful your friends are getting things resolved to move into their new place. What a blessing! They will be so happy there, I know. God is so good. Lord willing, I will email you back very soon, sweet friend. I was so happy to hear from and appreciate you so much!

  10. Gorgeous photos, especially on the ski lift. How did you ever get them all to load? My blog would have collapsed attempting such a feat. LOL! Yes, summer is waning, but those who are so eager to move on to autumn stress me out. It is summer for over a month yet! Let's enjoy it.

  11. We have a ski lift in Flagstaff and enjoy it sometimes in the fall. Your photos are beautiful and I enjoyed them all!

  12. I sure enjoyed your beautiful photos today of your summer doings. I don't know that I could go up that mountain in a lift or down on foot but the view is spectacular! Summer is drifting by very fast here too and we've had a lot of sun and heat. It is starting to cool down a bit some days and nights now and we have needed rain coming. I've been running the roads a lot with my sister being here for an extended stay due to emergency surgery for a detached retina a few weeks ago. Never a dull moment!! :) Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer.

  13. You have had a great summer, for sure! I wish our temps would cool off, it's been brutal this week - it's tough to even go outside for a minute in the middle of the day!

  14. Beautiful Summer photos! Great photos in the mountain. The blue lupins are so beautiful! I love blue flowers and they are hard to find. The remodeling is looking good!

  15. I forgot to add this to my previous comment, I am now your follower. I enjoy your blog!

  16. Your Summer looks so fun. Can't wait to see the house reveal.

  17. Your Summer looks so fun. Can't wait to see the house reveal.

  18. It was great to catch up with you. I love the photos you shared.
    The boat story was cute. LOL

  19. Beautiful and fun filled Summer for you my friend! I am so sorry that I have not been commenting on your posts. For some reason the posts were not showing up in my blogroll so I came to check on you and make sure you were ok. I'm so glad your are! :)


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