Wednesday, May 16, 2018

12th Tea Cup Exchange

I have been participating in Stephanie's Teacup Exchanges for several years now, and it is truly a rich delight to enjoy both giving and receiving a tea package, and then to see what other ladies have given and received as well!  The greatest highlight of these exchanges is the sweet friendships that evolve because of the gifts that have been given and received! 

I received the most incredible package from Mary.  She does not have a blog, but tells me that she does like to visit blogs and even had visited my blog before, what a coincidence!  She sent me the most thoughtful and beautifully packaged box, oh my, it was pure delight to open it!

The box had the cutest little teacup stickers all over it, just a hint of the delights inside.

Each beautiful item so prettily wrapped and packaged in pinks and greens!  Oh the delights of wonderful
flavors of green tea (my favorite) and biscotti, a new flavor I had not had before too! 

This Chcolate Super Berry Burst tea smelled SO good... even without unwrapping the package, and it was wrapped so prettily with pink ribbon!

Mary sent the sweetest handwritten card, oh I just loved it!  I enjoyed reading her notes about herself, and getting to know her better...look at this card, isn't it the cutest with her name on it! 

Look at this darling tea strainer!  I do love to drink loose leaf tea, and dry my own raspberry leaves to make tea as well, so this is just a delight to have! It is amazing how each special thing Mary sent was just perfect for me :) 

And stamps!  Mary knows I love to stamp and make cards, and she sent me these two stamps with the sayings "Sending cheerful thoughts your way" and "Just to say Hello"... aren't they the cutest! 

It seemed like the package Mary sent kept giving and giving... this powerful book was photographed and written by a local Christian photographer in Mary's community, and its powerful images captivated my heart. 

Mary writes that this photographer likes to photograph using black and white photos, and truly amazing heartfelt pictures were included, but most of all, each photo was graced with a scripture... oh my, just a beautiful book that I will treasure always! 

Inside the sweetest floral box was this gorgeous teacup! I do not have a teacup like this one at all, it is stunning!  

I just love the beautiful rich colors of this teacup with the gold edging... in perfect condition... oh I couldn't wait to brew up a pot of green tea, and enjoy the biscotti... but wait,  there was more! 

Yes, sweet Mary included not one, but two little books to enjoy at tea time!  This Tea for Two book was
full of sweet anecdotes about teatime, and included stories about how tea became so fashionable, little tea quotes, thoughts and recipes too!  

Truly a joyous delight to savor with my tea!

Ahh... what delight!  A new teacup, a new tea flavor, and a raspberry chocolate biscotti...
as I sat down to savor and enjoy the new delights that had been delivered to me, I felt so thankful for this beautiful tea exchange, and the sweet surprise and joy that it delivers to each participant.  

I had so much fun putting together this package for Lynn!  She told me she liked to scrapbook and make cards, and that she loved all things pink and blue, so I went with a pink and turquoise blue theme and included some fun items from the Pioneer Woman, including a magazine, teapot-shaped salt and pepper shakers and her magazine.   

I spotted this teacup at a local store, and thought it would be perfect for Lynn... She tells me it was :) 

I packaged all of Lynn's gifts into this box, it was perfect for holding all of the little goodies that I sent to her. Lynn sent a handwritten thank you back to me (as she doesn't have a blog) about how thankful she was to receive the tea package, and she wrote me the nicest letter!  Beautiful handwriting, and it was just so nice to sit and read her letter, and learn more about her.  
Thank you again to both my sweet new friends Mary and Lynn for the delights of meeting and getting to know you better through this tea exchange.. I know that neither of you have a blog, but I hope to continue to communicate with you through "snail mail", really the loveliest form of mail there is!

This tea exchange is so much fun in every way, but I think the thing I cherish most about the exchange is the making of new friendships along the way! Each lady I've exchanged with through the years has become a dear friend to me, and it is amazing how this way of exchanging love through teacups and mugs really becomes a greater blessing. 

Thanks again to sweet Stephanie for organizing and putting together such an incredible exchange... I cannot imagine the hours that are spent organizing and sending out emails, and just the time of it all.  I sent sweet Stephanie a thank you gift, as I think it is always good etiquette to thank any hostess for her time and efforts in some way.  I appreciate the love and care that she puts forth, and want her to know and feel that appreciation. 

In the heat of the afternoon, as spring has fallen by the wayside, and summer has somehow slipped into the front row, I have been quite busy getting my garden back into working order after the long winter.  It seems I spend most of my waking hours outdoors enjoying the beautiful days.  Our wildflowers have not yet begun to bloom, yet the tulip blooms are fading ... and it seems that while spring has come and gone, quite quickly... the warmth of summer days are here. 

I promised a post soon about our visit to Canada with my parents, and the celebration of our son's graduation... and I hope to get that up within a few days.  Hugs and blessings to all :)


  1. Beautiful and thoughtful gifts, both sent and received. I look forward to this exchange every year.

  2. Your items are so nice and I absolutely love the teacup that you received. I believe your package was extremely nice as well. I enjoy the Pioneer Woman as well.

  3. It doesn’t seem so long since the last tea exchange you wrote about. Time flies. It’s great to see such a lovely idea continue.

  4. I have been having so much fun the last day or two reading about the tea exchanges and the gifts people have been receiving. Mary put such a thoughtful gift together for you and your gift given was also beautiful. The thought and the time put into each gift amazes me. Thank you for sharing everything with this in such detail. I felt like I was right there with you as you open each item.

  5. Lovely, lovely!

    Here's to all the fine friends we've gathered online!

  6. Enjoyed seeing the pictures! It is so much fun getting a package in the mail (smiles) I do hope you enjoy your summer weather and all your lovely walks! Thinking of you dear friend!
    Hugs, Roxy

  7. Oh, my dear, dear friend, I have seen some beautiful and truly amazing tea cups, but the one Mary sent you is making my heart go pitter patter. It's truly stunning! The gifts and goodies she sent you are delightful, sweet Marilyn.

    And I LOVE the package you sent to Lynn. The colors are so pretty together and once again, another tea cup that makes me swoon {{smiles}} Lynn shared with me that she was thrilled to have you send to her because she has followed your blog for some time. Don't you love the way the Lord works!

    Much love to you, my friend!

  8. Wow! So much love and generosity!


    Hi Friend,
    I am sending you a link to a post I did regarding a special announcement.
    Our area as well went from Winter .. to Summer. We have gone right to 80 degree days. I have been very busy outside too.
    I do love the tea cup exchange. It is so wonderful to see the treasures you receive.
    Have a blessed weekend.
    Love, Carla

  10. Oh what fun ! I love putting together gift packages for people and am always so thrilled and surprised when I receive one also. Both the teacups that you gave and received are gorgeous!

  11. What wonderful gifts you gave and received, Marilyn! I know you felt truly spoiled by Mary, and the teacup and gifts that you gave Lynn were so thoughtful. Enjoy sipping tea from your pretty new teacup!

  12. What beautiful and thoughtful gifts . . . This is a delightfully sweet exchange :)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Connie :)

  13. What sweet gifts my friend. I love the exchange. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. Oh, I love both of those teacups! They're so pretty!! Both packages are very special. :)

  15. Such thoughtful and memorable gifts, both sent and received. A wonderful exchange.

  16. What a lovely way to interact with likeminded folks. I always love these posts. You have given and received the most beautiful items. I just know you will both enjoy sipping a little bit of sunshine from those cups this summer. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  17. Oh Marilyn,
    Gorgeous packages! Both of the tea cups are just stunning!!! I love the box you sent your tea cup in! I have not heard of drying raspberry leaves for tea--you must post about that!!! Sounds wonderful! Looks like you have some good reading material as well. Reading with a nice cup of tea is my favorite thing to do in the evening! Enjoy all of your things!

  18. Gorgeous!! Both of those teacups are absolutely gorgeous, Marilyn!
    Your gift box was certainly arranged beautifully for YOU! Each item shouts out your name.
    How fun to receive some of the Pioneer Woman treasures, delightful.
    Stephanie gifted me with those same salt and pepper shakers with a darling book about flowers for Mother's Day.
    Such a beautiful post~

  19. Beautiful gifts both received and given. Your teacup is a stunner!

  20. The tea cup you received is so lovely. Opening the box of gifts must have been like Christmas morning!
    Until this past week I had never read a Pioneer Woman magazine ( I posted about my thrifty ten cent mag and the recipe I tried from it).

  21. Beautiful gifts. I love the fancy teacups, even though I don't drink a lot of tea.

  22. Oh, how pretty everything is!! This exchange is living proof that there are still loving, friendly, giving people in this dark world. SO thankful for dear Stephanie and her dear, generous heart. It is very sad to know this will be the last exchange, but I can surely understand why. So happy to know you were so abundantly blessed, sweet friend, and looking forward to your post about your trip and your son's graduation. God is so good!

  23. Oh, how lovely your gifts are, Marilyn. Such a pretty teacup and all the other goodies...just wonderful. The lovelies you sent were beautiful as well. How joyful are the new friendships that are shared over a cup of tea in a pretty tea cup.

  24. Oh certainly received a fantastic box of goodies, Marilyn...your new teacup is absolutely stunning! Your new friend Mary surely lavished many lovely gifts on you as you did your lady...I love Pioneer Woman anything! It has been truly a blessing to have been a participant in this exchange. God bless our precious Stephanie!

  25. What an absolutely delightful tradition you have in the tea exchange, Marilyn! I so enjoyed seeing the photos both of what you gave and what you received. Beautiful!

  26. Marilyn, I've enjoyed the exchanges and getting to make new friends too. Your packages, both going and coming, are simply stunning! I can imagine spending many hours sipping a cup of tea and reading through the photography books and chatting about life while enjoying the beauty of your summer garden, with a fan blowing on me! haha!!! The humidity is wicked here right now and will only get worse. A/C is cranking out all day and night. Praying the rain holds off so we can go to the air show tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend! {{hugs}}

  27. What a blessing from the gifts received and given! So much thought and care and love going across the miles.

  28. Beautiful packages! Thank you for visiting my blog, it was so nice to hear from you. I am so happy to of gotten in on this tea cup exchange, it was such a blessing.
    Enjoying some lovely spring weather in our area, so nice after the long winter.

  29. What a lovely gift box you received! I love your the beautiful!

    Looking forward to your Canada photos!

    Happy weekend!

  30. WOWOWOWOWOW!!! I LOVE that teacup you got!! That is a real 'stunner'! The one you sent is beautiful too -- love the pink!! You certainly got some amazing gifts. I love seeing what everyone gives and gets . . . it gives me ideas for future exchanges and I often begin collecting things to include now!

  31. How very wonderful it has been to be apart of your unboxing. Such thoughtful and delightful items you received. I also love how you put together some lovely things especially for your tea partner. What a delight!

  32. What a gorgeous sweet treasure both sent and received.

  33. What delightful packages! I adore both the teacups. I was paired up with Lynn (from Illinois?) a few years ago and have enjoyed her friendship since!

  34. Everything looks just perfect.
    Thank you for sharing details of the tea exchange.

    All the best Jan

  35. What a lovely treat, my friend. Everything is so pretty and yummy and thoughtful. The teacup is stunning and the teacup you've chosen for Lynn is equally gorgeous. I should join the fun next year.

  36. Oh what fun. I just love both teacups! Both of you did an outstanding job.

  37. You gave incredibly and received incredibly! Everything is just beautiful and love those teacups. How fun for Stephanie to host this exchange! I didn't participate... too many things going on and wasn't feeling up to par either. I know what you mean about spring jumping into summer! It has done that here too.. but today, it's like winter again! So much to do outside and I'm having to force myself to go out.. just can't seem to get into the swing of things lately. I hope you've had a wonderful time with your parents! Hugs.. Marilyn

  38. You received such a beautiful package from Mary, and you sent one to Lynn that is equally beautiful. It's amazing to me how much thought and care goes into these exchanges. Wonderful. Enjoy, my friend. Hugs.

  39. Oh! Both the package you sent and the package you received were SO much fun and filled with lovely things! Very special! :)

  40. Indeed lovely gifts from the exchange! It will be cherished for a long time. They are both filled with love and care.

  41. I like how everyone involved, has such sweet,lovely and different gifts to exchange!
    Your new tea cup is very dainty.


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