Where Did August Go? And September Days...

Thursday, September 22, 2022


I am not sure what happened to August, and now September is winding its way down! I will share in snippets what has been happening in my world. It's been a busy and wonderful summer in every possible way! 

The garden has been producing massive results this summer! I've been picking the harvest in 5-gallon buckets, and things have been lining up on my porch waiting their turn to be processed or given away. 

I grew tomatillos this year, and I've been canning enchilada sauce and tomatillo salsa as my tomatillos have been producing a massive amount of produce. 

I've been experimenting with zucchini pickles... since of course the zucchini and yellow squash also have been mass producing in my garden.  These garden pickles turned out amazing! 

One evening in July we had a summer thunderstorm come through. Unfortunately, it sparked many wildfires (in the wilderness areas, thankfully none close to us), but the storm left in its wake, this gorgeous rainbow! 

The sky and air were filled with beautiful light.  The rainbow filled my garden with its beauty, and I just couldn't help but stand and praise the Lord for the beauty He has filled my life with. 

I was actually soaking wet in this picture, as I was standing out in the rain and soaking up the rain and the beauty of the gorgeous rainbow. My garden drank deeply from the rain, and my soul was filled to the brim with the beauty and joy that the storm and rainbow had brought. 

One last picture of the fading rainbow and rosy skies.... oh there were so many that I took. It was just a beautiful evening. 

The next morning... it felt like fall had made an early visit, as the storm left cooler temperatures in its wake and fog settled over our world. 

The August Buck moon... such a beautiful full moon! 

One weekend in July we rode our quads with a large group of friends.  We made our way through beautiful forests and mountain scenery to the top of Schweitzer Mountain.  

At the top of Schweitzer Mountain with our son and his wife.  We went in and ate at the restaurant at the summit and enjoyed the glorious views as we ate and visited. 

Mountain gold - better known as huckleberries - we found a great spot on a mountainside and picked for about an hour. 

I had to make an errand run into Sandpoint and stopped by the City Beach there
and saw this beautiful scene. 

A peek into my garden before we end this post... the pumpkin planted next to my garden sitting area has encroached, and since this picture was taken, you can hardly even see any of these things, as the pumpkins have just taken over! 

A little vignette from my garden sitting area... 

The king of bloomers in the garden, glorious sunflowers! 

These candy cane zinnias have been prolific bloomers also! 

Our area has been inundated with smoke for a couple of weeks.  One day the winds changed, and the skies cleared of the smoke. I went down to the river and watched this beautiful sunset. Oh, how glorious it is to enjoy beautiful skies that are not filled with smoke. 

When there is so much beauty around me outside, it is hard for me to find time to sit at the computer inside and visit with you, my precious blogging friends.  Please rest assured that in the days to come, as the garden will soon get put to bed, that I will have more time to visit. I appreciate each and every one of you, and the comments you share so kindly with me.  May the blessings of the Lord be with each one of you in beautiful ways! 

Please enjoy the latest music video that I've created, 
I pray it is a blessing and encouragement to your heart! 


  1. Well, you had me at huckleberries. The word is very special to me. So many wonderful things growing in your garden, Marilyn. I love how you stood out in the rain and noticed and appreciated the rainbow. It is a special gift when we see them. The August Buck Moon is cool, and that sunset is simply beautiful.

    Wishing you happy September days, Marilyn. Rain is always a blessing to get, and I'm glad you saw it fall once again in your area. We also received some much needed rain, which I was so happy when I saw it fall.


    1. Thank you Sheri for your wonderful visit! Huckleberries are so special here. We didn't get as many this year, as they weren't as prolific. Hopefully next year will be better, but it was still so fun to pick and have purple stained fingers! We get such magnificent skies here, I always feel so blessed. Thank you again for your visit, I hope you get some much needed rain soon! We also need rain here! Blessings to you!

  2. Oh how wonderful to be able to have a garden full of yummy veggies! If it wasn't teaching full time I'd love to try gardening but at age 62 and living in suburbia i have to settle for going to the farmers markets...which is fine because then im giving people like you some business!! :)
    Lovely photos of God's creation. I'm a huge naturalist (my spiritual temperament is Naturalist and i hike almost every other weekend in the Adirondacks or Catskills).

    1. Thank you for your visit Faith! I do love Farmer's Markets too, even though I have a large garden, there are still some wonderful things to be found there, and like you said, it is a blessing to purchase from other people. I love being outdoors too, and hiking and wandering in the mountains is our favorite thing to do! Happy Fall to you Faith, and blessings!

  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. Your vegetables garden is a success. Enjoy your harvest.

    1. Thank you for your visit Marilyn! We have enjoyed the garden so much this year! It has been a great year of harvest, and we are so thankful!

  4. You garden produced well this year. So did ours. I am making salsa these days. Such a wonderful tomato harvest!

    1. So thankful to hear of your wonderful harvest Marie! It ended up being a good gardening year, although it had a rough start. We are thinking of PEI and the Maritimes as the hurricane approaches!

  5. All the beauty and the bounty, all glorifying our Creator! God is good!

    1. Hello Carol, thank you for your visit, indeed, I give the Lord all the praise and thanks for such a wonderful harvest out of the garden!

  6. Your garden and produce look so wonderful. Good to see those cans all filled with goodness!
    Your photos are always so beautiful!

  7. Yes where did August go? and now September almost gone too! I wish there was more time, slower moments, to relish the beauty of nature.... you have such gorgeousness where you live! I would be out there with my camera all the time too! Rainbows are such a special sight... I've stood out in the rain before too, just cherishing the sight... (or just cherishing the rain!). We sorely need rain here. Your garden has gifted you with so much.. and you must be working so hard this summer to get it all put away, canned, frozen, saved, etc.!!! I remember those days.. but they are long gone for me (of canning). I had a tiny garden and had a few meals only, of beans, carrots, zuchinni and lemon cukes.. oh and a few desserts of strawberries. Each time I have a gift from my garden, I feel Blessed! Your trips to the mountains always sound like so much fun.. and so much to see! Have a good rest of September.. may it slow down some! xoxoo Marilyn J.

  8. Oh, how these photos transported me to new views of God's incredible creation, Marilyn! And just looking at your opulent harvest from your garden makes me so wish we had some sunny land in which to grow vegetables in the summer. Having your own produce, especially in these hard economic times, is such a blessing, even when there is hard work involved. I'm sure fall is already upon you; finally, here in the south, temps are predicted to reflect fall more than summer, and I couldn't be happier.
    Blessings, my friend!

  9. I so miss huckleberries. People here think I'm making them up and it was just the name of Huckleberry Hound, not a real berry. I can almost taste huckleberry cheesecake ice cream from Loon Lake, WA. Your garden is producing amazingly. I got lots of zuchinni and cherry tomatoes. That's it. Not one green bean. Something ate every plant as it came up. Same with cucumbers and green peppers. Oh well.
    I so appreciate all of your gorgeous photos of my beloved northwest. It's got such a place in my heart.
    Enjoy your fall,

  10. Gorgeous photos! That awful smoke creates some nice filters for lovely photography. "I'll be your huckleberry" was a popular phrase some months?years? ago. And that's all I know about huckleberries. Happy fall out there!

  11. What a beautiful place you have! The pictures are wonderful and the picture of you, well your colors are so pretty, you are beautiful, like the rainbow. Can't believe all you produce. You must have worked hard all summer long. Even tending a tiny garden like mine takes a lot of work.

  12. Hi Marilyn, Loved seeing all your sights; thank you for showing us Huckleberries. When we were in Whitefish, Montana in July we got some jam; our friends asked what the berries looked like and I couldn't tell them. Enjoy the fall.

  13. The above comment was from me, Noreen at Life Blessings. I was unable to have my blogspot come up-just kept posting as Anonymous. Hugs and Blessings to you.

  14. Where did the last two months go?? They just whizzed by and now we are welcoming October. I know I say this all the time, but you really do live in the most magical place and you capture it so well to share with us. Happy Fall!!

  15. The summer flew by that's for sure! Love you beautiful photos as usual and the sky ones are stunning!


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