Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Heat Wave, Camping & Fireworks

July is in full swing here now, and the heat wave is in full force with temps hovering around 100 degrees, which is not entirely unusual for us here, but not really that welcomed either.  Thankfully the nights cool down into the 50s, so we are thankful for that.

We had an evening thunderstorm come through and it left behind this subdued rainbow in the orange skies.

July was an eventful month for Miss Riley.  We had her spayed and she was not exactly the best patient.  She was supposed to stay inside for ten days, with no running, jumping, playing, rough-housing, or any activity that would open the incision and she was to only go outside on the leash. She was quiet for the first few hours after we brought her home, but then she was back to her rambunctious self.. and it has been a struggle to keep her inside, quiet, and resting.

We had taken her outside on the leash and we were sitting around the fire pit, thinking all was well. Just now, we looked down, and there was no Riley... she had chewed through the leash in about 3 different spots.  So... then we had to put her on a metal leash...  Thankfully we have reached the 10-day mark with no untoward events, and the incision has completely closed, how thankful we are for that!

I found this very unique looking strawberry in my garden!  It was a beautiful heart shape surrounded by other small strawberries that had all grown into one.

It was too unique to eat ourselves, so I shared it with my neighbor who had the eye injury, to encourage her heart.  Speaking of which, she has gone back to her work as a nurse as of yesterday, and while the eye still has some healing to take place, she is able to drive and work again.  Praising the Lord for that!

Beautiful sunsets abound!

We have had my dad here visiting and a friend from Texas over the last week or so.  We took our truck camper out into the woods to go camping.

Nothing tastes as good as campfire-cooked food!

We camped by a little creek and in the afternoon when it was nice and hot, we went down and cooled off in the icy, snow-melt water! We found out that Riley just loves the water... but even more than that, she loves to come and spray us as she shakes off... the silly girl!

She didn't seem to mind the cold waters one bit, but in this picture, one wonders, lol!  She looks a little miffed about something! Maybe getting her picture taken... again, ha!

It was a beautiful little shaded spot we found with lots of large tree stumps laid down in the water, and we had fun climbing around the logs and rocks, and just staying cool.

Our son and Miss Riley in a quiet pensive moment..

Our little town put on their own fireworks show, and it was pretty spectacular!

My dad is still here with us, and we are enjoying having his company.  He has helped me with lots of little projects that often get pushed to the side because of all the big projects we have that are ongoing.

This is the time of year that we long for all winter long, and so you will see very sporadic posts from me for the next month or two, as we enjoy and soak up all the sun and warmth we can, while it is here for us to enjoy.  :)