Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer's Pleasures

The joys of summer pleasures are ongoing.... we are enjoying the sunshine and thankful for skies that are blue, river waters that are cool, but warm enough to swim in, and enough berries to feed a squadron of bears!

We drove back up into the mountains one afternoon and waded in these very cool waters... invigorating to say the least!

 Can't get enough of the views of mountains, sky, water, trees and sunshine!

These pink wildflower blooms have come and gone, but how delightful they were to see...

A dear friend invited us to come swim with her for an afternoon on her private sandy shores.  The water was warm enough to dive in and just enjoy, how wonderful it was in those 90+ degree temps to be in the cool clear river waters.

She also had a cherry tree ripe for the picking, and so we helped her pick as many cherries as we could reach on her overloaded tree and then helped her pick raspberries too.  Berry, berry fun!

What a bounty it was!


While my Dad was here, we were able to put up the clothesline that belonged to my mother when she was raising us. They no longer needed a clothesline, and have passed it down to us.  So my Dad helped my husband install it from our back patio, and what a joy it has been to hang the wash out on the line, and within the hour, be able to bring it back inside, with all its warm sunshine smell!

We took a trip to Canada, to the southern part of British Columbia a couple of weeks ago.  The weather was delightful, in the 70s, and the day we spent there was just a lovely one.  We stopped and ate at Tim Horton's before doing a little touring of the towns and then heading up a mountain pass, as we really wanted to spend the day in the mountains.

We drove alongside this mountain stream for many miles and found a place where we could get out and enjoy the creek.  Had we known, we could have brought our Tim Horton's here to enjoy, it would have been a perfect picnic spot!  Next time!  

There was a large grove of cedars next to the creek, and we found some very interesting rock designs that people had left behind there.

You can see here all the rocks that people collected to make special little designs, some of them with names and dates on them, encouraging messages, it was nice to see that there were no ugly words or thoughts shared, but from what we could see, all good things, mostly memories of family who had passed on, or good thoughts to share.  It was a very unique little place to see, walk the paths and read the messages left behind by other visitors.

We continued on up the pass.  The very distant mountains still had some snow on their peaks.. makes one wonder if the snow ever melts?

At the top of the pass there is this lovely little cabin sitting on a lake, it is the most picturesque little place to visit.  We had packed a picnic lunch and decided this was the perfect spot to have our picnic.

However it was quite chilly up on top of that ridge, and we were thankful for the cabin to shelter us. So we built a little fire inside (the temps were in the mid-60s with a cold wind) and ate our lunch.  There was a trail that led around the small lake, which we hiked - making lots of noise, because we were in grizzly country and did not have a weapon or bear spray with us!

The beargrass this year is putting on an astounding display, with beautiful huge white blooms.

 Purple daisies growing by the lake bed.

A view of the little lake from a different perspective.

A cozy little spot for a cabin, tucked away in the trees on the banks of this charming lake.

The water was surprisingly warm but still, none of us ventured in for a swim!

Such a serene and pristine setting, a perfect place for a picnic!

Our trip across the border was a perfect little day getaway, and maybe we had a bit too much sugar and caffeine along the way, with two pit stops at Tim Hortons - to get our fill of their coffee and donuts, lol! We also bought two cans of Tim's coffee to bring home with us, along with an extra dozen donuts... not like we needed them (ha!)...


I've got more pictures and events to share, but I'll save them for another post... but I just wanted to share a bit of what our summer has been full of.  It seems that we anticipate the joys of summer for so long, and then when they are here, they pass far more quickly than you realize!   I am looking at the calendar wondering how did it already get to the end of July!

But one thing for sure, we have enjoyed every moment of this summer to the fullest, and that really is the most important thing, isn't it!  Other things are on pause at the moment - my blogging for sure - !!! but the days will come soon enough when the north winds will blow, and I will have time to visit my dear blogging friends again.  {smiles}

I hope that your summer has been full of good and wonderful things, and I hope to post again perhaps within a week or so of some more fun things that have been taking place around here.  :)


  1. It sounds like a wonderful summer for you, Marilyn. Continue to enjoy!

  2. It's always nice to get away even if only for a day.

  3. It seems you are enjoying your Summer and all the beauty it brings to the upmost, Marilyn. Love that cute little cabin in the woods, what a lovely little hideaway. I for one cannot wait till Spring and Summer comes and stays a while down here. =)

  4. How lovely to go back to Canada. My daughter used to live way North of Vancouver in a lakeside town similar to your photos. It was a real re-visit for me!

  5. I never tire of looking at photos here, beautiful Marilyn. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely Sunday, friend.

  6. So glad you enjoyed your trip into my province. Those mountain passes can be chilly. There are many places where the snow never melts.
    You are right about enjoying summer while we have it. It's all too short and we find ourselves cramming as much into it as we can.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  7. I wish we had a river like this one around here. And fresh berries. Yes, a river and berries are what is needed around here. It is so hot and humid. Big sigh.

  8. Your photos are incredibly beautiful, Marilyn - what a beautiful, memorable summer you are having!
    And I love seeing that you have a clothesline! I do, too, and absolutely adore using it, and how fresh the clothes, especially sheets and towels, smell when dry. It's a fragrance that definitely takes me back to my childhood.
    Continue to enjoy the warm, inviting weather and your stunning surroundings.

  9. It looks so refreshing, beautiful, and reviving! How fun!

  10. Such beautiful scenery! I wouldn't be able to resist jumping in those waters. I would be afraid of the bears though!!

  11. Marilyn, what a refreshing holiday. The lake is gorgeous! And wouldn't it be wonderful to live in that little cabin! Thank you for sharing your summer with us!

  12. Those cherries! I grew up with a huge cherry tree in our backyard and I loved to pick them and they looked just like the ones in your bowl! Oh, homemade cherry pie memories. We also had a clothesline and I can smell that familiar smell. I enjoyed your day trip photos across the border and never heard of Tim Horton coffee. Glad you indulged!

  13. You are wonderful photographer my dear friend!
    thank you for sharing these beautiful and megnificent views with us .
    swiming with friend is a fun for sure.
    water looks calm in her shore.
    southern Canada is dream destination .
    i can imagine that how amazing time you must had there .
    mountains ,trees and water creating magic to my eyes .
    this lake house place sounds like a perfect picnic spot.
    we use clothesline here and i loved learning about it from you

  14. Oh what wondrous beauty you have shared, Marilyn! And how cool was it find that adorable cabin sitting by that gorgeous lake...and it was unoccupied...and you could get in it even? Wonderful serendipity!

  15. Marilyn, All of your photos are so beautiful! I am in awe of you being able to gaze upon these glorious vistas. I could definitely hibernate in that little cabin. It's lovely! I know I need to email soon. S0 much has happened this summer. Much love to you, my friend.

  16. So pretty! I shall relish August. I usually get so happy about fall coming that I don't remember to live it up and stretch summer out long and warm. Now to tackle the weeds . . .
    Your photos are lovely and thank you for sharing them with us.

  17. How "Refreshing" Marilyn! Thanks for taking us all on a little trip with you via pics and words :) Sweet!
    It is something isn't it all the variety of beautiful environment the LORD created, using His imagination! And we get to enjoy them. God's Blessing on you and yours, safety, health and sound mind! hugs!

  18. So many beautiful pictures, Marilyn. You live in (and visit) the most wonderful place and know exactly how to use that camera to capture its glory. I am a water sign and can't resist dipping my toes in any and every body of it I see. That swim sounds glorious. Thanks for taking us along...and I love your header!

  19. I agree with you, you have made the most out of summer! I have really enjoyed your camping pictures. I don't camp (husband isn't a camper) anymore so it's really fun to see your experiences.

  20. Hello,
    Oh my, beautiful photos!
    I would love to come for a visit.
    How is your garden doing?
    August is harvest time for us. I will be getting very busy putting up our harvest for Winter.
    Love, Carla

  21. Oh Marilyn I'm so ENVIOUS of your stunning rivers.. and especially your friends' private sandy beach! That water looks so inviting.. I'm a water girl too and it is very hard for me living in this dry country where I live now. I grew up going on drives in the mountains, camping in the mountains and beside creeks and streams, and enjoying the deep dark woods. I loved going along on this trip with you! And that cabin? Is it a public cabin? how wonderful to be able to stop there and have your lunch.... and those cherries and raspberries? wow... the raspberry leaves looked so healthy. I'm fighting moths and earwigs here and they have chewed my raspberry leaves to shreds. I did get a few cups of berries and this being the first year of bearing, I guess I can't complain! I grew up with my mom using a clothesline and I loved those fresh smells. She ALWAYS ironed everything too.. so going to bed with freshly dried on the line sheets that she had ironed... heavenly! I've had clotheslines over the years but don't have one now. One would be perfect here as is such a dry climate and low humidity. How wonderful that you and your family take these wonderful mountain trips. Your photography is beautiful and love your descriptions of things. Hugs.. Marilyn

  22. Oh my Marilyn what a fantastic post.
    From beginning to end, and all your photographs what joy it bought me.

    I have so enjoyed my visit to your blog, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  23. Summertime is a busy time that takes away blogging time for sure. You really found a sweet spot to enjoy. The Inuksuk/Cairn rock formations are a fun remembrance garden at that site. Fun. Glad you are making the most of your summer days. Are you experiencing any smoke from the B.C. fires? We are under a layer of it here in the Seattle area. Looks more like smoggy southern California then our clear Seattle skies. Happy August to you!

  24. Wow! What beautiful scenery! I'm glad you got to see such beautiful sites and that also was a lot of raspberries/cherries you got! Nice!

  25. What a lovely post. The cherries & raspberries look delicious. I've enjoyed my share of them this summer but purchased them at a local farmers market store. - What a beautiful lake area you had for that picnic and that little cabin was so cute. Also thought that little spot with all the stacked rocks was super neat.

  26. What sweet , sweet memories . Loved all the pictures . Each one told it's on story . Oh I love the clothesline . I can very well remember helping my granny hang clothes on the line and take them off . I remember the fresh smell to this day . When my papa bought her s dryer she was so hesitate to use it and didn't for weeks . She finally grew to like the dryer but said that man made thing would never take the place of God's beautiful sunshine on her clothes and not even the rain that mifhtbeiykd fall in her clothes before she could get them in the house . ๐Ÿ˜‚ Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  27. You certainly have a way of bringing a smile to my face with the beauty of your photography.
    Such a lovely, lovely time away you had, and that cabin nestled in the woods near the water, gorgeous in deed!
    My husband would say "you can never get enough Tim Hortons" :)
    That rock design was quite unique and how special that people have left messages of loved ones who have passed on. That would have been something to see and read.
    Our raspberries are just beginning to show themselves. We do not have many bushes in the yard, just enough to enjoy, but we have wild bushes around that we pick from.
    This is the first year I have not made raspberry jam, just to preoccupied with mom and her health. I will look forward to making Christmas jam over the holidays.
    Enjoy the remainder of your summer days in all their spender.

    Bless you~

  28. Looks like you have had a productive and fun time lately. I love the pictures you took. That hike was absolutely beautiful! I'm glad you did not run into any bears.

  29. What a wonderful little getaway. The cabin is adorable. Glad you didn't come across any grizzlies or any other large critters. Take care, Kelly.

  30. How wonderful that you crossed over to my native Canada and enjoyed its spectacular countryside, and its delicious coffee and donuts from Timmy's! Your photos are gorgeous and revitalizing, even though I've just come from a refreshing swim in our pool. That cute log cabin is the perfect retreat, isn't it for some respite from a long hike to sit a spell and enjoy some lunch, as you did, or even have a little snooze before returning to your starting point.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer, Marilyn!


  31. It's been so wonderful to read and see the pictures of some of your adventures. Dreamy summer days in the mountains. I love your story behind your clothesline. I have one to, and love the warm sweet smell that clings to the clothes when they're brought back in.
    So glad that you are enjoying your summer!

  32. Beautiful!Feel so refreshing!Enjoy summer.. :)


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