Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Heat Wave, Camping & Fireworks

July is in full swing here now, and the heat wave is in full force with temps hovering around 100 degrees, which is not entirely unusual for us here, but not really that welcomed either.  Thankfully the nights cool down into the 50s, so we are thankful for that.

We had an evening thunderstorm come through and it left behind this subdued rainbow in the orange skies.

July was an eventful month for Miss Riley.  We had her spayed and she was not exactly the best patient.  She was supposed to stay inside for ten days, with no running, jumping, playing, rough-housing, or any activity that would open the incision and she was to only go outside on the leash. She was quiet for the first few hours after we brought her home, but then she was back to her rambunctious self.. and it has been a struggle to keep her inside, quiet, and resting.

We had taken her outside on the leash and we were sitting around the fire pit, thinking all was well. Just now, we looked down, and there was no Riley... she had chewed through the leash in about 3 different spots.  So... then we had to put her on a metal leash...  Thankfully we have reached the 10-day mark with no untoward events, and the incision has completely closed, how thankful we are for that!

I found this very unique looking strawberry in my garden!  It was a beautiful heart shape surrounded by other small strawberries that had all grown into one.

It was too unique to eat ourselves, so I shared it with my neighbor who had the eye injury, to encourage her heart.  Speaking of which, she has gone back to her work as a nurse as of yesterday, and while the eye still has some healing to take place, she is able to drive and work again.  Praising the Lord for that!

Beautiful sunsets abound!

We have had my dad here visiting and a friend from Texas over the last week or so.  We took our truck camper out into the woods to go camping.

Nothing tastes as good as campfire-cooked food!

We camped by a little creek and in the afternoon when it was nice and hot, we went down and cooled off in the icy, snow-melt water! We found out that Riley just loves the water... but even more than that, she loves to come and spray us as she shakes off... the silly girl!

She didn't seem to mind the cold waters one bit, but in this picture, one wonders, lol!  She looks a little miffed about something! Maybe getting her picture taken... again, ha!

It was a beautiful little shaded spot we found with lots of large tree stumps laid down in the water, and we had fun climbing around the logs and rocks, and just staying cool.

Our son and Miss Riley in a quiet pensive moment..

Our little town put on their own fireworks show, and it was pretty spectacular!

My dad is still here with us, and we are enjoying having his company.  He has helped me with lots of little projects that often get pushed to the side because of all the big projects we have that are ongoing.

This is the time of year that we long for all winter long, and so you will see very sporadic posts from me for the next month or two, as we enjoy and soak up all the sun and warmth we can, while it is here for us to enjoy.  :)


  1. Enjoy the summer, Marilyn.

  2. What a beautiful relaxing camping spot!!! That strawberry is so cool! Have a super weekend!

  3. What a beautiful strawberry and how nice of you to share it. Enjoy your summer! Have FUN! Hugs, Diane

  4. Love the beautiful moon-set photo, and the campfire food looks delicious. Miss Riley is a beauty. We have a Golden Retriever that loves, loves the water. She gets too hot in the summertime so we furnish a shallow tub for her to cool off in.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Yes, enjoy the warm weather while you can. Your time with your friend and dad camping looks like fun. Have a nice Sunday!

  6. Enjoy the summer! I enjoyed your beautiful pictures as always! Our dog also loves to swim and then shake off right next to us.

  7. Yes, it's the time to enjoy the weather. We long for it all year and it passes all too quickly. Cool water and campfires are wonderful things!

  8. Oh, your new header looks SO pretty! I just love the pictures. And, that strawberry! That is so neat! Riley is adorable, as always. That was a neat photo of Riley and your son, too. God bless you, sweet friend. :) Sending love and hugs your way!

  9. It all sounds lovely, except for the heat! Enjoy it all while you can!

  10. What fun Marilyn! Except for Riley having her Dr. visit ☹️ which is one of things that sometimes has to be done. Looks like she's doing well, even though the stream pic w/ her does show a discontentment! Even little doggies like to have "all the comforts" without any discomfort! Thanks for sharing your camping pics and stories!
    Nice job too with the firework pics, they can be difficult to capture, but you did good! clear and focused!
    Some beautiful scenery and countryside the LORD has placed you to enjoy. Glad your dad's been helping and enjoying his vacation! Unique strawberry! I'm sure your neighbor enjoy it - may it do its best to help w/ her continued healing! Glad to hear she's doing so well! God's Best and Blessings. ��

  11. Oh, wow, Marilyn, I can't believe the wild swings in temperature you experience this time of year! Here in Georgia where we live, we have yet to see the temps hit 90, which is an incredible blessing, and our overnight lows are currently high 60s/low 70s.
    Loved all your photos! Little Miss Riley is quite the mischief maker, isn't she? And that unusual strawberry? Oh, how God manages to give us gifts in even the smallest of things!
    Enjoy these warm and wonderful summer days!
    Blessings to you and yours!

  12. I enjoyed your pictures and hearing all about Miss Riley. She is all grown up now and she is so pretty. The heart shaped strawberry made me smile!!

  13. Your July seems to have gotten a great start! That orange sky with the rainbow is just stunning. That was also one very unique strawberry and it was so nice of you to share that with your neighbor. How fun to hear of your campsite in the woods near that lovely refreshing...and you are right, nothing tastes as good as food cooked over an open fire. It's been many years ago that we tent camped often and cooked every meal over the MIL offered to get us a Coleman camp stove but we preferred the old fashioned way! Super, super shots of those fireworks...WOW! What a fun post!

  14. Hi Marilyn, Summer is amazing in your area and so glad you are enjoying all the blessings of the season. So glad that Riley is healed and all went well. Your photos are beautiful and the fireworks from the 4th look spectacular. How nice it is to have your dad visiting. I know you are enjoying his company and help with projects. The camping looks fun and yes, how delicious a campfire meal is. Glad to read your neighbor is doing better since her eye injury and able to be back to work. I am sure the heart cluster strawberry gave her a lift. Isn't is sweet how God gives little treasures like this to share just when they are needed?
    Enjoy July and August and every moment of the warm days ahead. Hugs and Blessings dear friend. xo

  15. Oh my goodness! so much beauty and wonderment to behold in this post! I loved it all...but that strawberry was just awesome! A heart shape in the middle of that of God's little sweet surprises! And camping and cooking over a campfire...oh! I want to do that so badly. It is just too hot here and buggy and muggy, but we are dreaming about getting a camper and going somewhere cooler maybe next summer. This encourages me to keep working toward that goal. Love your scenery, Riley, cool mountain much beauty. THank you for sharing it with us. I feel refreshed!

  16. So glad to see you again my friend!!!
    wonderful sharing .
    Here we too approaching 52 centigrade as our summers are always as cruel and we are becoming habitual to it .each summer we leave for my native northern village where temp stays below 30 but this year for certain reason we could not go and experiencing extreme heat here in south west of Pakistan.

    i am amazed that how vary the temp of states of America and you too have hot weather like us in Idaho .hope it cools down soon and gives you break from such heat.
    you harvested a stunning rainbow after the storm!
    Loved the heart shaped strawberry ,how sweet of you to share it with your neighbor! hope her eyes gets better soon.

    i can imagine the joy and excitement as your father is visiting you. my parents [when they were alive used to come over and days passed like celebration]
    lovely photos of miss liley she is gorgeous pet and beautiful photos of her you shared here.
    i agree that no food can taste as delicious as the natural fire cooked [speaking of my experience ]
    camping must be hilarious adventure for you all my friend

  17. sorry dear ,i miss spelled the name of miss Riley !

  18. Marilyn, I think I can smell those hamburgers cooking! YUM! I can remember as a kid camping like that. WOW! Beautiful pictures and so glad Miss Riley is about to be back to her self. What women have to endure? LOL! Have a great rest of the week. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. Happened upon your lovely blog, followed a link, to another and so on... :~) The campfire food looks so yummy! Nothing like cooking a meal in cast iron over a fire (sigh). Love your little Miss Riley! I have two Aussies (standard and a mini). My standard, Myia, looks almost just like Miss Riley only she has a full brown face with white freckles.
    It has been a lovely visit, I'll be sure to subscribe and visit more often.
    Have a blessed day!

  20. How unique is that strawberry. I like the way you took the photo; I love the plate that it's on too. Those cloudy skies! My, how dramatic and lovely. Miss Riley and your son is award winning! I wish my fireworks photos looked that good. You are talented, Marilyn. When you wrote about your dad, I missed mine. He loved helping me with projects. It's amazing that you drop around 50 degrees at night. We drop but not that much in these high temps. Have a great week!

  21. Your campfire sounds lovely and the food looks delicious! I also love food cooked outdoors over a good fire! So much natural beauty where you live....I most likely would pass on the icy water, though I would sit and admire its beauty from a distance! LOL...I missed the fireworks this year....yours look spectacular! Glad to hear that both Miss Riley and your neighbor are on the mend!~
    Happy Summer,
    xo Linda

  22. i just adore your winsome summer header, that heart shaped strawberry, and those burgers on the grill.

    you've captured this wonderful season, friend. and i leave just a bit hungry!


  23. I absolutely love love love the photo of Riley and your son.
    That strawberry. :-) Yay for your neighbor.
    Happy Summer

  24. I'm glad to hear Riley has healed and is back to being able to be an active dog. He's so cute! That strawberry was so unique--I'm glad your neighbor shared it with you and was healing from her eye injury, I had a cornea transplant two years ago so I can sympathize with eye injuries.

    Your camping trip looked like fun! We will be going camping soon and I'm looking forward to it! It's a nice way to get some cooler temps--it has also been hot and dry here.

  25. Marilyn, what a lovely July you are having. It has been very hot here as well but it only cools off a bit at night. Poor Riley! Little Bear was the same way after her spaying. Too much jumping and playing - thankfully her incision healed nicely. Love all the camping pictures. Thank you for sharing them. ♥

  26. Your posts always make me want to move, Marilyn. Won't you be my neighbor? :)

  27. Thanks for sharing your wonderful days and moments! Enjoy the heat...for here we have fresh snow on the mountain tops and it's so cold...unusual for July. We are cuddled up in sweaters and shawls and warm socks.

    I'm so glad that you are able to enjoy time outdoors, and also that you can enjoy time with your Dad. So special!

    Praying you have a blessed week!

  28. Wonderful days of Summer. It looks as if you are all enjoying them to the max. Gorgeous photos, Marilyn.

  29. Marily, you have the most spectacular photography! I loved all the pictures and the ones from the fireworks are just so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them here! How nice for you to have your dad there with you for a visit...and what fun to take the truck camper to the woods to camp...and cook out over the campfire! Miss Riley is so pretty! I can't believe how quickly they grow up! Glad you have this gorgeous weather to enjoy before winter brings lots of snow and cold.

  30. I enjoyed your photos too. It's been YEARS since I've been camping. The food looks especially delicious.

  31. Oh Marilyn, enjoy each and every bit of it :0) mari

  32. Such beautiful photos! I really enjoyed them. We haven't camped for about 8 years - your photos brought back god memories.

  33. I'm so glad to hear that your friend is doing so well and that she is able to go back to work now. That was so sweet of you to give her the heart shaped strawberry. :)

    How special to have your Dad up for a visit! I'm very happy for you that you are getting this time with him and building even more precious memories as a family. Your camping spot looks so peaceful and I could certainly use a dip in that icy water about now. Enjoy your Summer!

  34. Wonderful post, Marilyn, and such gorgeous photos evocative of your summer. The fireworks pictures are simply amazing, but they are all beautiful.

    I think my daughter has those same plates like what you have the strawberry on. That is one amazing berry, and I love the red, white, and blue effect in those photos.

  35. Beautiful fire works!! What a lovely chance to go camping and that food looks great! Glad Riley is feeling fine after surgery. Great Summer photos!

  36. Sounds like a great start to July. Your photos are amazing. I love the one of your son and Riley. It was hard to keep our Daisy girl calm and inside for 10 days during her spade recovery too. Dogs have no time to sit still! ;)

    Enjoy your weekend my friend!

    Hugs, Amy

  37. Looks like you had a wonderful and fun time. Your photos of the fireworks are stunning. Also loved the one with your son and Riley! Glad you're able to have time with your dad and that your enjoying your summer weather.


  38. I'm glad you and Riley survived her spaying! Poor girl! Your photos are always so nice.

  39. I just love the photo of the strawberry on the blue plate. Red, white and blue for the holiday.

  40. Poor Riley - so glad she is up and about. Visit by a dad who enjoys working is a treat and your camping adventure sounds lovely. We have had a very hot July here and near by forest fires, that called of our neighborhood to be evacuated for 4 days. They allowed me back home after 3 days but not everyone up the road. 41 homes destroyed because the propane tanks exploded and made more fire. I thank God for his protection and a daughter who lives 3 miles away I could take my 2 dogs and stay awhile.

  41. You have the best stories and pictures to go with them!
    Riley is such a cutie!
    I don't know how you did it but you fireworks pictures are perfect! I tried to get some at the point of full burst- didn't happen!

  42. Sounds like you are having a great summer. The campfire food looked so delicious. Riley is adorable, I'm glad she is recovered from her surgery. Great fireworks shots. Loved your funny looking strawberry with the little heart.

  43. Your mention of the unusual strawberry reminds me of what I posted about today, a little. Sometimes when life slips into a slow rhythm, one notices the little things more. Glad that you have had excellent company and glad, too, that your Riley has done so well post surgery.

  44. My sweet friend, what a joy to my heart to pop in for a visit. How I have missed you and your beautiful posts. I trust you are well and from the sounds of it, you seem to be enjoying your summer for which I am thankful :)

    Know that you are in my thoughts, dear one. Love and hugs to you!

  45. My blogging has died down, as well. But I sure do love your camping photos! I really want to go camping. We have a tent, but I need an air mattress now with my unhealing we can't go yet. My boys set it up in the yard, though. (They have yet to make it all night...the coyotes always win. heh.)

    Enjoy your summer, my friend! Great photos!

  46. Dear Marilyn ... It looks like you are enjoying a nice summer. This week we are near 100 degrees each day. Just a bit too hot to my liking. I am so thankful for air conditioning. I love your camping pictures. I am so happy to hear that your neighbor is doing much better.
    Evening Blessings ♥ Teri

  47. Such a great selection of photographs you've shared, I enjoyed looking at them and reading your post.
    Hope the weather has been a little cooler!

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  48. This post is so full of summer fun, I really enjoyed following all your adventures. And that sky! What a color.

  49. What a lovely summer post! Your firework pictures are very beautiful and that heart shaped strawberry is truly unique. Enjoy your summer and visit with your dad.

  50. Glad your girl is healing up well. I was going to suggest asking the dr about giving her a bit of Benedryl to make her sleepy.

    Your camping looks wonderful.

    I hope your summer goes well. It's good to visit.
    Be blessed!
    ஐღ Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage ღஐ
    ...doing what I can with what I've got
    where I am on a short shoestring budget!

  51. Wait, that's one strawberry??

  52. I love the strawberry, how sweet of you to share it with someone that needs it. The picture of your son and Riley is wonderful, you should have that one framed. The fireworks turned out beautifully. I love camping. The meal looks delicious, the food always tastes better when cooked over a campfire. We'll be heading out to camp in the next few weeks - I can't wait.


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