Monday, March 11, 2013

Just Random

Here is another mish-mash for you of some of the little things that we have done in the past few days... nothing big, earth-shaking or heart stopping!  I did get in another three hour hike with my wonderful friends, and their two dog... and that might be better described as ...  a little heart pounding...!

Went on a hike last week on a different section of the logging trail.  This time we decided to take the road less traveled. 

We soon found out why it was less traveled...

It was mostly uphill ... It took us two hours going up... and less than an hour coming down... talk about leg muscles getting a workout!

A rock or a snow bank rest stop...

Snow banks make the best rest stops! Even the dogs appreciated a chance to catch a breath!

Just a random picture I took recently of snow here in March!  It wasn't too long though, and the sun pushed the clouds away, and the sun came out and melted all the snow... just another sign that spring is coming!

As we were driving this past Saturday on our way into Spokane, my daughter spotted this bald eagle in the field right by the road. I just happened to have my camera with me, so we were able to get a few great shots of this amazing creature!

After a few minutes, the eagle decided that he had enough of our camera snapping pictures, and took off.  

 The eagle as he was taking flight to get away from our clicking camera!

The eagle came to land in a tree right above our car, where I got a few more great shots!

After stopping to see the eagle, I thought it would be nice to drive down to the nearby lake, and see if there were any more eagles to be seen.  We didn't see any more eagles, but we did see some ice fishermen out on the frozen lake.  I was surprised that this lake was still frozen over! 

The beautiful sunset over Lake Eloika, in Washington. 

Washington is full of lakes, just as Idaho is.  You can't drive very far in this area without seeing a sign announcing a lake ahead.

This is Diamond Lake.  It was hard to find a place on this lake to take a picture, because there are houses around the entire lake.  The only open view you have is in front of a small lakeside park.  The rest of the lake is surrounded by homes built so close together that you could stand between them and stretch out your hands and touch the sides of both houses.  I was incredulous at how many houses they have built so close together around this lake. Although it does have an amazing view of the mountains, I don't think I would want to have a home on this lake, because of the "house crowding".

The weather this past weekend was truly gorgeous with the sun shining, and temperatures reaching up to the 50s on Saturday!  The day ended with this beautiful sunset that we witnessed over Diamond Lake.  And the sun is shining again today - O HAPPY DAY!  The snow is melting, and the sun is shining, and so perhaps I'll get another gander out with the dogs today.  Now that the time has changed, there is even more time to enjoy the evening daylight hours.

So... I am off to get my house duties done... so that I can enjoy this day to the fullest... May your day be full of the goodness of the Lord and may His many blessings be your song of joy!

Psalms 90:14 says it well,  "O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days."

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