Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Today I'm writing about a little bit of this, and a little bit of that... so I'll call it Potpourri.... a mixture, and a sampling of life around here the last few days...

Spring is trying to come here to northern Idaho, but winter just doesn't want to leave.  So we have nice weather for a few days, and then winter shows back up, and flexes its muscles and really... just doesn't want to leave!  This is what our weather looks like today!

HUGE snowflakes drifting out of the sky... simply beautiful!

I have absolutely loved the winter here.  Really and truly I have.  I know many people who don't, but I have enjoyed the beauty of winter.  I love the softly falling snow, the crispy crunch of snow under your feet as you hike through the woods, the sparkle of the snow on the tree branches, the beauty of the frosted fog.... I do love winter.  Although I would not call the excitement of driving on icy, snow-covered roads as part of the allure of winter.... for the most part, I have absolutely loved winter here. 

And now, I am ready for spring!  But... winter is still hanging around. It is snowing like the dickens today, and actually about 1/4 of an inch or so has stuck.  But we are supposed to get rain showers this afternoon, and I know it won't last.  But it is a beautiful sight to see. 

So, I have a conglomeration of photos taken over the past several days, with a hodgepodge of various things that we have been doing to share.... Here goes...

The weather here is so variable. It changes quickly too.  Within a few minutes, the skies can clear, and you forget it even looked this bad!  I drove into town one afternoon, and this was the scene that greeted me as I crossed the river.  The clouds hung so low, you couldn't even imagine mountains were just beyond the fog!

The sun was setting here just after shining beautifully all afternoon.  I loved the colors of the clouds overshadowing the dark tree line. 

Another view of the little mountain outside my window, with the sun setting and hitting the trees farther up and turning them gorgeous shades of red and orange.

Spiders abound in Idaho.  They are the one pesky insect that Idaho has waaaay too many of!  We've seen this version of the spider family many times on walks.  It seems they love cold weather and snow.  I thought that the cold weather and snow was supposed to kill out the bugs?  Not so... according to this brave little fella! 

On a walk recently through the woods, our playful dog Annie having a blast in the melting snow.  I think she is going to miss the snow most when it melts.  She is never happier than when she gets to play in the snow!

Interesting mountain with the cloud formations... the clouds are always unusual and amazing at the same time!

A local mountain with the cell phone tower at the top.  I think the pine trees to each side of the picture here make for a great framework for this magnificent mountain!

Following the snowmobile trails... a favorite way to trek through the trails.  The snowmobiles pack the snow down, making it MUCH easier to walk on!

The view of the mountains around our home as we took a walk recently. 

The large patch of snow on this mountain is actually able to be seen, because the area has been logged, and is not tree-covered.  

 I took this picture outside my dining room window one afternoon.  The cloud formation was incredible!

 Just a few minutes later, the clouds were a purplish blue color and the trees were bright green... although my camera didn't quite pick up the colors too well...

 Just a few minutes later, the sky looked like something big was about to happen... snow ... rain.. hail... who knows?   Hang around for a few minutes, and it will change again!

A picture of a small hill just beyond our house, which can only be seen from the back of our property.

And I'll end with this sad face!  Cosmo had evidently found something VERY interesting in a deep hole.  We were walking through the woods, and he disappeared. After calling him for several minutes, he finally reappeared... and I couldn't help but laugh at his sad looking little face!  He looked so pitiful and sad.  He knew he had gotten dirty and wouldn't be allowed in the house looking like this!  I'll bet that poor rabbit or squirrel is still digging, hoping to keep away from this white furry little fellow!

And that... is the end of the potpourri for today.... I'll be back soon with another portion of potpourri for you :)

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