Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Projects

I've just recently discovered it is quite a place that really can draw you in quick! I've created a Pinterest board that you can visit here

So after seeing some really cute ideas on Pinterest, I decided to actually get busy outside, and see if I could recreate some of the dreamy ideas I saw posted there. 

And... I thought I would share those results with you.  Here goes...

I saw this idea on Pinterest...

And below... is my creation... I've planted some flower seeds in the planters, and am waiting patiently for them to poke their heads out soon!  If they don't soon show sign of life... I may just have to plop some petunias or impatiens in them ... but I'm working on my patience levels right now... especially with Annie girl... so these hanging plantars mean they are completely safe from the antics of our dearly beloved and sometimes very mischevious Annie girl.

I loved the idea on pinterest of this old stepladder being graced by blooming flowers...
So I have created my own ladders graced with blooming beauties:

There are many, many more projects that I've got in mind.. but they are works in progress at this point.  I'll keep you posted on any more Pinterest projects as they get finished...

PS: Don't waste TOO much time on Pinterest... do like I did... find something that piques your interest, and get busy and try it!! Have fun!

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