Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring Party Invitation

With all the lovely weather we have been having recently, it seems every spare moment is spent outside!  I am sorry that I haven't been blogging as much, and I just have to say... it's the sun's fault!

You see, since on average, there are more cloudy days here than sunny... so when you have a sunny day, you just stop what you are doing, run outside, and stay outside and just enjoy the sun! 

And, that is what I have been doing! 

So, to catch up on the last week or too... I must mention how quickly the weather changed.  Really it seemed like overnight spring moved in, and winter's bags got packed and shoved to the curb for the train ride out of town... Hooray!

The party started the last day of April, we got a round of crazy weather that lasted all day long.  It would rain for a bit, then hail, and then the sun would come out.   I didn't know that the party was coming... because the weather outside looked like this...

These funny little balls of snow were coming out of the sky, and Annie and Cosmo didn't know what to think of them!

But! Then finally, all the crazy weather stopped, and spring arrived the next day!
We waved a happy goodbye to winter and Spring arrived the next day, and began to set out her wares!

I had to run into town for some errands, and brought my trusty camera along.  Was so glad I did!

I caught a glimpse of some of the beautiful shrubs and trees beginning to bloom into their springtime show. I couldn't stop snapping pictures here... there... and everywhere... oh happy day!  Spring was ringing its bells all over town!

But in the distance... you could still see the snow on the mountains though... so winter was hanging on by a thread... just a thread.  Cool breezes were blowing through the air still, because of the snow on the mountains. 

Bright splashes of beauty and color were all over town.  The tulips, crocuses and lilys were having a party, and I was glad to have been invited to the show!

Later on that evening, as I crossed over the Pend O'Reille River, the sunset marked the ending of an absolutely gloriously beautiful day.

So... that is how winter just got up and left, and spring arrived! 

I'll be back tomorrow with some more happy spring time news... stay tuned!

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