Monday, July 15, 2013

Rodeo Time

While my dad was here, it was the weekend for the local parade and rodeo to take place.  Dad had been looking forward to the parade because he really enjoys seeing all the antique cars all fixed up.   He can look at a car, and tell you what year, model and make it is, and get all excited about all the work that's been done to it.  I, on the other hand, know absolutely nothing about these things, but enjoy listening to my dad get all excited when he sees a car he once owned, or rode in... or just liked.

Dad snapped lots of pictures of cars, but I found later that I lacked even one picture of all the lovely cars paraded before us during the parade.  Instead... I found lots of pictures of ... horses... 

And pictures of people, especially my kids.

And a picture of my neighbor who does pony rides for carnivals, birthday parties, and various shows in the area.

It was a lovely day for a parade, until a dark cloud showed up on the horizon.  The sun was hot, and beating down on us as we watched the parade,and then about halfway through the parade, the cloud overshadowed the sun, and a cool breeze began to blow. Although it was nice to feel the cool breeze, I'm sure a few people worried about rain..I mean... if you're driving one of those expensive antique convertible cars and it goes to raining... that can't be a good thing. 

After the parade was over, it was time to head over to the fair grounds, and see what was happening over there.  We wandered over to the animal pens.  

This bull was mean.  Really mean.  He kept an eye on everyone, and if you got too close to his fence, he would let out a roar and head your direction with his head down and his eyes narrowed. I felt sorry for the poor fellow who would try to ride him tonight.

This bull really didn't care too much about us.  He ignored us completely.  He had more important things to tend to... like making sure his belly was full before the wild ride ahead of him tonight...

Soon it was time for the show. The stadium was packed to the brim with people.

First the Canadian anthem was played, and then the US anthem while the horse and rider carrying the flag galloped around the arena.


There were lots of events that took place, and I forgot to take pictures of them all.  One of the most memorable events was the panty-hose pull.  Teams of two people had to take a pair of pantyhose, run out into the arena, grab a calf and get the panty-hose on the calf's hind two legs. 

Amazingly several teams accomplished it in record time.  I don't think I could get my own pair of panty-hose stockings on in the time these guys chased down the calf, rolled it over, and pulled the pantyhose over their legs!  The team who won the panty-hose pull were two veterans who obviously had their game on tonight!

The only ones not happy with this show were these poor calves who had to wonder why they were chosen to be a part of this panty-hose party!

I always sit on the end of the seat when the bull riding starts.  I can't imagine being a mother and watching my son come out of those stalls riding a bull.  I tell my son every time we see the bull rides not to get any ideas.  I pray for every one of those boys coming out of the stall into the arena riding a bull... every one of them... and there was one poor boy who had a rough time and ended up being carried off the field on a stretcher.  I truly hope he is okay, he had a thumbs-up for the crowd on the way out.  I don't think I'll ever understand why a young man would want to risk his life on one of those bulls even if it is for five or ten seconds... just to get a hundred dollar bill or two... just doesn't seem worth it to me!

But I guess that is what makes a rodeo, a rodeo... all the talented horse riders and bull riders coming out to show their stuff. 

I just hope my son never gets any ideas about riding a bull or bareback on a bucking horse.  


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