Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The War is Raging!

We have been waging a battle

I hope we win

We are mightily outnumbered. 

Indeed our numbers are few
Against their crew.

We have a few weapons
That we have got to use
If only we could find
Just where their nest is
I know we'd win.

Sorry... I'm not much of a poet, but we have been waging a war lately, against all the yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps that have been tormenting us recently. 

 I am talking about a war with these fellows...

But not this fellow.  I love this kind of bee.  He keeps my plants happy.  He is welcome anytime!

I am talking about all the wasps, hornets, yellow jackets... that have have simply begun to swarm just outside our door in wake of the recent heat wave we've had, in search of water. And since they're just smart enough to figure out that I water every morning and sometimes in the evening, they have swarmed our house in search of the water that we keep available for the dogs, as well as the overflow trays for the plants to hold extra water.

And I've learned that.... wasps can smell water better than a bee can smell a flower.  In fact, wasps are more determined to find water than a bee is to find a flower.  They will hunt you down if they suspect you are a source of water.  If I was afraid of wasps, my plants would simply curl up in a ball and die.  I have to fight my fear of these miserable creatures each and every day to take care of all the plants and vegetables in my care.  I hope they appreciate the war that is being waged on their behalf!

So, yes, we've been fighting the wasps, and it hasn't been fun.  My dear husband carried one, albeit unknowingly, into the house on his shirt just the other day, and after sitting down to enjoy a nice cool glass of iced tea, and a noontime meal, he was shocked to feel that nasty wasp place a stinger firmly into his arm. 

That wasp's life met an untimely death, and the fight was on.

Now, it was time to get rid of these pesky creatures once and for all. Armed with a can of gasoline, and several large cans of wasp spray, we ventured out into the yard later on in the evening, determined to put a stop to this nonsense once and for all.

We found several nests of wasps in the horse shed, close to the horse trough where they could easily get a drink.  There were several huge ones in our lawnmower shed as well.  After spending several hours dishing up some lovely medicine for them to drink, we felt that we had won the war, and settled the score. 

I also moved the dog's water bowl to a different location, away from the water faucet and dumped out any standing water in my plants.  Surely now they would move on and find somewhere else to get their water.


Nope.  I went outside early this morning to check my garden, greenhouse and plants, and discovered.... just as many wasps and hornets as before.  Now, we had just killed a LOT of them.  Where the rest of them are coming from, I do not know, but.... the war shall go on!

And just so you know... Annie is in on this war.  If one of them gets close to her... this is what happens!

One by one, we may win this war yet! Bug spray, or dog bite... either way... any wasps, hornets, or mosquitoes around our yard are not safe any more ... the war is on! 

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