Monday, December 16, 2013

Sliding Down the big "4-0" Hill!

It was so nice having Mom here, and we enjoyed every minute together!

Shortly after she arrived, I celebrated a pretty big milestone in my life... I turned the big "40"!  Having Mom here for that day was really special, and we had the best time together getting ready to feed everyone that wanted to wish me a Happy 40!

Mom's specialty is homemade pizzas.  They are the best hands down!!!!  Once you have a piece of her homemade pizza, pizza anywhere else has to take a back seat!

We made 6 large pizzas for the crowd that was coming to pay their last respects to me, as I crossed over the great divide from my 30s into the land of the 4-0s.... lol!

My favorite pizza is the Supreme with all the works!  For those of you who know me, and know how much I LOVE onions, and how much my husband HATES onions...  you know it is a very special occasion for me when I can enjoy onions for dinner, and my husband not say a word about it!  

I received an amazing surprise from a dear friend of mine, and I had no idea just what this box held for me!
This box held the most loving, generous, thoughtful, amazing gift one could ever receive!  It was a gift of expressions of love from my family and friends to wish me a Happy 40th, and to share their thoughts with me of days gone by.  It was just the most amazing moment when I opened this book, and realized how much work and effort on the part of my dear friend RH, and my dear sister RG who made efforts to contact different family members and friends to contribute to the book.  I was touched beyond words, and I could hardly read the words written through my tears.  It was a beautiful thing, and I appreciated so much all the effort that went into its preparation!

It was a very special day for me to celebrate with family, and friends!  I am very, very blessed to be surrounded with so much love!

 Turning 40 isn't so bad!  I am looking forward to the next 40 years, as they say going down the hill is more fun than climbing up, so I guess I'm in for the ride of my life starting now!!!

My husband bought me these beautiful flowers for the special occasion, and I thought of this as I admired the beauty of these flowers....  I'll smell the flowers along the way and enjoy the road that I travel, and be thankful for all my blessings along the way!

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