Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blooming Amarylis Contrasts Cotton Candy Sunset

A few days ago, we were having another incredible sunset with the palette of colors spread throughout the clouds as the sun set...

...  but as I began to take pictures of the sunset, my amaryllis was vying for its spot in the brilliant hues spread out before me.

I was trying to work with my camera to capture the view spread out before me that my eyes were seeing... 

Gorgeous isn't it!

Oh what a magnificent treat to see this playing out before my eyes.  The whole sky was filled with cotton candy happiness!

 While I was capturing the sunset outside, our resident cat decided he wanted to see what was going on, and interjected himself into the view finder of the camera here.

I went back to trying to capture the colors of the amaryllis against the cotton candy sunset... but, as an amateur photographer, I wasn't able to get the camera to cooperate and capture what my natural eye was seeing...

Annie meanwhile, was outside howling away, as the sun was setting.

Not sure exactly what was setting her off... but maybe she just wanted to howl her appreciation for the sunset too!

Simba, on the other hand studiously continued staring outside.... focused intently on something beyond what I could see...

Not sure what exactly these two were so intent upon... I do believe animals see things that we humans can't.  I was looking at the sunset, but they were quite intent on "something" else...

Whatever it was, Simba turned his attention away from the window, and began to focus intently on my amaryllis.  For some reason, Simba is intrigued with this plant, and I've had to discipline him several times for swatting at my amaryllis as if it is his own personal toy.

What is it with cats who think everything in your house that hangs, moves, or swings back and forth is something they must dig their claws into, roll around, and play with?  I don't know the answer to this.  Just asking a rhetorical question here, not expecting any answer really... and if I did have the answer, I don't think it would change the fact that cats like swinging, moving objects, lol!

I thought I'd try one more time to get a picture of my amaryllis before the sunset was gone forever... and although it was not a great shot, it was as good as it gets in my world!  My eyes could see the colors of the sunset competing with the brilliant hues of the amaryllis, but, I was unable to get my camera to capture the exact scene as my eyes saw it.  Which brings me to the thought, again, of how great our God is!  Man still has not been able to design a camera that has the ability to "see" as our eyes do, and to make constant adjustments according to the light available, for the best visual experience possible.  Our eyes are incredible organs designed by God to help us to see the world He created.

I was reminded again of just how precious our eyesight is, as I struggle to capture what I see with my eyes through my camera.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes... it just doesn't... and then I'm reminded of the truth that we are incredibly, beautifully, and wonderfully made, and that makes me thankful, very thankful (instead of frustrated at the camera and my lack of expertise!).

May your eyes bless you today in all that you see and do!

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  1. Gorgeous is almost an understatement! I also love the pic of Simba staring outside. RH


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