Monday, September 22, 2014

Green Tomato.... SPAGHETTI?

Yes. Green tomato spaghetti was on the menu at our house last week!

And guess what? NO ONE KNOWS!  (but me!) LOL!  (and now you, heehee!)

No, I did not say a single word about the main ingredient of this spaghetti... but I just served it up!

This is the picture of my green tomatoes after being put into canning jars.

Getting ready to make the "green tomato spaghetti".  My thought was to turn the green into red, so I used a can of organic tomato paste.

I decided to use chicken as the meat for the spaghetti.  So I diced a chicken breast into bite-size pieces, and sauteed them in a little olive oil and butter for 5 minutes or so, until browned and cooked through. Towards the end of cooking the chicken, I added 2 cloves of minced garlic.  Ohh - did it ever smell good!  Then it was time to throw in the green tomato sauce!

Hmm.  Sure looks.... well....

Green! Yes, it was very, very green!  Yikes!   (At this point I was hoping none of my family would walk through the kitchen!)

Fortunately, the tomato paste saved the day!  Look at that beautiful red tomato sauce!

Next it was time to add the good stuff!  Red cooking wine, a couple of drops of Oreganol, and some basil.  (I save and dry  my own basil now, and just use recycled containers).  I also always add a 1/2 tsp or so of sugar to my spaghetti sauce, as well as salt, and pepper, and a few red pepper flakes.  Things began to turn around, and smell yummy.  I let the sauce simmer for a while, and then threw in a few handfuls of grated mozzarella cheese for good measure :) 

I always like to serve salad with spaghetti, and it was nice to have fresh lettuce and tomatoes from our garden!  I picked the lettuce before the garden froze, and this was the one tomato that I had picked from our garden that had ripened before the awful freeze!

I have switched our family over to whole wheat spaghetti, which everyone agrees tastes so much better. It really does.  My husband never really was a fan of spaghetti until I started serving the whole wheat. I get this from Costco.  This whole wheat spaghetti is made in Italy, and is organic to boot.

Since I had purchased a spaghetti squash several days earlier, I decided to serve both the whole wheat spaghetti and spaghetti squash for dinner.  My kids are kinda picky, and even though the squash was offered to them, they passed.  But not me!

Ooh, it was cooked to perfection, so light, tender, and juicy.

Of course, a spaghetti dinner doesn't seem to be fully rounded unless it is served with bread.  I had made some homemade bread earlier that week, and it was a great way to finish it off - as garlic bread.  I mixed some mayonnaise, butter, chopped parsley, and a clove of garlic together, and spread it on the bread.  Put it in a 400 oven for a few minutes until golden and bubbly.

Garlic bread does something to me... makes me want to just skip the rest of the meal, and just eat garlic bread... it smells so yummy coming out of the oven, fresh, hot, and garlicky!

And this was the final meal served - Green Spaghetti! Actually, the only noticeable green thing on my plate was lettuce, and no one was the wiser!

Except for me, and now you!  Shh!  Don't tell my kids... or hubby...  LOL!

PS:  I had extra sauce left over from the spaghetti, and added the sauce to some pasta shells for dinner today - this meal went a long way into round 2.  Not too bad for some lovely green spaghetti sauce!


  1. Yummy looking meal! I'm glad you figured out a way to use those green tomatoes!

  2. Food looks great. We can't eat garlic any more. What a shame. Doesn't digest. Any ideas? g still haven't figured out how to do this.


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