Monday, September 29, 2014

More Sourdough Adventures!

Since my sourdough starter just begs to be used, every day or so, I've been trying new adventures with sourdough baking! I found an old cookbook at Goodwill that has continued my sourdough adventure quest.

It was a "GEM" of a find for me!  It was full of all kinds of great information about the history of sourdough, and lots of discussion about the chemistry of sourdough that really helped me understand more completely how to work better with sourdough.  One thing I liked about this cookbook was that it had in-depth instructions for each recipe, which was really, really helpful.

So I found a recipe for basic sourdough bread in this cookbook, and decided to give it a try.

I was really impressed with the bread as it rose wonderfully, and baked up beautifully!

The tops were soft and golden brown after I covered them liberally with butter after removing them from the oven.

After letting the loaves cool on the counter, it was time for a taste test!

Ooh... this bread smelled just heavenly, and tasted even better!  The faint taste of sourdough was there, but the bread was so soft, light and moist that it was hard to stop with just one slice!

I sliced up one loaf of the bread into thin slices, and froze the other loaf once it was cooled.

Since I was working in the kitchen already, I decided to try another recipe in the old Sourdough Cookbook. This one was for Sourdough Chocolate Cake.

Dear Lord Have Mercy!  This cake knocked the socks off any cake Betty Crocker has to offer! Seriously!  This recipe was simply amazing.  It was rather time consuming, I'll admit!  (Had to separate eggs, and beat egg whites into stiff peaks, and fold into mix)... but the extra work in making this cake was so worth it!

Over 1/3 of the cake gone before I could take a proper picture!

My family has already requested I make another one of these cakes.  It has jumped to the top of the list of their favorites.  And I agree.  I have never tasted such a moist, delicious rich chocolate cake!

I'll take another slice, thank you very much.... 

Did you just say diet? What? 

There is no diet with a cake like this sitting on your counter! LOL! 

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  1. That cake looks delicious! And your bread looks better than any of mine ever has!


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