Monday, November 10, 2014

Arctic Polar Freeze Announces Arrival of Winter

It is still "technically" fall here, according to the calendar anyway, but who is paying attention to the calendar? .... I think the thermometer is a far better gauge of when fall has departed, and winter has arrived!!!

Last night, the BIG arctic polar chill arrived.  It started to snow around 10:30 last night.  It didn't snow much really, but just enough to make everything look like winter wonderland outside this morning as the sun began to stretch its rays across the horizon.

Annie and I couldn't wait to finish breakfast and head out to explore.  I knew we needed to get out early before the snow started to melt.

The sky was a brilliant color of blue with a bit of cloud spattering.

Annie was very impatient, and ready to get our walk started.  She was not at all happy about me stopping to take pictures!

While it had snowed some in the night, the more remarkable event that took place was the frost on top of the snow.  It was simply gorgeous!  Every stalk and blade of grass, shrub and tree began to take on new importance.

The frost had frozen on top of the snow, and it was simply stunning as the sunlight sparkles were everywhere.

My poor Columbine plant didn't look too happy - but it is good to know that this perennial will be happy again come spring!

Some of my petunias had managed to live until now... but after this deep freeze, I suspect even their hardiness has reached its limit!

I could hardly take a picture without Annie tugging at me, nudging me, and even going so far to bump the camera when she could.  She wanted to walk - and not take pictures lol!  Patience is not one of her virtues!

The cold frosty-frozen snowy grass...

As we hiked down the trail, Annie was eager to smell every smell, and find every deer/rabbit/squirrel trail there was to find.

Intent on something - I think it was a squirrel teasing her...

The field behind our house looking northward

A small red berry ... frozen...

It was still very early morning, and the sun was just tipping over the far horizon, spreading its rays through the trees as we walked.

The trail beckoned ahead of us as the sun's rays poked through the shadows of the trees.

A stately tamarack still proudly gracing its lovely orange splendor.

I think this is one of my favorite pictures of the trail this morning - with just a hint of light shining on the path.

A graceful pine limb arrayed in glorious frosty splendor.

Annie again - showing just how much she needs to work on her patience! Don't you just love that face - trying to be patient, but... it's really not working, lol!

Moving toward an open field, Annie's gaze is intently forward.

I never see what she is looking at, and perhaps that is just as well!

The sunlight continues to paint its beautiful rays over the frost adorned landscape.

Funny - Annie expects me to have patience for her when she has got her head stuffed inside a gopher hole, or when she has discovered some new scent on the trail, but she doesn't understand this patience thing should work both ways!

If only we could know WHAT it is that dogs smell... it must be quite the world they live in!

More gloriously decorated pine leaves.

As the sun continued its course in the sky, the frost/snow began to melt.  We turned to head back towards home.  It was such a lovely, frosty-nippy hike, just a perfect way to begin winter, if you ask me!


  1. What beautiful photos! I so enjoyed our walk out in the snow! This is just the type of post we're looking for on The Maple Hill Hop. I hope you'll stop by and share it with our readers. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Daisy, I didn't realize you were doing a "hop" on your blog, but I will visit back over there and check it out! I always enjoy getting to know new fellow bloggers who are enjoying living life simply! :) Thanks for coming here and posting, I do appreciate it :)

  2. It does look like wintertime in your neck of the woods. It is so pretty. Yesterday was 70 degrees here in Kansas and a cold front came through last evening. It is in the 20's this morning. We have a cold wind, no snow as of yet. I think our week will be more like winter than fall. Warmest blessings for your day. ♥ Teri

    1. Our snow melted yesterday :( Actually I prefer snow when the temps get this cold, because the snow acts as an insulator. So it feels very cold here. I hope that your family stays warm, snug and cozy this week :)

    2. PS - thanks for stopping by and commenting - I sure do appreciate it :)

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous pictures! Annie is so cute. You must really love going on walks with her. Thank you for sharing - we are still in the 70's during the day and the 40's at night, so these scenes are yet to come for us! Have a great Tuesday!

    1. Annie keeps us entertained for sure. She is part husky and German Shepherd. We love her to pieces :) Our snow melted yesterday, and I wish it wouldn't have because it acts as an insulator. Brr! It is really cold today! Enjoy your warm weather :) Thanks for stopping by and posting, I really do appreciate it!

  4. Annie is so beautiful. I think I'd go for more walks -- no matter what the weather -- if I could walk with her. :) We got about an inch of snow several days ago and it's sticking fast. It's really been cold here; lows near zero and only getting up to 20 degrees in the day time. I think it's going to warm up a bit this week. The white blanket is very pretty, but there are icy spots that make walking a little dicey. Stay warm. xxx


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