Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Joy a Christmas Cactus Brings

I received a Christmas Cactus as a gift several years ago, and it has been a very faithful friend through the years.  It blooms faithfully at Easter and Christmas - isn't that amazing?  To me it is.  It is a faithful reminder of the two most important seasons to celebrate our Lord and Saviour, Jesus!

This particular cactus has faithfully bloomed in the spring (Easter) and in the late fall/winter - (Christmas) season every year since it was given to me.

I have it sitting on the windowsill by my kitchen sink, and it has been very, very happy here.

The blooms are pretty amazing - they are a mixture of bright reds, and pinks with a touch of purple.

It lends such a cheery happy face to my windowsill. As I am often busy working around the kitchen, just one look at the beautiful blooms it is showcasing fills my heart with joy.

Now our days are getting shorter and shorter, and by 4:30 in the afternoon now, it is completely dark.

In  the midst of the fall/winter season when everything that was once alive, is now dead, lifeless, and leafless, this lovely Christmas cactus steps up to the plate with its warm cheery blooms, and says - hey - it's okay!  Look at me! This is my time to shine!

And it is so nice to come into my kitchen at 5:00 in the evening when it is time to cook dinner and it is dark and cold outside...

... and be met with the cheery blooms of the Christmas cactus.  Do you see the purple in the flower?  Isn't it quite a fashion statement - the small piece of purple on the edge of the stamen - while the rest of the bloom are brilliant hues of red!  I would not usually pair purple and red together, but... this Christmas cactus certainly wows with this unusual color combination!

It does give me one more reason to smile, and be thankful as I busy myself in the kitchen when even though the world outside is dark and cold... the Christmas cactus is spreading its warmth and cheer!


  1. Beautiful! I probably need to get one of these for our space. When we lived in Colorado we had blooming geraniums inside all winter long. We're trying it here, but we don't have good southern or eastern exposure like we did there. We do have a tuberous begonia that is blooming a little, so that's something. :)

    1. They certainly add a bright spot to your kitchen in the winter! :) I'm glad you have a begonia blooming - I have one of those too, and it is a faithful bloomer all year long!

  2. You have a Thanksgiving cactus rather than a Christmas cactus:) Mine is just getting its buds.

  3. OK wow, I didn't realize that. I was at my mom's over Thanksgiving and realized she has a Christmas cactus because its buds are just now coming out. It is always good to learn these things! My cactus is still blooming like crazy though, and I just love seeing its cheery blooms in my window!


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