Falling into November

Friday, November 16, 2018

While each season on the calendar at least, is given equal time, it seems Fall's time in the spotlight wanes the quickest, although it is enjoyed to its last precious moment. 

Foggy mornings have been the hallmark of Fall this year, and the brilliance
of the fallen leaves is accentuated by the foggy backdrop. 

The road beckons onward mysteriously. 

Layers of fog in the mornings as I walk hover over the fields. 

Golden colors warm the banks of the river, contrasting with the reflective blues of the water. 

The brilliant colors of the river are a bright contrast against the colorful foliage. 

The rushing water under the bridge sings the happiest song, filling my heart with joy in the moment.

Walking in the early mornings just as the sun is grumbling up over the horizon,
these sweet girls greet us good morning as we walk by. 

I imagine this wistful look on her face means she would like to tag along on a walk with us!

There is something captivating about a fenceline... especially one stretching into the fog. 

The glorious colors of Fall extending their beauty just a few more days. 

How I wish I could hold the brilliance of this scene in place of the gray color scheme scheduled to arrive quite soon!

The last day before the "gray skies" arrived, my heart rejoiced at the vibrancy of the colors still. 

Time and earth seem to stand still in this moment of tenacious beauty. 

I want to savor every color and remember them that way when the "gray" arrives. 

The skies seem to rejoice over the beautiful scene with me. 

Once again, Fall's stay with us was far too short, and November came bumbling on the scene with gray skies, foggy mornings, and drippy clouds. I don't know of anyone who really anticipates and looks forward to November, lol!  But my perspective is this... after a good dose of gray skies, I am ready to welcome Winter with open arms! How about you?

I put my little flower bed to rest with hopes for spring... I received a shipment of tulip and daffodil bulbs that I had ordered from Breck's, and got them planted.  The chickens were curious about all the digging I was doing and tried to help out, lol! 

A pie marathon!  I was asked to bake two pies for a local craft bazaar, and then my daughter mentioned she really wanted some pumpkin pie, and my dear husband said how much he was hankering after a pecan pie, and before you know it, an afternoon of baking pies ensued with 5 pies cooling on the counter! 

I captured this picture of a frosted leaf resting on a log... 

These two!  So happy to see the snow falling from the skies!  I shared in their excitement too :) 

Yes, Winter, I can accept that you are here... you sure have brightened up the landscape! 

My favorite scene of all this November was when snow blanketed the landscape while fragments of Fall color remained. 

It was a glorious sight to see, this Blazing Red Maple tree with its brilliant red leaves still on the tree with snow gently covering up the bare, windswept spots on the branches. 

There is something truly lovely about this... the mingling of Fall and Winter in such a beautiful fashion.

I am sad to see the last bits of Fall color, but how thankful I am that
Winter is right there to brighten the landscape as Fall's color fades. 

The moody stillness of this leaf captivated my focus... 

My baby hens (not so little now) got to experience snow for the first time, always quite an event for them!

Gracie is not too thrilled with the snow, as you can tell by her expression.

And so here we are, in the middle of November, and Thanksgiving 'round the corner!  
I will be taking a little blogging break over the Thanksgiving holidays.  
I want to wish all of you a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving... truly we do have so very much to be thankful for, and it seems as we count our blessings, somehow they begin to multiply and increase... 
My heart and prayers go out to those who have suffered such great losses of life and property in California, and those in areas affected by the hurricanes.  
Each day is so very precious that we are given.  
May we be grateful and thankful to the Lord for His provision through the upcoming holiday seasons.  
With much love to all, have a 
Happy Thanksgiving :) 


  1. I am almost speechless by the beauty of these photographs...they are amazing. You really should get a book published with some of these beautiful works of art. We have had lots of foggy days here this week too, but our leaves of been long gone for several weeks now. I hope you have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving my friend.
    Blessings always, Betsy

  2. I so enjoyed browsing through your beautiful photos. May your Thanksgiving be a lovely time.

  3. These photos are absolutely breathtaking! A book of photos like these would be so amazing! I am thankful that we have not had snow like that yet. A few flurries on Thursday but not a lot but ice, which I don't like made a visit on Thursday to remind us that winter is upon us.

  4. Sharing God’s beauty filled my heart. Happy thanksgiving to you dear lady ๐Ÿฅฐ

  5. Marylin, I always love seeing the world through your lens. The way you've captured the season is absolutely stunning. I adore the picture of the horses in the morning mist...such beauties in a beautiful place. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Ah, the colors, the mist, the glories of animal and garden ... you've covered it all with beauty, friend!

    Bless your weekend.

  7. You live in a beautiful area. I loved all the pictures. Especially the ones with fog. Chicken and horse are wonderful too. My granddaughter would say, "Any palomino is a pal-a-mine-o. " Blessi8ngs to all, stay safe and warm , xoxo, Susie

  8. Love the foggy photos! There’s mystery there!

    The blue skies are gorgeous.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Marilyn.

  9. Beautiful photos! What a yummy array of pies. Each one is a work of art. We are wondering what we will learn our first winter in the N.E. corner of Washington!

  10. I so very much enjoyed seeing all this beauty. The fall color are vibrant and the snow on those red leaves is a delightful sight,but my very favorite is the fence line disappearing into the fog. It has a magical quality. Oh, and those pies, all I need is a good cup of coffee and plate and fork. Yummy!

  11. Beautiful photos all but I think my favourite is the one of the fence disappearing into the fog.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Absolutely GORGEOUS pictures, Marilyn. That one of the two horses reminds me of an old painting. It would make a beautiful 'canvas' painting!
    I hope you have a great, blessed Sunday- xo Diana

  13. What a beautiful post. So many lovely fall scenes. Snow already....brrrr, I'm hoping it holds off here for awhile. Always a pleasure to catch up on your blog. - Have you signed up yet for the Ornament exchange on Stephanie's blog (Enchanting Rose)?

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, sweet friend! It was so wonderful to see a post from you and to enjoy the amazing photos! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gifts with us here. You are such a blessing to all, and I am SO grateful to you for your friendship, support, and encouragement. I was so sorry to miss your call and do trust we can talk soon. Sending lots of love and hugs and gratitude to you and enjoying winter right along with you. God bless you richly, my dear friend.

  15. What a joy to visit and admire the beauty that surrounds you, such beautiful photos. The horses were a delight and looked so majestic. Those pies looked tasty, wish I could join you to enjoy a slice.

  16. Once again, Marilyn, you have captured the exquisite beauty of the seasons with your camera. I can't believe you all already have snow!
    I, too, am taking a blogging break over the Thanksgiving week. May your Thanksgiving be happy and blessed, my friend!

  17. Oh Marilyn, your photos are absolutely stunning! It would be hard to pick a favorite but the one withe the fence disappearing into the fog would be it. I am mesmerized by foggy landscapes. And those pies...my but they all look SO delicious! I would also have a hard time choosing a favorite as well! Yes, it is hard to think about those who have lost everything in those horrific fires...only our Lord know there is so much suffering and devastation in this world. Blessing to you and your family during this wonderful time of Thanksgiving...and enjoy your break!

  18. Thank you for such wonderful photos. I've gone over them several times & enjoyed so much.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and family.

  19. Your scenery in the fog is so majestic and gorgeous...I loved every single picture. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us. Enjoy your time with family this week...and oh, those pies! Wow! They look so delicious!! Making me get in the pie baking mood...Thanksgiving is coming!!! Have a blessed week. Thank you again for making me smile this morning! Such loveliness!!!

  20. Gorgeous scenery. Winter isn't my favorite season but I'll take it. I suppose we have to take the good with the bad. Pie eating season is here. This cold weather must put everyone in the mood for pie. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    xx Beca

  21. Marilyn, Happy Thanksgiving!!!! The images are all so breathtaking! And Riley....pure adorableness! See you in the New Year, my friend ~ {{hugs}}

  22. Thank you for sharing your special spots in Idaho! I use to be a Washingtonian but now I'm a Idahoan. You have captured all it's beauty.

    ~~~* Happy Thanksgiving +~~~

  23. Marilyn, these photos are glorious!! You truly do live in a spectacular location!!

  24. Such beauty that surrounds you! You truly live in God's country and are blessed daily with these scenes. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  25. Falling into November with you was amazing! What a blessing of colour, company, and great pie! God is so good!

  26. You outdid yourself with these photos Marilyn. I especially like the ones of the horses, they way they are coming out of the morning mist is beautiful. And I agree - fall is the nicest season, it should be given more time.

  27. I just love all of your pretty photos! And I had to chuckle that everyone wanted pie...isn't that the way it goes? That happened here for Thanksgiving...everyone had their own request, and so we had a very large meal for just eight people. ha, ha. Wishing you a happy weekend, my friend! :)

  28. A great post! <3
    I am following you and invite you to me

  29. My good wishes to you.
    I enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful photographs.

    All the best Jan

  30. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! We are so very blessed and God is so very good! You shared so many very gorgeous pictures as always! I love your talent in taking pictures! We also enjoyed fall and are truly into winter now. The landscape is now very white and today very grey but all is good. These winter grey days have been so fun for inside crafting/sewing, etc.

  31. Lovely photos! The pies and the chickens are my favorites!

  32. Sweet friend, your pictures should be featured in magazines, calendars, note cards, etc. They are absolutely stunning! Thank you for filling my day with beauty.

    And oh my, your pies look amazing! I wish I could enjoy a piece right now {{smiles}} Sending love and hugs your way!

  33. These photos are magnificent, Marilyn!

  34. Marilyn, such beautiful photographs! And pies too! ♥

  35. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. The month of November just flew it seems. These are gorgeous photos!! All those pies looks beautiful. Want to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas time!


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