Monday, April 15, 2019

Springtime Life Sprinkles

Early Spring is here in all its glory... rain, mud, and clouds.  But! The snow has melted, and little tiny green buds are appearing everywhere, and it won't be long until the world around us dances in color! 

There is a bit of color that just showed up in my garden! These sweet crocuses are lifting their faces to the sun!

I was so excited to see the warm sunshine, I hung clothes out on the line to dry.
They didn't quite dry all the way and needed about another 10 minutes in the dryer... but it was a start!
That picture was taken last week... all that snow has melted now :) 

I spotted a bluebird on our morning walk! From a distance this picture was taken...
not very clear, but quite exciting to see!

Thinking of my garden, and spending time in it, I decided to make a little garden handmade scrapbook
using pictures from my garden last summer. 

I used a fun Spring scrapbooking kit and made the mini-scrapbook quite quickly.  

A closer look ... 

Our morning walks have been quite foggy, and there is just something so special about the fog,
it makes the ordinary somehow mysterious, shadowy and beautiful. 

Here's a smile for your day! After days of rain, the sun came out.  I came back home after running some errands,
and found these sweet girls along with Mr. Pepper all camped out on my porch sunbathing!
Chickens sunbathe in the funniest positions, it makes me smile to watch them! 

My oregano survived the long winter!  Soon I will be able to cut it and feed it to my chickens.
Oregano is soo good for the girls :) I also dry it and use it in my kitchen.  Love that it returns every year!

Seeds are sprouting and growing rapidly!  This corn is doing great!  I plant three varieties since
 corn needs at least two varieties to pollinate each other.  
My sunflowers are coming right along too! 

We had a rain storm roll through right at sunset and left behind this glorious rainbow! 

I almost was able to capture the entire rainbow in the picture... almost :)  Do you see the faint second rainbow?

Our local herd of elk roaming the canyon hillside close to our home.
I was sad that I didn't have my zoom lens with me to get a better picture! 

A bluebird family has taken up residence in this box I placed last year!  The swallows ran them off last year.
I hope they can claim it for their own this year! 

Evening walks at sunset are glorious!

 Walking is refreshing, not just for the body... but for the soul too!
Seeing a sunrise/sunset a day keeps the doctor away, I do believe :) 

Early morning walks now reveal green sprouting up everywhere!  Hooray! 

Our neighbor's horse, Breeze was enjoying a late evening snack while the skies danced in colorful hues behind her. 

Spring has definitely arrived, and for that, we are very grateful! We managed to escape the late spring snow that so many northern states received last week, and instead only received rain and wind.  I've been busy raking piles of pine needles and picking up the yard from the mess that winter winds leave behind. 

Tonight we had our first bonfire of the season. It felt wonderful to set out our chairs around the campfire and prepare for months of enjoying evening bonfires.

I'm thankful for all the joys that spring brings, and now we await the glorious blooms that will be coming any day.  Right now, I just have crocuses blooming in my garden, but the tulips and daffodils are growing quickly, and their color is greatly anticipated :)

How does spring look in your world?


  1. Eeek to spam comment above Marilyn, such pollution is disconcerting on your beautiful post.
    Loved seeing all your photos and the way spring is surely coming itmust bea great delight to see each day it comes a little closer to summer, your chickens are sooo cute. Love them. I think they’re wonderful creatures.
    Lord bless you on your walks in God’s beautiful creation.
    Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

    1. Got rid of the spam comment, how awful that it was the first comment! I appreciate your kind and sweet visit, your comments are always a blessing!

  2. It must be lovely to be rid of the snow, and see pretty things peeping out of the flower beds. How nice to have birds in your nesting box, sadly ours is empty this year.

    1. Oh it is Barbara... I am loving springtime, it is an exciting time of year! I hope your birds return!!! Hugs to you :)

  3. We are having snow again this morning. Your spring looks wonderful. Enjoy!

    1. Wow, that is a late snow indeed! Our last snow was the second week of March! I hope it has all melted by now! Blessings!

  4. Your Springtime is a bit different than ours here, Marilyn. You still have some snow! Love the pictures of the sweet bluebird on the stick and by the bird house. How nice to take a walk and see your lovely neighbor's horse, Breeze. You know, I have a thing for white horses. Your Idaho skies are amazing. And that rainbow is beautiful. I believe it is a gift when we see a rainbow, so thank you for this gift today of the rainbow on your blog.

    Happy Spring, Marilyn.


    1. Our snow has finally melted Sheri, I love the snow, but I am ready for spring :) I have a thing for white horses too, they are just so graceful and beautiful to watch! I hope you are enjoying lovely spring weather too :)

  5. We are right on track it seems, Marilyn - just crocus blooming here too, although the daffodils and hyacinth should be right behind. Gorgeous pics, as always!! I should try planting some perennial herbs in the ground rather than in the deck boxes....they don't come back in the deck boxes, sadly. But the convenience of having them right outside my kitchen door outweighs having to replant them every year, I suppose!

    1. The oregano has been a great perennial, as well as rhubarb too. Thyme does well here as well as mint, but perhaps a bit too much, lol! I hope you are getting to enjoy some lovely spring weather in your neck of the woods too!

  6. You certainly did make me smile with your chicken picture. THey look quite content. Spring has been strange this year. Much more cloudy, rainy and cool than in some years. It will be May before we know it.
    Take care my friend.

    1. The chickens do love the sun, and sunbathing, lol! This spring has been a bit unusual, glad that we have had some sunshine again! Yes, it will be May before we know it, wow! Blessings to you sweet friend!

  7. Your garden scrapbook is so cute! I love foggy mornings too, particularly when I have a hot steaming mug of coffee in hand.

    1. Oh yes, hot coffee, and a lovely foggy, or rainy morning are delightful, especially when the sun comes out later :)

  8. I love watching graceful Swallows over the lake but Bluebirds are one of my favourite birds so I'm hoping the Swallows don't evict the Bluebirds from your birdhouse. If we want to see Bluebirds we have to drive a couple of hours east though.
    Have a blessed Easter with your family.

  9. Oh, how sweet to visit with you tonight and see what springtime looks like in your part of the world! I love your garden scrapbook and that rainbow was just amazing! May the Lord bless you as you continue to enjoy the wonderful beauty of this season, sweet friend!

  10. your springtime is so Magical dear Marilyn :)))

    your images enlightened my soul ,such a glory of nature and stunning beauty of season reflecting through your captures ,worth to be in magazine these amazing photographs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    these adorable hens always remind me my mom's chickens :)

    i absolutely LOVED your garden scarp book ,what a delightful and happy adventure

    your plants are making incredible progress by the grace of Lord!

    ah your plans for the spring are so joyous and exquisite!

    wishing you more blessing and joy ahead my dear friend!

  11. How wonderful to see spring bursting forth at your place. Loved the chickens soaking up the sun and the rainbow was spectacular.

    Have a wonderful Easter ~ FlowerLady

  12. As always, Marilyn, I am awed by your photos. You capture God's creation so incredibly well! Especially loved the sunset and rainbow shots. Just wow!
    Have a blessed Easter, my friend!

  13. Loving all of your pictures dear lady but that one with the rainbow! WOW! So pretty. Happy Easter and Resurrection day to you dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  14. Spring has sprung here in NC in all of it's's going to be 80 here today so it looks as if summer has bypassed spring on some days. Your spring scrapbook is so cute and fun! It's such a wonderful time of year when everything is fresh and new. I had to laugh at those chickens of yours...I can't wait 'til I get some of my own! May you enjoy your spring awakening and a most joyous Resurrection Weekend! Hugs!

  15. I am happy spring has sprung! What few plants I have are doing well and some have really pretty blooms on them. I need to take a picture. The bulbs I planted last year all rotted but the roses are doing well. Can't wait to see them bloom again. I'm waiting on it to stay above 55 at night so I can put plants on the porch. I love annuals for that spot! Hope you have a blessed Easter weekend, my friend!!!

  16. We still have snow and frost in the ground. We did have lovely sun yesterday and today thunderstorms.

    I always enjoy your posts.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful part of our world.

  17. Marilyn, I had to laugh at the chickens! They definitely look comfortable!! Our spring includes warm days like today (79 degrees) and just a few days ago - cold days (high 40's). It is hard to know what to expect each morning. Thank you for sharing your lovely photographs!

  18. Hi Marilyn! Beautiful post as always... LOVED the pink skies and rainbow. Reminds me when I lived in LaPine, Oregon. We had some gorgeous pink skies there.. must be because it was at a higher elevation than here. It was 4200 feet there, and only about 2600 feet where I live now. And those chickens on the porch! how funny.. I could just feel the warmth coming up off the wood boards of the porch. And of course, LOVE your gardening scrapbook. How much fun is that and bet it was fun making it and reminiscing about last summer! Your little corner of Heaven looks alive and well and ready to pop forth with blooms and color! I did a blog post on April 12th but don't think many people got it for some reason... hm.m.m.m.m.m Hugs to you sweet friend... Marilyn J

  19. Oh Marilyn, I know how you feel. The first signs of spring are so exciting. We are in spring big time right now, and I feel about half crazy! :) Everything is beautiful...weeds and all. The picture of your chickens is the cutest thing I've seen. Your little group of chickens look exactly like mine same breeds, same colors. Chickens make me laugh too. That picture is adorable.

  20. Such lovely pictures Marilyn. Your scrapbook sounds like so much fun! It's so exciting that plants are popping up! I was out this morning weeding my gypsy camp and it was lovely to be out. I built a little fire just to have it's friendly crackle and cheerful blaze. I didn't know that Oregano was good for chickens. I'll have to try it. Have a wonderful day and a blessed Easter.


  21. Your photography is beautiful as always! Those chickens sunbathing just made me smile. :)

  22. Marilyn, that photo of the chickens always makes me laugh! Our chickens would do the same, as it is they lay in my garden in the sunshine!

  23. Spring has certainly sprung this weekend in the UK … the weather has been wonderful and the blossom trees and spring-time flowers are looking lovely.

    I always enjoy seeing and reading your posts.
    Many thanks for all the beautiful photographs you've shared with us.

    Easter Blessings.

    All the best Jan

  24. Oh, how wonderful a bonfire would be. To be warmed by the blazing flames and to soak in the glorious backdrop as well......well, that would be perfect. I never tire of visiting you and soaking in the beauty of each glorious photo, Marilyn. Rainbows, snow, critters, pretty Spring flowers and soul pleasing morning walks....perfect. I must say, a row of washing on the line is always a glorious sight. Simplicity at its best♥

  25. Beautiful photos like always!!! You can see Elks??? Whau! Nature is very generous where you are! I had to laugh seeing those chicken how they place just one leg out! Ha ha! Your neighbor has a sweet horse! Our neighbors who had a horse moved away so now their land and house was sold to another family with 6 kids but no horses or at least not yet.

  26. What a joy to read your blog! You made me laugh and smile!
    I laughed at the picture of your clothes on the line, with snow on the ground (I understand!)
    I smiled at your chickens sunbathing. I almost want to join them.

  27. I love the shot of the chickens sunbathing SO much! :)


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