Friday, May 8, 2020

Spring's Laughter

Amidst the difficulties that the world is facing right now... 
Spring's blooms have arrived in all their splendor!

Seen on my daily walk, these wild phlox are lighting up the landscape with their resplendent blooms. 

Someone who loves daffodils and hyacinth planted hundreds of them on a hillside in tow, with the river in view...
as I drove by my heart was thrilled with the sight of the happy yellow sunshine faces,
that I had to stop and take some pictures.
I could've sat there amidst their beauty for hours...
my soul drank up the liquid golden sunshine from their blooms deeply!
In front of our local nursery, these glorious tulips light up the world with their colorful offerings!
Plum trees are adding light to the world too... as their delicate blossoms charm the breeze... 

This old plum tree leans toward the hillside, yet in its old age, it puts on a beautiful spread to welcome spring... 

I could sit at the feet of this old tree, and listen to its stories for hours...

 After seeing some of the beautiful blooms that were filling the world with their delight, I wrote this little poem:

Pinks,  yellows and reds dance together
in gracious color symphony
A grand chorus that sings
its lilting springtime melody
A roadside plum tree drops its petals
red and yellow tulips sway in harmony
while daffodils lift cheery faces sunward
... and my hens think it's all just comedy...

I captured this inquisitive hen peering at me wondering what I was so excited about...
poor dear, she doesn't know how I've longed all winter for these tulip blooms!
I was driving down the highway when a truck meeting me blinked his lights.  I proceeded with caution, not sure what lay over the next hill.  To my surprise - and delight - this young bull moose was chomping on fresh greens alongside the road.  I was able to stop and capture a few quick shots of him.  

He wasn't interested in me at all.  I had rolled down my window, and said hello, but he completely ignored me. 

He wouldn't give me his name... but I did get his number! 

He certainly looked like he could use a few greens to fatten him up! 

Even though he never really acknowledged me, my zoom lens just happened to catch him warily watching me. 
Here is a link to a little video that I took of him... 

While working in the yard, I heard our resident Hairy Woodpecker chipping away at a tree stump. I was able to video him from a distance, and watched him pull lunch out of the stump! Here is a link to a video that I made of our resident Hairy Woodpecker finding lunch out of a stump (you may need to enlarge the screen to see what lunch was!)...

You can see the fresh drilling holes where he found lunch....
my dogs decided they wanted to check the stump out,
and my little hardworking friend flew away.

More feathered friends hanging out around the feeders...

This Evening Grosbeak was enjoying an afternoon snack while the rain poured down. 

This visiting American Goldfinch enjoyed the treats offered up ... 

These Brewer's Blackbirds, and a Purple Finch were making good use of my bird feeding station as well. 
And so it is that the delight of Spring's blooms and the joy of hearing sweet birdsong has been a precious thing in these last few weeks where our world has descended into a pit of despair.  I look around each day, and find so much to be grateful for, and that helps to keep my perspective in these very difficult days that we face.  Thankfully, in our little area here, we have been very blessed, and our world has continued on much as usual. But I know that for so many others, that is not the case.

On another note, I do have some exciting news to share soon, and I hope to share it in a post very soon.  {smiles}

I pray that the Lord's peace be with all of you, and that your hearts would not be troubled or afraid.  Our hope remains in Him, and there is an answer and a solution for all that is wrong in our world.  It is in Jesus!

John 14:27  
Peace I leave with you, 
my peace I give unto you: 
not as the world giveth, 
give I unto you. 
Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

With all the Lord's grace, mercy and love to all of you!


  1. Beautiful post. I would love to see a moose in real life. I have never lived anywhere that the are, but I keep telling my husband that I want to visit someplace that has them.

    1. It is always a fantastic experience to see the moose in our area. They get really big. This was a young moose. Thank you for your visit, have a blessed day :)

  2. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Is the moose tagged? Is that for research? No one keeps moose, do they?

    1. Some moose are tagged for research. No one can keep a moose. It was just enjoying a tasty snack alongside the highway :)

  3. Such a beautiful post. Whatever would we do without spring flowers, and that big old plum tree is amazing. Love your little poem too. I could feel your love and appreciation for all the beauty there. Oh, and all the daffodils are breathtaking. Can't forget the look on the hen's face. That's so cute.

    1. Thanks for your visit Henny. I sure do love spring blooms! Many blessings to you :)

  4. Oh wow, beautiful! We are getting winters last fling today/this weekend. I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day.

    1. I saw that you all got snow, so sorry to hear that! I hope you still managed to have a nice Mother's Day!

  5. I enjoy the bird and other animal photos! Beautiful! And those blooms brighten my day.

    Have a great Mother’s Day Marilyn.

    1. I too enjoy the blooms Marie, they are such a joy after a long winter! We had a wonderful Mother's Day, many blessings to you, appreciate your faithful visits :)

  6. Oh, what uplifting photos you've shared with us, Marilyn - really made my day! And I do like your poem; it fits perfectly with the photos.
    Thanks for spreading good cheer!

  7. Your words and your pictures are so beautiful! Thank you for uplifting my soul this morning.

  8. I saw the first photo and fell in love with the beautiful flowers and I thought nothing could be more beautiful than those gorgeous purples and then I saw the next and the next... Thank you Marilyn for making my morning so beautiful on this Saturday. We saw a moose last week too. They seem to be brave this spring, or hungry.
    Wishing you a wonderfully blessed weekend and Mother's Day. Enjoy the blue, blue skies today.
    Blessings and love,

  9. Wonderful...Thank you for the Bible verse too.Happy Mother's Day...

  10. Love this post, Marilyn! Thank you so much for sharing the gorgeous photos and your wonderful words. The Scripture verse is balm to the soul in these challenging days. Thank you for sharing it! He truly is the answer.

  11. Isn't that plum tree exquiaite, absolutely fairytale.

  12. It is so wonderful to see all the blossoms and know that nature is going on undisturbed. many of us have had major changes in our lives but God has given us the beauty of nature to encourage us daily.

  13. I love seeing the Spring blooms - so very pretty!
    So cool that you were able to get photos of the moose.
    I really like your poem and the verse you closed with is perfect!

  14. That poor moose #166 looks as if he could use a good rub down and a nice grooming. I assume he's shedding his winter coat. A surprise? Hmmm...

  15. Oh look, all the critters and flowers in your little corner of the world have come out to play. Isn't spring glorious. How lovely it would be to sit and enjoy a picnic, and perhaps read a book, under the canopy of that glorious blossom tree. It would be heaven indeed. A joyful and peaceful post in these troubled days, lovely Marilyn.

  16. Love that plum tree in it's blossom glory! So pretty. Happy Mother's Day!

  17. WOW!! Thanks for sharing all of that spring beauty there in your part of the country.

    Happy Mother's Day ~ FlowerLady

  18. Hello dear Marilyn and happy Sunday! ❤
    Oh, what a happy post this many beautiful blooms! There is just something about Springtime! Oh, the sunny daffodils must have been a glorious thing to stumble upon! And the big plum tree covered in pretty pink...I love the poem you wrote! ❤
    Mom and I are spending more time planting flowers in our little garden to attract the bees and brighten up our rather grey courtyard... We even took a drive to our local nursery for a few new plants for the garden. We have been enjoying the most gorgeous Autumn weather and today is wonderfully warm. We took an early morning walk to a nearby dam - oh, it was SO good to get out into nature!
    I look forward to stopping by to hear your exciting news...sending hugs your way!

  19. Thank you for such an uplifting post and such breathtaking pictures. Your Bible verse at the end is one my father quoted often as he would start a prayer. He always had such wonderful prayers.

  20. Such a wonderful, sweet gift to be able to visit with you today, my dear friend. How the Lord has blessed us to once again see springtime, and oh, the beauty of it fills our souls, doesn't it? SO much to be so grateful for right in the midst of the world around us falling apart. It is a precious thing that we learned long ago to treasure what is real and what really matters. God has been preparing our hearts for a long time for such a time as this. I am SO excited for your news and can't wait until you are able to share it with the world. You are most deserving of all good things and bountiful blessings, and I am so very grateful for you and your dear friendship. May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you richly. Sending hugs and much love your way today!

  21. Hello,
    I just love your posts friend. Your photos make me smile.
    The exciting news... I can not wait to hear.
    Love, Carla

  22. Beautiful, beautiful images and those moose pictures are amazing. Looking forward to your exciting news!!!! xo Diana ps-NOTHING growing here yet. A very late Spring.

  23. Marilyn, Lovely images, as always. That poor moose....he looks like he has been starved. :( But your birdies....they're so pretty, except those dratted cowbirds. They are a bane. :-)

    I think you have a spammer named Ben in the comments. ;-)

  24. Oh Marilyn, what beauty you behold that surrounds you everyday! Thank you for sharing it all through your photography and videos. Your poem was beautifully written, too. Now I'm wondering about your exciting news. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  25. Love all the pictures dear Marilyn. Those beautiful flowers...WOW! Oh how I would love to get some pictures in the midst of those beauties of my grands. How grand that would be. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  26. Those Spring blooms are beautiful around your area, Marilyn. I smiled when I saw that sweet Goldfinch. What an interesting bull moose. That twisted tree is so unusual, and the pink blossoms are lovely. Your poem is delightful and just right for this time of Spring. I'm glad you are doing well at this time. Sometimes I long to live in an area like yours, Marilyn, so close to nature and all things good.

    Take care, dear friend.


  27. Loved this post...and that moose is so neat. I saw a deer up close like this alongside the road recently, and it let me take pictures. But a moose is something else again!! Love to see them! We used to see them occasionally in NH and Maine when we lived up there. That's been a long time. That little woodpecker was getting quite a juicy treat! Amazing that was inside that tree stump! Wow! And he knew it all along! Love the daffodils, tulips, trees in bloom, so pretty. Love your poem. Spring has truly sprung for you! Thank you for sharing it with us. I loved this. Now I am wondering what and looking forward to your next news!! That's a good way to keep us reading! LOL. Have a blessed day.

  28. It is SO wonderful to see all of the color you have in your world! It's amazing there! I love the large area of daffodils.. how stunning! I love daffodils and have as yet to plant them in my yard. The old plum tree that is leaning... what a sight to behold! Wow. Those colors are so bright and vivid. Sometimes it's hard to believe that horrible things are happening to people outside of our small towns, when our little towns remain blessed and free of that awful virus. Love your sweet poem too.. went and watched the videos and like when you have little videos like that. The woodpecker was so sweet. So far.. not much color here yet. A few trees have pink blossoms on them, and some of the lilac bushes are blooming (not in my yard though and don't know why they don't bloom)... and there are some Irises here and there. That's about it. Still early for us here and it's been such a dry winter that some shrubs died. Your world is a bright colored photograph, compared to my world here that is more like a sepia photo! Take care... Marilyn

  29. You live in such a charmed area of the world, Marilyn. The way you capture the beauty of your natural surroundings and all who inhabit it is a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us...and good news? Fabulous! Can't wait to hear it!! Thanks care!!

  30. A lovely post and I always enjoy your photographs.
    The Spring blooms are glorious, such amazing colour.

    Take care and keep well in these rather strange times.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  31. Dear Marilyn thank you for sharing grace of Lord showering upon you and your area :)))

    so much beauty and colors around you my friend ,i am amazed with enchantment and serenity of your town ,how wise of you to choose such beautiful place to live ,when nature is so close and soul is eager to listen her stories life is truly blessed :)

    flowers are gorgeous and your words added more glory to their display :)
    i think i never saw this buddy before ,so very thin he is indeed ,hope enough grazing brings him fats
    oh i absolutely loved your bird feeder and birds are amazingly pretty ,how nice to have such lovely cute visitors everyday
    i enjoyed the videos a lot ,woodpecker is so amusing to look at
    i am glad you had joy to share ,i will be waiting for it :)
    stay safe and healthy my friend!
    more blessings to you and family!

  32. Spring is really going all in in your part of the world, Marilyn. Gorgeous photos!

  33. oh that moose, Marilyn!

    wow, what a vision! you've captured his appearance so beautifully.

    God's creation sure is awesome, isn't it!

  34. Helllo Marilyn,
    Well...I'm trying blogging out again.
    I so enjoyed this beautiful post, especially all the birds. We have built many new bird feeders all over our yard this Spring. The air is so lovely.... embroidered in bird song...what a treasure Springtime has been here. A gift in the midst of so much concern.
    God bless you

  35. Such beautiful flowers. You take very good pictures and thanks for sharing them. I would love to sit underneath that pink flowered tree and let the pedals drop down around me. So peaceful.

  36. I am so happy spring is here! The weather lately has blown all the blossoms off of our plum trees but I did make sure to enjoy them while they lasted. I am loving the thunder and rain storms. Maybe that comes from growing up on the Puget Sound, rain is a comforting thing for me. But I am looking forward to warm sunny days!

    Thank you for sharing all these beautiful pictures of spring! I am so thankful we live where we do!

    God is so good!



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