Wednesday, October 28, 2020

October's Adventures

Thanks to all of you who prayed and shared wonderful words for my Gram and Aunt Jenny after a fire destroyed their 103-year-old home on September 27. You can read more about that story here.  

The Lord has been so good and faithful to them!  A modular home was located and will be moved to the home site sometime in the next week or two for them! A basement has been reconstructed as well, and next spring, a new porch will be built for my Gram to enjoy her flowers again.  It is amazing how family, friends, and the community have come together to help them.  Clothing has been provided until my Gram exclaimed "I'll never be able to wear it all!" and she has been overwhelmed and thankful for the outpouring of love.  Thanks to those of you who prayed... your prayers have been felt, and we are so appreciative! I had my aunts read to Gram all your sweet notes that you left on my post, and she was so blessed by them. I am thankful for all of you and your prayers and friendship have meant so very much! 

Oh this beautiful, glorious month of October has been such an incredible month! Fall was decked out in all its glorious splendor, with brilliant colors billowing throughout the hillsides and mountaintops.  So, my husband and I took a Saturday drive to enjoy Fall's feast for the eyes. 

The wilderness with all its intertwined mountain peaks are all aglow in Fall's eclectic adornment. 

Kokanee are a land-locked version of the Pacific sockeye salmon, and they spawn in a local creek bed.  We stopped by the creek to watch them, it was amazing to see! 

We stopped to see Char Falls and hiked around the upper and lower falls. It was such a magnificent sight, although I'm told in spring it is a roaring beauty. 

More exciting things that happened in October included the finalization of a new roof built over our home.  Our roof had suffered under the weight of last winter's snow, and we hope to build a new home soon, but this new roof will keep us safe and dry for the coming winter! 

The last blooms in my garden were enjoyed... just days before a winter storm arrived. 
Oh how I loved their ardent glory on display in my little tea and prayer garden! 

Rose hips gathered from the wild roses, stemmed, and simmered for 15 minutes until a lovely rich tea is created. I then freeze the tea in ice cube trays, and pop into my hot tea or smoothies throughout the winter, for an extra special vitamin C boost! If you want to read more about my rosehip gathering methods, you can read this post here.  

A homegrown meal... it is always a joy at the end of harvest season to sit down to a meal that has mostly been harvested out of my garden.  The potatoes, carrots, green beans and tomatoes came from my garden, our beef was locally grown (we buy a side of beef from a local farmer each fall), and the sourdough bread was freshly made by me that day.  Oh, it is pure delight to know that my hard work throughout the growing season pays off in such a rich bounty of delight :) 

October strawberries! These strawberries are the everbearing variety, and because we had such a lovely run of warm weather in late September, early October, they produced again! Oh the fruit was the sweetest thing!  Outstanding... and hard to only eat just one ... or two... or three!  {smiles} 

My husband reached the half-century mark this October, and I held a big party outside for him.  He requested a German Chocolate cake, which I baked from scratch for him.  The day of the party, we had a cold front blow in, and it was a cold day, but we had a wonderful time under our big new roof!  What a blessing it was to have this roof over us, while it rained. 

I had cooked enough food for a small army, and everyone had a good time together. 

Our rainy weather the day of my husband's 50th birthday party... and it was chilly! 

A neighbor gave me some of her pumpkins, and I set them out as decorations... however my chickens thought they needed a little fine-tunin'... and have created their own fun designs with each little bite! 

I can almost see a happy face smiling at me ... 

I have begun to purchase the Paper Pumpkin kit each month, and I'm having so much fun creating
cards with the kit provided.  Sometimes I stick with the designs they've created, and other times, like this month, I've had fun creating my own.  

Putting the garden to bed for the winter is always a big undertaking.  My dahlias grew by leaps and bounds this year, and I pulled them before the hard freeze hit last weekend, and dried them off in the sun for a couple of hours after washing them off, and now I am storing them in a bed of peat moss in my porch until spring.  

I harvested all of my carrots as well.  They can stay in the ground throughout the winter, but once the ground freezes, you can't get them out, so I went ahead and pulled them.  I was pleased with how well they grew this year.  I will have lots of carrots for winter roasts and soups! 

Preparing the garden for winter, means gathering all my pretties into one rectangular area, and covering them with a tarp to protect them from the snow, ice and winds.  

Usually I have my daughter or husband to help me, but this year, I was working alone.  As I worked away, the thought crossed my mind about how I wished I had some help.  However, not giving it much thought, I continued to work.  Soon afterwards, I saw a vehicle I didn't recognize slow down, and pull into the driveway.  Out stepped a dear neighbor lady who I had waved at many times while on my walks. She saw me working, and asked if I needed any help.  She put on her gloves, and got busy helping me.  We chatted and had a wonderful afternoon together, and I sent her home with some eggs and a bag of freshly pulled carrots.   She no longer has a garden, and enjoyed the opportunity to work in mine.  How like the Lord, to hear a tiny thought passing through my heart, and to bless both of us in this way. Isn't HE WONDERFUL?! Yes, yes, HE is :) 

And the next day, Friday October 23, this is what my garden looked like.  The snow began to fall around 10 a.m. and soon we had 8" of snow on the ground.
How thankful I was that all my preparations for winter had been completed! 

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this finished roof over our home, for the bountiful year of harvest from the garden, and for the joy in my heart in knowing that even if the Lord sends snow early, He can also send a friend to help you in an hour of need.  Isn't He good like that!  

For my dear Gram and Aunt Jenny, in their terrible season of loss, He has provided them a home, on a lot that can be moved directly to the old homesite, and they will soon be able to move in, before winter arrives!

I am grateful that no matter the need, great or small... it makes no difference to our Lord... He is the supplier of every need we have.  I have learned that it is really in the littlest things that He shows how much He cares, and that gives me faith for the big things that come our way.  

I know that the days ahead look rather discouraging, as the outbreak of the virus seems to be on the news of late.  I can tell you that the virus took its toll on our little community, with many of my friends and acquaintances having it.  However, praise God, they have all recovered.  Our family has stayed healthy through it all, and again, I give the Lord thanksgiving for that.  I know that many others have suffered greatly.  

But my heart is greatly reassured in knowing that whatever the Lord brings to us, He will take us through it.  My Gram and Aunt Jenny are a testimony to that! 

When thou passest through the waters, 

will be with thee; 

and through the rivers, 

they shall not overflow thee: 

when thou walkest through the fire, 

thou shalt not be burned; 

neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.

Isaiah 43:2

My heart's prayer today is that your heart would be encouraged to know that regardless of what life situation you are facing, the Lord is able to supply, protect, heal, comfort, and bring new life even out of the ashes.  With much love to all of you! 


  1. Your garden’s bounty was wonderful. How fortunate you were to have everything done just in time for the cold and snow.

    Continued best wishes to your gram and aunt. I hope they are settled away in their new home soon. We recently watched a modular home go in place on its foundation and it was done so quickly.

  2. Stunning blog...Always a pleasure stopping by!

  3. What a beautiful, bountiful post! Full of God's grace and goodness. You live in a lovely, lovely area! Happy Birthday to your fellow. October birthdays are the best! I loved seeing the pecked pumpkins ... too funny! Your snow is beautiful! :)

  4. Yippee for that new roof over your home. It's nice to hear how things are coming together for your gram and aunt, too. PTL . Happy Birthday to your young husband!!

  5. Oh my! your blog is full of encouragement and uplifting thoughts. Yes, God is so good. The verse from Isaiah 43:2 is very special to me, as it is the verse God gave me even before I knew that my husband was ill. That verse has given me comfort so many times and still does. he will not allow the flames to consume or the waters to flood over me. What a mighty God we serve!

  6. So glad you are well and that you were ready ahead of time since Winter showed up early~

  7. Hello Sweet Marilyn, What a lovely post. I am delighted that your Aunt and Grandma have a warm home for the winter and that you have that new roof completed. That is going to be so nice this winter and it will give your home a longer life. Just think of the shade that it will provide in the summer, too. Your garden certain took on a different look after the snow. Eight inches, WOW!!! I think that I have none a good job of winterizing our place, time will tell, I certainly tried to remember everything Steve taught me as we did these jobs together each fall.
    Thank you for your encouraging words at the end of this post. Who am I that the King of Kings would leave His throne to return and die for me, who would walk with me each day and care and comfort me in my saddest hours. Hallelujah for His Great Love!!!
    God bless you and your family,
    Connie :)

  8. There was a full cup of coffee beside me when I started reading this's gone now. ☺️ October was so beautiful and I know that you enjoy snow...we got a smidge here didn't last. So glad for the new roof...always a good feeling...and how wonderful the way people have risen to help your grandmother and aunt. God is good. (Nice to meet a helpful new neighbor, too.)

  9. Good Morning Marilyn. How wonderful to read this post full of thankfulness, hope and love. I am so glad to hear about the new home for your Grandma and Aunt. And a new roof for you and your husband. God is SO good! I love that even as the tiniest thought flitted through your mind about working alone, HE sent you a dear neighbor that I'm willing to guess will become a dear friend.
    Wasn't the snow pretty? I'm glad it's warming up a bit though. We still have a few small things to do around the RV to finish preparing. This is all new to us, but we're having fun and the Lord is showing us the way.

  10. I love your pictures and beautiful words as always! You always inspire me to be more thankful and content with my life. That is a nice roof on your house and just in time for your early snow!

  11. Marilyn, I am so glad about the new housing and necessities that your Grandmother and Aunt received. God is so good! How wonderful when people are His hands and feet! Love all your pictures and the one with the chickens made me smile! Your dinner looks delicious as does your husband's cake! Yum! Thank you for sharing and do stay warm and cozy!

  12. Your garden did so well and besides providing the main course also provided dessert. Those strawberries look delicious.
    The new roofed area over your home is such a blessing. Just in time for winter.
    Keep safe and well.

  13. Such an encouraging post.
    Your words and your photographs.
    I am just so pleased that family, friends, and the community came together to help.

    All the best Jan

  14. I'm so glad things are working out for your Grandma!
    The roof looks great and all the photos are pretty, even the snow. I'm not ready for it yet!
    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  15. Oh, this encouraged me this morning! I started reading it late last night, but didn't get to finish it until this morning, and the Lord knew I would need the last part most right now. Thank you so much for sharing how He helped you when you had that passing thought of wishing for help. I have seen Him do that so many times lately for Kevin and Zach, and we have remarked how they will just mention something in passing that they wish they had, etc., and the Lord will just send it to them, without them even praying about it. He absolutely knows what we need before we even ask, and yes, He sees and knows the desires of our heart without us even voicing them into words. THIS is how much our dear Lord Jesus knows us and also how much He cares. Your gardening skills and knowledge is just amazing, and your roof looks SO beautiful! I am so thankful you got it on before your husband's birthday, so you could all enjoy the bounty and celebration, regardless the weather. I can't believe you all are having such snow so early in the season! It is so beautiful to look at. God bless you on your endeavors to build a new home, and may He continue to keep you and your family safe and healthy every day. Sending much love to you this morning and so grateful for this encouragement.

  16. Such great news about your Gram and Aunt Jenny, Marilyn! Yes, prayers do work, don't they? And your garden harvest is so plentiful, I know you are feeling so blessed. May your new roof shelter you all through every winter storm.

  17. I was just wondering about your Gram and Aunt Jenny yesterday and here's your post this morning. I'm thankful to God for how He is taking care of them. Thanks for letting us know.

    Loved your post, full of so much zest for living life. How wonderful to have your neighbor stop to help, an answer to prayer for you. God is awesome.

    Your new roof is great and what a way to celebrate having it with your dear husband's 50th bday.

    Love, hugs and prayers for you ~ FlowerLady

  18. Beauty for Ashes! That's our God!

  19. I'm glad all is working out for Gram and Aunt Jenny. Thanks for the lovely photos and encouraging words, Marilyn!! That's a lot of snow already, huh? Sooooo glad you got that roof on. Whew!!
    Lots of love and prayers....and stay warm :-)

  20. Happy to hear things are working out just fine for Granny and Aunt Jenny. Thank You for sharing these lovely photos. Here in New York we do not have much color. The leaves are all mostly brown. God Bless you and yours.

  21. looks as if Old Man Winter's icy fingers have touched your place. Thank goodness you have a new roof to keep him out! My goodness Fall was a feast to the glorious in all its beauty. That is the best news re your Gram and Aunt Jenny's new home. So thankful for all of you that the Lord has blessed you all once's always a miracle how he looks after us. Keep warm lovely Marilyn, and God bless.

  22. What a wonderful post! I loved all the photos and that snow! Wow.. old man winter did make a bit of an early appearance and I bet he'll make many more! I love how the chickens "carved" the pumpkin.. he looks like he is a little surprised! And how fun to have a birthday party for your husband outside.. it looked fabulous. So glad for the new roof over your home.. that will bring you much comfort this winter.. and so thankful that your Gram and Aunt Jenny are being well taken care of by many. The Lord really does provide when we most need it. Sometimes we tend to overlook that.. when things happen just at the exact right time, we forget who had a hand in it. Sometimes it's more than amazing! We are still having "Fall" weather.. cold at night but no snow, and I'm in no hurry to receive snow either as hoping to go to Astoria for Thanksgiving to see my son. After that, the snow can come! Take care.. sending hugs.. Marilyn

  23. Your October has been such a blessing of nature and family! I'm so glad that the Lord has provided so much for your Gram and Aunt! So wonderful to be able to enjoy the mountains in all it's fall grander. Having that roof over your home is fantastic as I know the snow there is super heavy! Just in time also for your fall rains. Looks like it was a great party none the less. Incredible garden bounty and I'm so very delighted to hear that the Lord provided you such great company and help to get your garden put away. What a blessing! Praying your November is splendid to!

  24. Marilyn, good morning! I am so grateful with you for your Gram and Aunt Jenny's safety. Praise God for His protection.

    And then I'm thankful for all the beauty of daily life your lens has captured. I leave here refreshed ...

  25. Timing is everything, well, almost.
    Flowers, tomatoes, carrots, snow and a new helper. Yup, one day at a time and with God's help you did it.

  26. Wow, so much good stuff happening! So very happy to hear that your Gram and Aunt will soon be back in their own new home on the old homestead. It will be a new chapter in their lives, and hopefully a time of blessing and joy and peace. The new home will certainly be easier for them to take care of and probably a lot cozier for the winter months. God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. What was certainly a tragedy has become a blessing in disguise for them. I love that you got your new roof over your house before the bad weather blew in! That is definitely a blessing! And then to have that "unexpected" help come to assist you right at the perfect moment...well, we know WHO orchestrated that! God knows exactly what we need and when we need it and how He will provide it. What a blessing...for her as well as for you! And you made a new real friend. Praying God will safely tuck you all in for the winter and keep you strong and healthy. You certainly have much to be thankful for at this Thanksgiving season. Thank you for sharing this with us. We are blessed by it as well.

  27. Such great news about your gram! And the timing in closing up your prayer garden! The Lord is so, so good. Have a blessed weekend!

  28. precious friend Marilyn what a gift you are !

    the way you mentioned dear Lord it always bring tears in my eyes with sooth and comfort !
    your posts are therapeutic for soul dear friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am always deeply connected to my Creator when i read you!thank you for such meaningful blogging!
    oh yes he is always caring even for tiniest we ask for him ,my whole life is embellished with miracles he send in my life i am overwhelmed by his grace and love .
    i thank him him most for the gift of "realization" to have him with me each moment !
    How lord heard your heart and sent his love in the form of sweet neighbor :)
    Happy birthday to your dear Husband my friend ,may you both see so many together,cake looks spectacular and delicious :)
    more blessings to you and yours!


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