Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Backyard Oasis

Sometimes there are beautiful places almost in your own backyard, and you don't even know it! 

I was reading the local newspaper, and saw a small ad advertising an Iris Garden.  I thought it sounded interesting, and realizing that it was located not too far from me, I went to check it out.  I was more than pleasantly surprised at all the beautiful magical irises blooming, in fact, the garden boasts over 2000 varieties of irises!  Talk about an amazing assortment of color, blooms, and beauty!

I'm glad you joined me today for the tour, but if you live in the area, it is well worth your time to stop by for a visit!

I wanted to take a picture of each and every beautiful flower growing, they were all so amazing and beautiful.  But, 2000 different varieties of irises ... that would be a LOT of pictures!  So, I had to take just a few, and here are some of my favorites...

Here is a landscape view of the beautiful garden sporting all the irises.  The owner visited with me while I walked around, and she told me that many of the irises won't come into full bloom for another few weeks, and encouraged me to come back often... of course... that was an invitation I won't turn down!

The Iris Garden also sports some beautiful, well kept roosters and chickens.  These guys were happy to see, and pranced around showing off their gorgeous feathers for me.

This is a field of irises who have not started blooming yet, but apparently are very close to doing so. 

The owners of the Iris Garden also raise alpacas.  They told me that alpacas are very sweet and loving pets, and quite intelligent too.  I had never gotten this close to alpacas before, having only seen them in the distance grazing in fields.  I was able to get rather close to them, and got a few close-up shots of them for you to see.


I got a short video of the alpacas as they curiously came to see who I was, and what I was doing. 

I continued on my tour of the iris garden, and was amazed at all the different colors, varieties, and magnificent displays there were.

After viewing the garden, I visited for a while with the owners.  They told me that in July they dig up any variety of iris that your heart so desires.  It takes a lot of work to maintain 2000 varieties of iris, plus the big garden that they have, and taking care of their animals. 

If you'd like to learn more about the Newport Iris Garden, here is the link to their website:  Do yourself a favor, if you live in the area, and stop by and see it for yourself!


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