Friday, June 7, 2013

Fields Ablaze...

.... not in flames... but in COLOR! 

Was out running some errands the other day, and luckily had brought along my camera.  I was amazed at the colors in the world around me, how fast they are changing from white (winter) to green (first sign of spring) to every color imaginable in the light spectrum! 

 The huge wisteria and lilac bushes are spilling over with color everywhere you look. 

I want some of these in my yard!!!! 

 A field decked out with purple lupins..

Wow.  Such a pretty sight to see the purple and green contrasts.

A red barn sits in the shadows of the various shades of trees leafing out amidst a backdrop of magnificent clouds.

The fragrance of the lilacs is absolutely heavenly.  If I had lilacs in my yard, I don't think I would ever go inside while they were blooming... the smell of lilacs is so incredibly sweet that if the sweetness were ever to be measured in grams, there is no doubt you would gain hundreds of pounds from just inhaling the sweetness of lilac's blooms!

Can I say again... I love lilacs!

A view of a green field where buffalo usually roam.  I've seen them here before, but they weren't here today. 

As I was driving I saw this huge herd of geese descend into the field right next to me.  I stopped the car, and just watched them for several minutes.  They were quite a noisy, boisterous crowd! 

As I finished up my errands, and it was time to return home, I couldn't help but leave you with another picture of the view of the Pend O'Reille River at the closing of the day.  I'm so blessed to live in such a beautiful place, where beauty abounds on every corner of your day!

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