Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mystery Solved

We've had an ongoing mystery here at the house, and in order to find out who the culprits are, I would have to stay up all night long spying on my own yard to see who they were. 

You see, we don't have any trees in our front yard, except two straggly, despicably ugly trees that stand off to the side of the house.  These trees offer no shade, and this year they look even worse than last year, with just a few green leaves sported on their spindly branches.  If this were my yard... those two trees would have gone up in smoke a LONG time ago... but since we are renting.... well... suffice it to say that they are a bane to my existence, but trying to make the best of things while we are here.

While shopping recently, on one of my numerous trips to the hardware store, I spotted some bird seed, and I thought it would be great fun to see if I could entice any birds to stop by our yard.  However, I didn't confront all aspects of reality when I made the purchase.  For you see, to have birds visit, you really need a nice tree to hang the bird feeders in.... of which I have no decent tree in my front yard. 

So, we have moved to Plan B.  AFTER my purchase of the not-so-cheap birdseed, I suddenly was faced with a challeneg of what to DO with that birdseed.

So, I found a plant hanger, and hung my bird feeder on it out between the two trees. 

At first, I had a lot of bird visitors.  They were just flocking to the bird feeder.  In fact, they were loving that birdseed so much, that it disappeared in about two days. 

So, I went back to the store, and bought a different brand of birdseed, it was a much cheaper store brand, because... I reasoned... if the birds eat this MUCH birdseed, I won't be able to afford to keep up with them. 

So, I brought the store brand birdseed home, and put it in the feeder. 

I expectantly waited for my bird visitors.

I waited....

And I waited....

And I waited....

Several days passed by, and the bird feeder remained full. 

So, I reasoned that the birds must not like this birdseed.  Unfortunately for them, I had bought a big bag of it.  So, I thought, I'll give it a few more days.

Early one morning though, I went over to inspect the bird feeder, and the bird feeder was completely empty.  Wow.  So, I reckoned I must have some hungry birds feeding during the night.  So, I refilled the bird feeder, and the next morning... the bird feeder was emptied.

I repeated this several times... until I had just about reached the end of the birdseed I had bought.  This went on for several days. 

These birds around here really like to eat at night... or so I thought.... until I spotted this through my dining room window while getting supper ready just a few days ago...

Yes, my "birds" really weren't birds at all... they were three hungry deer who live around here, and who we see quite often feeding in the back yard.  They were the "birds" devouring the birdseed by the cupfuls all night long! 

Here is a short video I was able to capture of the three "birds" so happily munching away on my sunflower seeds...

At least now I know my mystery is solved!  And, I'll need to buy the more expensive brand of bird seed if I want birds to eat at the feeder, and most importantly, I think I need to find a better place to hang the feeder... somewhere where the deer can't reach it!  

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