Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Perfect Life... or... A Perfect Peace?

Who does not desire the “perfect life?”  None of us really want to say we desire a life of pain, suffering financial woes, misery, hurt or despair.  If I were to ask a room full of people to choose between a perfect life or a life of suffering, I would probably be mocked and laughed out of the room.  What kind of a choice is that?  Who would choose a suffering life over a perfect life?

In reality, the perfect life is just about as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  For many, their lives are consumed with striving to have that perfect life and thinking that “when” we get that perfect house, or perfect job, or perfect mate, finally THEN life will be perfect.   

For a moment, let’s just picture what would a perfect life look like.  Perhaps most would say it is a loving family, no financial worries, perfect health, a beautiful home on acreage with gardens and beautiful landscaping, the ability to travel and explore with leisure with no financial cares, and a job or hobby that satisfies without any difficult bosses or coworkers.  I’m sure there are many other things that we could add to the list. 

Have you ever looked at someone, or a family having fun together and thought – “They’ve got it all together!  They’ve got it all, health, happiness, wealth,” and then a wee bit of envy rises in your heart because that person or family seems to “have it all together.” 

However, what you cannot know and perceive simply by looking at someone, are all the difficulties lurking under the surface that are most likely covered up so no one can know.  There is no way you can know by observing someone just how perfect or imperfect their life may be.  Looks can be so deceiving, and we, as humans, are masters at wearing “masks” and covering up the reality that exists just below the surface of our smile.  How many times have you smiled at someone when you didn’t feel the smile in your heart? 

We all work so hard to convey that we have the “perfect life” happening here, or if not, at least it is on the horizon, and we will have it just when that perfect job opportunity opens, or the right house comes for sale on the market, or when we win the lottery.  There is a lot of hope and anticipation that we live with daily that just around the corner things will be better, and then you think...  "I won’t have any problems."

I want to help you understand that the “perfect life” idea is simply an illusion that will never be a reality.  Having that life without any struggles, imperfections, or difficulties really is as elusive as the mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  It simply does not exist. 

However, there is something far better that exists than having that “perfect life.”  It is called PERFECT PEACE.  Having perfect peace is not an illusion, it is not on the horizon, it is not for tomorrow, and thus never within our grasp, but it is for us TODAY. 

Isaiah 26:3 
 “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, 
whose mind is stayed on thee: 
because he trusteth in thee.” 

Perfect peace comes when our mind is stayed on Christ, and trusting in Him.  There is no promise anywhere in scripture that says we can have that perfect life.  However, we have been promised to have perfect peace. 

Perfect peace comes to you when you begin to understand that your hope does not end with this life, but it extends into life eternal.  Perfect peace takes place when you can look above the situations that life throws at you, and know that despite the circumstances you are finding yourself in, that there is a peace in knowing the Lord is watching over you, and when you can content yourself with that knowledge, despite the difficulty of your circumstances, it is then you can hear these words speaking loudly in your heart: 

And the peace of God 
which passeth all understanding, 
shall keep your hearts and minds 
through Christ Jesus.” 
Phil. 4:7

Jesus told us what would happen when His peace comes into our hearts: 

Peace I leave with you, 
my peace I give unto you, 
not as the world giveth, 
give I unto you.  
Let not your heart be troubled, 
neither let it be afraid.”  
John 14:27

The peace from the Lord does not allow our hearts to be troubled, nor to be afraid.  The peace from the Lord will not be “world peace” either (not as the world giveth)… but the peace from our Lord comes to comfort our hearts in the MIDST of our difficult life circumstances, and to allow us to not have troubled hearts, or be afraid! 

There is no promise here that our lives won’t be difficult, or that there won’t be circumstances that cause us to be troubled and afraid!  There is no promise given in scripture anywhere that once we place our trust in Christ that we will forevermore never have any worries or difficulties to face!  NO!  This is the lie Satan wants us to believe, and this lie has caused many faithful believers to falter and fail. 

I’ve heard many Christians say, “I don’t know why the Lord allows so much trouble in my life, so much heartache, after all, I’m a Christian!”  And I have to respond - Jesus never - NOT ONCE - gave a promise that we would never have trouble, worry, difficulty, or despair in our lives. (In fact, He said we WOULD have those things!)  However, Jesus did give us a greater promise that HIS PEACE would come to us in such moments, and would comfort our hearts so that we would not be troubled, nor afraid in the times of distress!

When you begin to understand that the “perfect life” is a lie from Satan himself, and begin to see that the truth from the Word of God teaches that we can have peace in the MIDST of our difficult circumstances, and it is this peace that passeth all understanding, it is then that this understanding will help to calm our hearts in the moments of distress.  We will know that in the time of distress, that is when the peace of GOD will surround us, protect us, and encourage us THROUGH the difficulty, and it is because of this, that our Lord will receive the glory when others see the peace of God at work in our lives despite the circumstance!

You see, the reason the Lord does not take the difficulties out of our lives, is because it is when we are faced with the greatest difficulties, distresses, sickness, worry and fear, that we can have the promised perfect peace in HIM, and the miraculous can take place. 

Living out a life of perfect peace is simply this – a life of adventure!  There are great highs, and great lows, billows that rise, and storms that come… but through the adventure, there is a peace that comes, that passeth ALL natural understanding!  We can have the peace of God that is supernatural, and comes to us through faith, in the midst of the most tremendous, and difficult circumstances we can imagine. 

I want to encourage you today to take off the foggy glasses that you have been looking at your life with, hoping to find that “perfect life.”  Remove them from your understanding.  Recognize that a “perfect life” is not scriptural, and is a lie from the enemy.  Destroy the vestiges of the lie that all should be well with you since you are a Christian.  This is simply not so.  It was never promised by the Lord, and will only serve to defeat you in your walk with the Lord.

Instead, accept the fact that you will have circumstances in your life that are not what you “signed up for.”  Accept the fact that life may not bring you the things you thought it should.  Accept the fact that there will be circumstances brought into your life that will bring fear, trembling, worry, pain and suffering.  However, when you understand that these very things are allowed to enter into your life, so that you can experience perfect peace, you can look at these things that happen in your life as an adventure that the Lord is carrying you through, and the miraculous most certainly is about to happen.

Don’t despair, as Mary and Martha did when Lazarus died.  It was simply a doorway to a greater miracle than ever possible, if he had not died!  They didn’t know it at the time, but Jesus did!  Don’t despair as the disciples did when the boat began to rock, heave and shake as though it was about to sink!  The Master was on board, and they were about to see a miracle such as mankind had never seen – when Jesus calmed the storms and the winds with three words – PEACE BE STILL!

You see… the storms in your life are perhaps planted and arranged by the Lord simply so that you can see His mighty hand at work.  When difficulties and despair comes your way, just look up, and trust your Master!  Wait for Him to send that PEACE into your storm!  He will not fail, nor delay, and His timing will be perfect.  Accept the adventure that He is taking you on… it may be the most miraculous event you will ever witness in your life!

The peace of God comes to us in moments of distress accompanied by the miraculous, but it cannot come without a storm, without a trial, without a difficulty, without pain, without suffering, and without hurt. 

 A rainbow cannot be seen without a storm! 

Miracles cannot take place without the impossible circumstance.  

A storm in your life may be the highway to the miracle you've been wanting to have!

If we can accept this fact, it will be THEN that we can see the miraculous powerful Hand of the LORD bringing His PEACE into our situation. 

Don’t seek for the perfect life.  It does not exist.  The miraculous does not exist in that illusion. 

Seek to have your mind stayed on Christ!  When troubles come, look up, and trust.  Praise, and don’t despair.  Trust and obey.  Believe the words of our Lord.  Your miracle is coming!  Peace is on its way!  The PEACEMAKER needs your storm to calm! 

It is all about perspective.  Troubles come and go.  Life ebbs and flows.  We have good days and bad days, sunny days, and rainy days, storms and clouds.  That’s okay!  Enjoy the journey, both the good and bad, recognizing that it is in the BAD times and BAD days that we can see the HAND OF THE LORD moving to calm that storm. 

Do you want to see the miraculous?  Don’t waste your time pining for that perfect life!  Accept willingly that the miraculous comes with that PERFECT PEACE from our Lord, and no other way.  Choose this life of adventure!  Don’t sour the journey through life hoping for only the good things.  Instead… chose the life of adventure with the Lord, learning to trust Him in both the good and the bad.  That life of adventure – that will be your “perfect life.”  It is a perfect life surrounded with perfect peace. 

Change your perspective.  Don’t look at your troubles as something to despair in.  With a change of perspective, you can look at the storms in your life, and wait expectantly for the MASTER of the storm to do the miraculous. 

Colossians 3:15  “And let the PEACE of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.”

May the peace of God that passeth all understanding serve to calm your storm, change your perspective, and bring thankfulness into your heart today!


  1. No, Our Lord never promised a life without trouble...all we have to do is keep looking to HIM and He will guide us every step! Beautiful post! So nice to meet you :0) mari

    1. Thank you Mari for your visit! And I am glad that we are agreed! Nice to meet you too, have a blessed day :)

  2. So very true. There is no perfect life this side of Heaven. You do see people that APPEAR to have a perfect life-but you never really know what heartaches lie beneath the outward appearance of perfection. Blessings- good post!!!! xo Diana

    1. Yes, I've had that little "perfect life" lie speak to me many times about others, but have come to realize that everyone is fighting a battle of some kind, and there really is no perfect life, except in the mindset that a perfect life only comes when having that perfect peace. It has brought a refreshing peace to my heart in many a stressful situation. Thank you Diana for your comment, and I know that your work at the VA brings peace and hope to many a sad heart! Hugs to you today :)

  3. Ah, this post is so serene. Life can't be perfect if it's not at peace. :)

    1. So true. I've noticed since studying "perfect peace" how many times peace is mentioned in the NT - a lot of times! It was something they were constantly reminding themselves to have. There is nothing like the perfect peace that comes even when all does not seem well. I am thankful to have experienced that peace, and hope that by this post, others will be able to as well! Blessings and hugs to you today my dear friend!

  4. When we have a perfect trust than we will have a perfect peace. I enjoyed your post.

    1. Yes amen, so true! It's all about "learning to lean"... Thanks for coming by today!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Amalia for stopping by, and for your comment! :)

  6. Reading this blog post brought such quiet respite to me. I have read many thoughts on the peace of Christ, but the way in which you spoke about it, opened up new insights to me that I had not pondered.

    I have most definitely found the following quote you shared to be true in my own life, "Miracles cannot take place without the impossible circumstance."

    Thank you so much for sharing such a very encouraging post! :-)

  7. Thank you Karen! It means so much to hear your kind words, and I'm so thankful that the words the Lord put in my heart have been a blessing to you! May the Lord continue to bless you, and bring perfect peace into your heart :)

  8. We just studied about God's perfect peace that passes all understanding today at our Moms in Prayer Group! This blog post is so necessary in today's world of obsession with perfection and wanting our lives to appear all put together. Thank-you so much for sharing so deeply from your heart, it is so good to know that life and all it's trials are all part of normal and good for us. They make us lean into our Heavenly Father like nothing else will.

    1. Thank you Jeannie for your kind words, and I am so thankful this encouraged your heart as well as being a confirmation too! Isn't the Lord good, in the ways He teaches us more about Him! It is amazing when we begin to realize that leaning on the everlasting arms is best when the storms of life are difficult. I am continuing to be reminded of that thought daily! It is a journey of learning to be sure. Blessings and hugs to you today :)


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