Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bursts of Springtime Beauties!

Well, it appears that spring is showing its sweet happy face in the neighborhood!  Even if it is not *my* neighborhood - and it is just in the town a few miles over - that means it is coming soon here!  Because we are higher up in the mountains than the neighboring town, spring takes its jolly good time getting here. But that's okay, I can drive down just a few miles to see where spring has sprung!  Wanna come?

My dear friend GT and I shared a cup of hot tea together this past week, and I got a lovely peek at these beautiful ladies shining their happy faces to the sun in her garden!  I simply adore blue flowers, and these hyacinths were such a joy to behold!

Oh the white ones were beautiful too in their virgin white attire!

Ahh pink - be still my heart!  Such graceful beauty!

These little violets were peeking their happy heads up through the grass, smiling at the world around us!

I believe these beautiful blue flowers are Muscari aucheri or better known as grape hyacinths!  I don't have any of those in my yard, and my heart is yearning for some!

Apparently they multiply very fast, and bring such beauty to the garden!

And of course.... who doesn't just LOVE hydrangeas!  Oh my.  Simply gorgeous!!!!  I had some last year, but the frost got them, as I forgot to cover them one night.  I must must must get one of these for my garden!

Oh the incredible beauty of these flowers.  My heart was blessed to enjoy the beauty of their gentle faces as the cool spring breeze brushed their fragrance into my heart.  Happiness indeed!

This poem just says it all so well! Enjoy :)

Spring Garden 
by Helen Steiner Rice

So when I looked at those flowers, 
I was looking at God
For they bloomed in His sun
and grew in his sod
and each lovely flower
was a "voice from above"
that whispered a message
of kindness and love. 

For I feel in my heart,
and I know you do too,
that God speaks to us all
through the kind things we do.

And when I looked at these flowers,
I couldn't help but feel
That they brought Heaven nearer
and made God so real.


  1. Oh so pretty pretty pretty! Don't you just adore springtime?

    Thanks for talking back at Harvest Lane Cottage!

    1. Yes, springtime simply makes my heart sing! Such happiness and new life all around! Have a blessed day!

  2. I was so excited to see Hyacinth blooms in our front yard, and when I seen yours it reminded me how pretty they are! Spring is finally here! Lovely poem!

    1. Oh how lucky you are! I want to plant some hyacinth in my garden this year too. I believe they add such a happy chorus to the song of springtime :)

  3. Very Nice photos, You take beautiful photos. Your camera must be very good.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I appreciate your beautiful comments. You are such an encourager.
    Have a splendid Week.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I look forward to reading more on your blog as well! I enjoy dabbling around taking pictures with my camera, it brings me joy to capture the beauty I see around me that the Lord has created :) Have a blessed week too!

  4. I think my comment dropped! Darn it!
    I said that the photos are beautiful and that you do a good job with your photography skills. GREAT poem by Helen S Rice, too. xo Diana

    1. I hate when that happens! It has happened to me before on other comments I've left, very frustrating to try to get your thoughts out twice, lol! Thank you for your kind words, and I'll be by your blog soon :)

  5. Such pretty spring time flowers and such a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing. Hugs ♥ Teri

    1. Thank you Teri! I hope it brought a bit of spring into your heart today :)

  6. Who can resist the happiness of a spring flower? And what a lovely poem.

    1. Indeed, it has brought a touch of spring into my home while we wait patiently for spring outside! :)

  7. Beautiful Blooms! Lovely!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    1. Thank you Debbie for dropping by for a visit :) Indeed, the lovely blooms have brought much happiness to me while we patiently wait for spring! :)

  8. SO many pretty flowers, we are still waiting with baited breath for a bud or two!!

    1. I hope spring comes to town for you very soon! :)


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