Thursday, October 29, 2015

Grand Central Station, Outside My Window...

There seems to be a common place of activity lately, and it's right outside my window.

I've nicknamed it Central Station.

And this big guy thinks He's the boss of it all. He makes it his duty to be sure the station is kept clean and in tip-top shape!

Because when Mr. Bluejay comes calling... the chickens think it is their personal call to the feed station central for clean-up duty.

Mr. Bluejay doesn't like to share with the chickadees.  He needs to learn some manners. The chickadees have learned to be quick.

Mr. Bluejay may or may not realize it... but every time he lands on our birdfeeder, and he takes a bite, the chickens gobble up the seeds he drops.

I don't know if he has realized it or not - this "welfare" system he is supporting...

He takes the best, and the rest is dropped, for the chickens to scratch and fight over.

He's a cute little fellow.  But he doesn't realize that the cost of keeping the bird feeder full has gone up since his arrival.

He knows I'm talking about him.

I'm getting the look ... shame on me for interrupting his shameless greed!

Oh my!  Look who has showed up for the party!

At least 40-50 turkeys were in my front yard.  The noise from their cackling drew me outside.  It sounded like a mild roar from inside.

I couldn't believe how many of them were congregated in my yard.

I never sent out any invitations... but maybe Mr. Bluejay did?

She looks like she could use an extra meal or two!

I was within just 5 feet or so of them with my camera, and they didn't seem worried in the least.

A close up of one of the turkeys...

And their pretty feathers - each of them have unique tail feathers, which are beautiful to see.

And there they go.  Pecking away, enjoying the remnants left behind by Mr. Bluejay, and not worried about me in the least.  Or... about the party that they just crashed.

UH OH!!!  The chickens heard through the grapevine that the turkeys got invited to their party... and they were NOT happy!

HMPHTT! Said Mr. Rudy, and with a loud cockadoddle-do... he let them know serious business was at hand.  This is HIS Central Food Station, not theirs!

Surprisingly... Ms. Rita took it upon herself to ward off the partying turkeys.  These brave chickens chased off the partygoing turkeys.  It is quite a sight to see, watching these fierce little chickens chasing off the big turkeys!

And peace returned to Grand Central Station.

Amen... says Mr. Bluejay  :)


  1. You have one BEAUTIFUL rooster!! and the wild birds your have are very very pretty too!!! God bless


    1. He is a handsome fella, isn't he! We are enjoying all the birds that come to our feeder, big and small, lol! Thank you for your visit, and appreciate your kind comment - have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh, my, this is just amazing! I LOVE how you were able to get the picture of the chicken and the turkeys together! What a neat opportunity! Your photos are just SO good...seriously, these should be in magazines. God has blessed you with so many incredible talents, but the one I treasure most is the wonderful friend you are to me. I love seeing the goings on in your yard! Thank you so much for sharing with us here. :)

    1. It has been a lot of fun to look out my window and see all the activity happening out there! And to see the fearless chickens chase off the turkeys, hilarious indeed! You are such a precious friend, and I don't know that my pictures are magazine worthy, but you touched my heart with your kind words! I hope you are having a wonderful day :)

  3. THAT is hysterical that the chickens chased off the turkeys. My father always said that turkeys were the dumbest bird God ever put on earth. lol That they would stand in the rain and looked up until they drowned. So funny to see them there at "the party". Hope you have a happy weekend. xo Diana

    1. LOL... they are pretty silly birds - to be chased off by little chickens... ya, not much going for them in that dept, lol! It is quite a scene that plays out day by day at Central Station, for sure! Have a wonderful day and hope you get a good result back on that test you "studied" so hard for! :)

  4. Oh these photos are fantastic! Love the rooster + bluejay ones especially!

  5. I LOVE your post! Wow - that is a lot of turkeys! Do you ever hunt them? There feet are interesting (I am usually creeped out by birdie feet). Love the chickens and little birds too! :-)

  6. Hello, You have a bird farm and wildlife refuge... And you are so right about the cost of bird feed it is really high in cost. You really did get some very nice photos shots. I do hope your rooster has settled down ;o)
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs, Roxy

  7. Cute post. I have to say, though, that wild turkeys are rather homely.Interesting, and they have beautiful feathers, but their bald heads are kinda creepy. Okay, there. I said it. I own it. LOL The close up of Rudy is a gorgeous shot. Wow!

  8. So funny. Those turkeys are Everywhere. g


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