Spring's Slow Dance

Friday, May 13, 2022

This has been a colder spring than we've had for several years.  Heavy snow fell late this year on Easter, and cool weather has continued into this second week of May.  We've also seen a mix of rain and snow, and freezing temperatures down into the low 20s. I am grateful more than ever for my greenhouse as my seedlings continue to grow safely inside the greenhouse until it will be time to plant! Indeed, signs of Spring are here with daffodil blooms. the buzzing of hummingbirds, and abundant green grass, but still the garden waits patiently for the slow Spring dance to end, and summer's warmth to arrive so planting can begin. 


Daffodils blooming around an old tree stump in our yard

I wrote a little poem about the beauty of daffodils... 

Daffodils shine exuberance
Springtime blooms ablaze

Joyous celebrations rejoice
Winter's blanket displaced

Springtime delights astound
Earth's beauty resounds

Soul's delight amazed
Unfettered joy raised

Creator's grand design
Glorious creative mind

Awakened soul sings
Worshipping my King!

Does your heart sing in Spring?

Can you see what I see in the distance in this picture? 
Maybe you see them now!  

Springtime evening glow in the skies,

The awakening garden as evening shadows fall. 

We had some tree damage over the winter, and we rented an excavator to move out the 
dead trees and stumps. 

Splish-splash it's time for a robin's bath! 

Glacier lillies are blooming abundantly now! 

We enjoyed a quad ride up into the mountains. 

Beautiful views that look down on our acreage from afar. 

Daffodils blooming happily away along my garden fence. 

An old barn sits quite contentedly as the grass begins to turn green. 

I enjoyed a Stampin Up gathering with a few friends, and we made this darling 
magnetic board. 

When I am in my craft room, I always have company! 

These are a few of the Mother's Day cards that I made to share. 

A peek into my She-Shed ... always a work in progress,
but a place I love to linger in, when I have the time! 

It was a cold day with brilliant sunshine when I took this picture.
I love this little display of my teacups.  

Another view of my She-Shed collected delights. 

Even though it has been a cooler spring, we are giving thanks, because we have received abundant moisture as well, and we are grateful that the possibility of summer fires has been reduced because of this.  My greenhouse is full of seedlings waiting to go into the ground, and it will be a few more days yet. I will not plant until the first of June just because we always get a frost after Memorial Day.  It will be exciting to have everything in the ground.  Soon enough, it will be time.  For now, we are awaiting the tulips to bloom, even as the irises and peonies make their way out of the ground in ardent desires to bloom.  I love the glorious Spring Parade of Blooms that we enjoy.  Sometimes I wish we could slow it down! But for now, I am embracing, and enjoying every day as it comes... like pearls on a strand, I will love what each one offers. 

How does spring look like in your world? Do share in the comments below, even as you enjoy this new video I created by one of my favorite singers, Charity Gayle. Blessings to all! 


  1. Spring was late here too. Our daffodils are just blooming, but now this week the temps have been in the 80's! Like Winter right into Summer.
    Your pics are just gorgeous. I love those stately pine trees reaching to the skies.
    Your magnetic board is so cute!

  2. Spring temps arrived a bit later than normal for us here in eastern NY but...my tulips have lasted MUCH longer than usual!! They are just now starting to drop their petals...my grape hyacinths are doing well as are my 2 rose bushes. It was 86 degrees today which i'm not a fan of in May (or June!) but it will settle back to our normal temps of high 60s/low 70s by Monday. Everything has bloomed and turned green in eastern NY. Hopefully we will get some rain on Sunday because we sorely need it!

  3. Beautiful poem. Yes my heart sings in the Spring and sings to my King. We've been surprised with temps dipping down to freezing again for a couple nights. It's been nice to have more rain this Spring than last. I like it when God waters our planters. Everything is greening up here and flourishing. The first rhubarb ready to pull up. The dandelions are the most extensive sign of Spring in all the planters and the lawns! Fun Photos! Happy weekend to you.

  4. Our spring has been very strange. The furnace was running on Sunday and I'm so glad that we asked Mandy to switch to A/C when she was over to mow. It was 95F the day we came home, 98F on Wednesday and over 100F yesterday on our back deck, (in the shade). We definitely went from Winter directly into summer. While we were in the UK the trees did all bud out and my iris is us bud not blooming yet.

  5. Spring is cooler here, too, and I won't be putting plants out until after our Victoria Day weekend. We have enjoyed the daffodils and tulips and are on to lilac and wisteria now, with tiny tight rosebuds forming on the roses. Living at sea level means we have milder temperatures. Love the sunset glow in your photos.

  6. This week has been lovely after a cool spring to that point. We need rain now for the newly planted potato fields. There is some in the forecast fortunately.

    I hope you have some warm weather soon. The photos are gorgeous as usual. Nature at her best!

  7. Sounds and looks like your spring is very similar to mine. I too am waiting for those warmer days. Yes, we've had a couple, but it has been mostly chilly, rainy and lately very windy. Spring and summer will come. Love the beauty you keep on sharing.

  8. We are way past the blooming of daffodils, Marilyn, so I really enjoyed seeing them in your photos here. Lovely poem, too! May spring come soon and stay for a while.

  9. All your cold weather makes me a bit nervous, depending on which way you are sending it. It was 88° today, but tomorrow the temps drop back in the 60s for the remainder of the week. You have such glorious views there! Love the she-shed and your handsome sewing room companion.

  10. I love daffodils! My mother's kitchen was yellow with daffodils when I was little. Every time I see them, I am filled with happy memories. Beautiful photos, my friend. Finally spring here in Pennsylvania as the green appears!

  11. It's been a much colder and wetter spring here in Seattle as well. We have some flowers blooming but not many. We occasionally get a few sun breaks but it will be nice when the sun stays for a while.

  12. Spring is here at the moment but cooler weather is coming. I never plant anything before Memorial day because we could and occasionally do get a late frost. Beautiful pictures!

  13. Spring is here in New York. The Azalea bushes are a bright red and purple. The grass is green and growing.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  14. I enjoyed this walkabout your place so much. And your "she-shed" is wonderful!!! I am really wanting to create one here, but it probably won't happen. Too many other things on the list first. Your scenery is so gorgeous...those elk WOW. You live in God's country for sure! So much beauty. Thank you for sharing it all with us. It's been spring here in Florida for a while. Now we are almost into summer weather, which I am not looking forward to. Except we need the rain. So I will be happy for that. Have a blessed and wonderful week.

  15. dear Marilyn i am so happy that spring has arrived in your area and dancing in her full form :) Oh i absolutely loved the daffodils the closeup specially ,thank you for brightening up my day .
    how nice you went up on hills and enjoy the glory of the season .the views from up there are breathtaking wow !!!!!!!!!!!!
    i an fan of your sky and sunrise or sunset ,they are truly divine and amazingly gorgeous !
    thank you for she shed collection glimpse wow i was thrilled by the pretty stuff oh i loved your crockery cups particularly :)
    keep receiving the shower of the grace of lord my friend ! more happiness and peace to you and loved ones

  16. Oh I love this glimpse into your she-shed, Marilyn!

  17. The Mother's Day cards are delightful, Marilyn. And I really like your own personal space for creating. I've always wanted one myself, but since I downsized, not much room for one. Your cat always looks so still in pictures, like a statue haha. Spring is pretty around your area. Not my favorite season, but I appreciate all of them and how different they all are. That little Robin is sweet taking a bath. I see them in my yard almost every day. : )

    Have a wonderful week.


  18. Beautiful photos of your spring, Marilyn! Love all the daffodils growing around the old stump and your garden fence, and that glacier lily is so pretty to see. You do live in a beautiful place with mountains all around and beautiful valleys. You have the most amazing sunsets, too. Your she-shed is wonderful with all your pretty things. Like a grown-up playhouse. Your cards and magnetic board turned out so nice, too. We are having a cool spring here by Mt. Rainier. We do have lilacs and forget-me-not blooming right now, and camelias and pansies. They all love the cool weather. The daffodils are done already and so are the tulips. Everything happens at once and it just goes by so fast. I am trying to savor every little bloom. Enjoy your spring - soon you will be very busy in the garden once again. Sending hugs xo Karen

  19. I just adore your photos and it's wonderful to see your spring adventures. I love your beautiful garden and lovely cards. You do so much to make a lovely home inside and out! Enjoy your time in God's creation!

  20. I'm sure I had already commented on this beautiful post?
    With blogger messing about at the moment, I do wonder if the comment went into the spam folder?

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  21. Such beautiful photos. I love it. Regine


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