Springtime Garden Tales

Monday, June 13, 2022

The day we have been waiting for, working on, and preparing for has finally come.  We have reached the first of June with no frosty conditions in the weather forecast, and the garden planting has commenced.  I have been very busy the last few weeks preparing the garden - mainly weeding - for planting. We have had a blessed abundance of rain this year which has encouraged every weed known and unknown to man to appear! This will explain my absence from blogging, as getting the garden ready for planting has taken most of my spare time.  

We have had a tremendous amount of rain this spring, which has been wonderful! However, what happened is that weeds were taking over my garden, and it has been exhausting to keep them at bay! 

My son tilled the ground for me, and within days... it was green again - with weeds! 

When we had 2 days of warm sunshine, I mixed up a concoction of 1 gallon vinegar, 1 gallon water, 1 cup salt, and 1 Tbsp dish soap in a watering can, and poured the mixture over the weeds in my garden. I noticed a difference right away. Not all the weeds were killed, but the majority of them were, and 
I was able to get my garden back under control. Note - this is a very potent organic killer, and will kill everything it touches, so you have to be super careful when using it. It is especially effective when you use it on a very hot day, as the vinegar keeps the root from getting any moisture. 

With all the abundant rain, we have had a lot of mushrooms! I found these puffballs 
growing in our yard.  They are so delicious fried in butter.  To make sure you have found a true puffball, the inside of the mushroom will look like mozzarella cheese - soo good! 

I also found this lovely heart-shaped rock close by the puffball mushroom, 
a special gift for my heart :) 

On a day when the sun decided to shine, my little Ash sat
outside with me soaking up those warm rays of sunshine!

One evening at sunset, as the serviceberry was in bloom, I captured this lovely photo. 

My husband and I enjoyed a campfire down at the river one afternoon. Oh it was lovely to sit and watch the water rush by on such a beautiful day! 

We also found some "mountain gold" or better known as a morel mushroom. 

My tulips in full abundant bloom... oh they were gorgeous this year! 

A peek into my garden through the garden gate... 

Our lilacs are now in bloom... and oh my, the fragrance is so rich and strong this year!  As I worked in the garden, the fragrance was incredible to smell! 

On a beautiful evening after the rain had quit,
we took a quad ride up into the mountains... 

What a view!  

My crabapple in glorious bloom

Another view of my tulips in bloom with the backdrop of a 
gorgeous sunset. 

After one of the many storms passed through, this incredible rainbow filled our skies!  Isn't it incredible! 

God's promise to the world! 

God's promise to the world gifted to me over my garden. What a precious 
sight this was to see! 

Well, thank you for hanging in for such a long post with so many pictures! It has been a very busy and challenging spring, but I am thankful to report that my garden is now completely planted, and now, we just need a bit of sunshine! Today we are having an "atmospheric river" pour over our area, and we are under severe flood warnings.  The river is up very high, and no doubt there will be flooding.  Thankfully, we are on top of a mountain, so we have no worries of flooding up here, but I am concerned for neighbors and friends.  Sometimes it seems weather comes in feast and famine.  We are feasting on rain now, and we are very thankful that our drought conditions have officially ceased.  

I have organized another community prayer rally that will be taking place tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, and would ask for your prayers that the event would be blessed and that many people's hearts would be encouraged as we pray, worship and encourage one another in these difficult times we are living in.  The prayer rally will be held at the local junior high school by the flag pole.  Our hearts as a community are mourning for the people of Uvalde who have suffered such a loss in their community, and we will be having special prayer for them.  

If any of you would be interested in holding a similar event in your community, please message me, and I will be glad to share information and support you in any way I can. I believe if all of our communities would come together to pray, regardless of personal or political beliefs, that we can make a difference. Only the light of gospel of Jesus can truly change hearts and bring about real change that this world needs. 

May the blessings of the Lord be rich in your souls today, drink deeply from His Word, and stand on its truth.  In a day and time where all our foundations seem to be quaking and shaking, we can stand on truth that endures regardless of political and social changes. 

Don't forget to look at the beauty around you... little things speak volumes! 

... and never forget that the One who created such beauty around us, 
loves and cares for you more than you will ever know :) 

Here is my most recent video, this is beautiful instrumental music by the amazing Cameron Cody created with images I've taken here in North Idaho. May it be a blessing and a refreshing to your soul! 


  1. Wonderful post. " Pray and pray hard..." I am praying too. Hugs.

  2. Beautiful photos! Wow. I can't imagine having the weeds take over so quickly. I'm happy that you have your garden planted and that you are out of the drought. Many blessings as you gather for prayer. This country and its people surely need it.

  3. Your garden looks so beautiful. We have had a lot of rain here this spring too although it was 103F here today and high humidity. I talked to two different friends in Spokane today and heard how cold and rainy it was. They both threatened to buy boats! :-) The rainblow over your garden certainly reminds us of God's promise. I have a teeny-tiny garden, but I'm looking forward to the little bit of produce we may get from it. Thank you for organizing the prayer time. We, and the entire world, definitely need all of the prayer that we can get. I pray that people will recognize the Lord and repent.
    Blessings and love,

  4. So many lovely pictures. I thin k the one I like best is the one with the tulips in the foreground and the glorious sunset behind.

  5. Your garden is so nice, Marilyn, and your flowers are blooming beautifully. I know what you mean about the weeds though. It seems they always grow back within days. Hard to keep up with. The quad ride up into the mountains sounds fun, and your campfire at the river sounds nice. And look at that rainbow over your garden area! What a special photo that is. I'm glad you got an abundance of rain. We really need it here. Have a wonderful Spring there, Marilyn. : )


  6. Such beauty to behold! My goodness, your hard work and effort are breathtakingly clear, my friend. I found myself lingering over every photo. Thank you for the rainbow and the reminder of God's promise!

  7. Gardening has been slow here this year, too. Such a chilly spring! What a magnificent rainbow!

  8. My goodness, how beautiful marilyn. Every photo is gorgeous. Your gardens look wonderful. How special to see that amazing rainbow. xo

  9. What a wonderful post. I so enjoyed all the beautiful pictures. You are such an inspiration.

  10. I can imagine all the work you have done with your garden. I've been there done that! I even have to fight the weeds in my gravel! With the rains we've had too, the weeds are popping up everywhere and kinds I've never seen before! I do spray with vinegar, but it seems it only lasts for a couple of weeks, and then the weeds come back! Your entire garden is so magical and full of fairy magic! Wow what a place to spend the summer! I haven't planted anything but some lemon cucumbers, and I fixed the trellis they climb on. I have two veggie planter boxes I'm hoping to get put together this weekend when my son is visiting (to help me out after my left hand surgery)! I won't be able to do much to help! Your prayer meetings are wonderful things that you do for your community and our country. You are so inspiring! Hugs.. Marilyn

  11. ah, the rainbow. please, God, send more of those our way ... we need to be reminded of your promises to us!

  12. Such a beautiful post and such gorgeous pictures! I especially love the rainbow ones! XO

  13. Beautiful photos. The skies and rainbows...glorious! Oh man the weeds are really amazing this Spring. They look like such healthy plants I'm confused as to which to pull. :) Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  14. Hello dear friend, and sister in Christ. This post is lovely in thought, heart, spirit, and visual effects. I absolutely LOVE the rainbow photos, Marilyn! Such a great reminder of God's promise! Your captures are amazingly beautiful! Thank you for being such an encourager, and for pointing us to the Father in appreciation of all things! Enjoy those lovely gardens, and all of the fragrance that come along with them! Love to you, sweet girl. Debbie xxoo

  15. Your garden is absolutely beautiful. I remember the pictures you posted (seems like yesterday!) of it 'put to bed' for the winter! You're right, Jesus is the answer! Our church has had a Prayer Meeting every Tuesday for almost 30 years. We pray for the nation, the world and for revival. The politicians or entertainers can't help us, only the miraculous power of God working in our hearts to bring repentance will change this world!

  16. Marilyn, as always your photography is fabulous! Love the way you capture the beauty of creation. I am eager to try your weed killer recipe; I've divided all the ingredients by 8, so will experiment with a quart of it and see far it goes. Thanks!

  17. This blog post is FULL of word and picture treasures.
    Your garden is a delight, weeds and all. I'm sure by now you have it growing and producing yummy produce.
    I like that you organized a community pray! Yes, we all need to keep praying.
    I'm looking around at all the beauty that surrounds us! Just look up and you'll see plenty if you can see any straight ahead.
    Bless you and your family!

  18. I felt sure I had commented here, but I know blogger has been messing about recently.
    A lovely post, thank you.

    All the best Jan
    (The low carb diabetic blog)


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