A Tea Party, A Wedding and More Adventures!

Thursday, July 14, 2022

The month of June was an exciting month for our family. Our son got married, and we had lots of family and friends visiting, my bible study ladies came to my garden for a tea party, my husband and I found time to explore mountain lakes on our kayaks, and my garden began to produce generous amounts of strawberries!  I want to share a few of these wonderful June moments with you. 

Setting up for the tea party, this was the buffet table. 

I had several different tables set up, as I was expecting about 30 women. 

Some of the ladies enjoying tea! 

Another view of the tables. 

And the table with all the food, most of which I made,
but many ladies also contributed. 

The day happened to be a bit windy, so I had to clothespin down some of my decor! I hung pillowcases and placements on the backs of the chairs, and covered chairs and tables with vintage linens that I have kept through the years. 

After the tea party, my aunt and uncle from Canada arrived! She knows how much we love our Canadian treats, and brought a suitcase full of them! Ah Carmel, Ketchup Chips, Salt & Vinegar Chips and more! 

A dear friend of mine opened her home on the river to my family who were arriving for the wedding.  This was the view they got to enjoy as they stayed.  Her hospitality and generous heart were so appreciated. 

The next day my parents arrived! We were so excited to see them arrive safely. Dad had told me he was having some trouble with his heart, but he was determined to come. 

A picture with my dad, his sister, her husband, Mom and I. 
So thankful that they could all be here together! 

Later that night after everyone had gone to bed, Dad called me and said he was having a heart attack. I called EMS, and he was transported to the closest hospital.  They determined he indeed was having a heart attack, and wanted to transport him to a bigger hospital. However, they began what treatment for they could do for him, and he began to feel better! An answer to prayer! He decided he was going home, and against their wishes, he came home.  We had many people praying, and his chest pain had stopped.  He was weak, but determined to make it to the wedding! 

My brother flew in from Texas the day of the wedding to surprise us! 

The day of the wedding was incredibly gorgeous!  The wedding was held
at a little mountain lake with an incredible view! 

Ryan waiting anxiously for the first view of his bride! 

Joining in holy matrimony... 

The new Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Moseley!

The wedding party

Ryan and I 

Mom and I. 

Ryan and Alanna at the reception dinner. 

The next day we relaxed a bit, and then went for a drive up to Schweitzer Mountain.  My dad didn't want to chance going up there, so he and Dan stayed home. We rode the chair lift to the top of the mountain range.  

My mom has been afraid of heights all her life.  However, she decided to go with us on the chair lift. She was very nervous, but sat between my brother and I, and she was able to somewhat relax and enjoy the view... as long as she held tight to those bars! 

We were so proud of her bravery and facing her fears!
She was so happy to have been able to ride to the top of the mountain. 
What a magnificent day it was and the views were incredible! 

Some of the views from the top of Schweitzer Mountain

A memorable time for all of us! My brother enjoyed the views so much. 

Enjoying an icecream after our adventure on the mountain. 

After we got home from Schweitzer, Dad was not feeling well.  He was transported to a larger hospital where he underwent a cath, and was told he had had a heart attack, and had large blockages, but they were not able to put in any stents.  He was discharged and flew home the next day. 

We took Malcolm for a quad ride up in the mountains
before he had to leave for home. 

Such beautiful views, it was a wonderful evening for a ride.

The wildflowers are blooming in abundance this year with all the rain we've had! 

Saying goodbyes are always hard, but we had a great time together! 

My aunt and uncle leaving for home.
We enjoyed having them here so much!
She and my mom worked so hard to help with everything going on! 
It was such a blessing to have them there with us! 

My strawberries began to produce in abundance, sadly
just as it was time for everyone to leave. 

Mom made me this beautiful egg apron! 
It holds between 8-10 eggs, and is just so cute! 

Saying goodbye to Mom and Dad. It was very hard to see them go, Dad was not feeling well at all. Thankfully, they made it back home safely, and he has been placed on some medications that are helping him feel better. 

My peonies began to produce in abundance also... like lilacs, their bloom time is short and fabulous. I had peonies scattered all over my home! They are such gorgeous bloomers!

It was hard to see everyone leave, so Dan and I went down to the lake to kayak, and relax.  There is something so peaceful and relaxing
about kayaking in a quiet lake. 

I am grateful for this little lake close to our home. 

Incredible beauty to soak up and enjoy! 

Indeed, June was a busy month, and July has been a little quieter.  The garden is growing quietly, while the strawberries are really rambunctious this year, and I've been busy putting them up.  I've made several batches of jam, given them away, frozen them, and we've enjoyed them with cream and sugar.  I hope your July has been blessed with beautiful moments as well! I'll be back soon to share more kayaking and camping adventures we are taking this month, as well as a garden bloom and grow update.  May the rich blessings of the Lord be with each of you!

I may have shared this video before, but since July is a patriotic month, I wanted to share this patriotic video I made earlier this year.  We are grateful for the freedoms we still enjoy in this great country, and continue to pray that the Lord would continue to keep His hand of protection upon this country. 


  1. Thank you for sharing Ryan and Alanna's beautiful wedding. The tea party is lovely.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

    1. Thank you so much for being so faithful to read my blog! The wedding, and tea were such a delight, we are grateful for the memories made!

  2. how beautiful of a couple are they!! Gorgeous setting. and you RODE up the mountain?? i would have had to hike that! (assuming there's a trail :) ). I haven't had the kayaks out this year but we plan on it in a couple of weeks. A lot has been going on here with my own health. sigh. but God is good. Prayers lifted up for your dad. My husband had a major heart attack at age 48. he is now 55 and doing well with a stent in place and some medication. ENJOY the rest of July

    1. Hi Faith, we rode the chairlift up the mountain as they operate it in the summer with a restaurant at the top of the mountain if desired. But the views were what we were looking at! We do so love to kayak,, it is so relaxing. I'm sorry to hear about your health struggles! Appreciate the prayers for my dad, he does need them! Hard to believe we are now in the end of July, how the days fly by so fast!

  3. So much to love about this post. The tea party was elegant; the food looked so good. The wedding...beautiful. I'm so thankful that your Dad was able to be present at the wedding and visit with family. I hope he'll be okay.
    Kayaking on the peaceful lake must have been a balm for your spirits. Hopefully June will be a bit less busy.

    1. Thank you Granny, it was such a special time for all of us, and thankful my dad was able to make it. We love to kayak, and it is such a relaxing way to enjoy the scenery around us. Blessings to you!

  4. I am so glad the wedding day was gorgeous. Congratulations to your son and his new bride. Everyone looks great. Oh, those adventures look like fun; your mom is so cute to step out with you and try something new. I'm happy your dad pulled through and hope he is getting stronger every day. So nice of him to persist to see the family at such a happy time. Love the tea party!

    1. Thank you Mary, it was a beautiful wedding, and we are definitely having some fun summer adventures! You and your family continue to be in our prayers!

  5. What a beautiful couple and wedding to boot, Marilyn! Praying that your Dad is on the mend, and I admire his determination and courage to see the wedding ceremony through when he really needed to be in the hospital. With Danny's previous problems with his heart, I understand the fear and uncertainty that comes with that baggage. Please keep us all updated on your father's health! Know he is in my prayers, my friend.
    I hope you can visit my blog so you can read about all the wonderful time we've recently spent with oldest granddaughter, Virginia. Maybe, now that things have calmed down, you will have the time.

    1. My dad is doing better Martha, thank you for your prayers, they have meant so much to us! I will definitely be stopping by your blog, I'm sorry that with all the summer activities going on, I haven't been visiting blogs as often. Blessings to you dear friend!

  6. So sorry to hear about your dad, scary times. Ryan and Alana's wedding is so beautiful. Love the site with that gorgeous view. The peonies are beautiful. How fun to kayak. I just bought my son a kayak. He loves it and also enjoys fishing. Thanks for sharing so much beauty. xo

    1. We love our kayaks, Linda, they are so relaxing on calm and quiet lakes. They are great for fishing too! I hope you are having a wonderful summer :)

  7. Hello Marilyn: Oh, those views throughout your post make me so homesick. We're leaving next week to head back there for a few weeks to visit everyone and we're so looking forward to it. I was sorry to read about your Dad's heart issues but very grateful that he's safely home and able to see his own doctors. May the Lord bless him with good health.
    The wedding was stunning. Everything was beautiful and it looks like the weather couldn't have cooperated any better. The bride was gorgeous and the groom looks like the "good guy" in an old western. Love the holster detail!
    I recognize that airport having flown in and out of it many, many times over the years. I didn't realize you would have to drive all the way there for flying in and out of the area. Schweizer Mountain is so pretty. We rode the chairlift up a few years ago. The views are absolutely stunning. I'm glad your Mom got to see them with you.
    Blessings and hugs,

    1. Thank you sweet Betsy, I hope you have a wonderful time when you come back to visit, it has been a wonderful summer. Dad is doing better, and we are so grateful for that! Schweitzer is such a beautiful place to visit, the views are incredible! Blessings to you dear friend!

  8. Oh my I love this post. I think there is no place on earth more beautiful than the scenes you share here. The wedding looked lovely, love the cowboy hats and guns. And that tea party was a treasure. Your dad was so bold to visit, enjoy the wedding and return home safely, even while having a heart attack. The kayak lake looks idyllic too.

    1. Thank you Terra for your kind and wonderful comment! The wedding was such a precious time, and the newlyweds are setting in wonderfully to married life. My dad is doing better, we are so grateful for that! Kayaking is such a relaxing thing to do, we really enjoy it. Many blessings to you, and thank you for your visit!

  9. So many beautiful pictures capturing a most special time in your family!!!! I'm glad your dad could be at the wedding and hope he continues to improve. You live in a beautiful part of the country, but the love of your family for each other makes it the best!

    1. Thank you Barbara, it was a very special time for our family, and we are so grateful that dad is doing better, and his medications have him stabilized. I am so grateful for the beauty I get to enjoy every day here, I never want to take it for granted!

  10. Beauty all around. The tea party looks like so much fun, and the wedding was beautiful.You and your Mom sure do look alike. Hope Dad is doing better by now. It's always hard to have a loved one who is not well.

  11. What a beautiful wedding with a handsome groom and a lovely bride. All the very best to them.

    I am glad that your parents were able to attend and I hope that your dad is feeling much better. Surely a
    concern for you all. What fun that your brother was able to surprise you by flying in for the big day.

    It sure is pretty in your world.

  12. You need a vacaton! You packed your month of June so full!
    Please let us know how your dad is doing!
    Tea Party, Wedding (cute couple ❤), suitcase fulll of goodies, chair lift ride, FAMILY!, the lists goes on and on...
    Rest and come back with your beautiful photography. We'll be waiting!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Apologies, I misspelled something etc...so I deleted the comment...Keeping your dad in prayer and such lovely photos. Congratulations to your son and his bride, smiles

  15. I'm so sorry that your Dad had a heart attack, Marilyn. That must have been so hard on him, especially with the traveling. The wedding turned out lovely, and what a pretty wedding dress. Guess what? Your dress looks just like the one I wore for Jess' wedding, only mine was taupe. That candle holder next to the peonies is so unique and beautiful. I noticed it right away, as I just brought out my grandmother's candle holders. All the food looks delicious, and what a wonderful time spent with all the family. I do hope your Dad is feeling better, dear Marilyn.


  16. Your post is so full of wonderful things. Congratulations on the wonderful addition of another daughter to your family. I'm so glad to hear you've been able to spend so much time with your loved ones. I hope your father is feeling better soon. One of the greatest things in life is to be able to share our lives with others and them with us.

  17. So good that your father made it through all the emergencies and still was able to be at the wedding. PTL he made it home safe and is now feeling better. Congratulations to your son and his bride. What a beautiful and sweet wedding. Glad the weather looked perfect for their special day. It's fun to enjoy company and share adventures with them but I know it's exhausting, too, with a wedding thrown in and health problems. It's nice you could relax on the lake when everyone returned home. I almost forgot the tea! That looked like a fun time with your sisters in Christ!

  18. Oh Marilyn... you had such a busy month! Wow... like someone else said, you DO need a vacation!!! Although I know that living where you do, it IS like a vacation, as far as the scenery, lakes, mountains and rivers! I'm glad you and hubby got a chance to sneak away for some river fun! The wedding looked wonderful.. that setting is just about perfect for two people to join their lives together. Just awesome. How scary for what your did went through. I hope he is OK? Give us an update as he is in our prayers. So much fun you had, with the tea party and that food looks amazing! You are so lucky your strawberries have been bountiful. I only have a few right now.. but my plants are "ever bearing" so I think I get most of the berries later in the summer. I bought them by mistake and only have a few that are "June bearing". I think of you all the time! I hope your July will be a little less eventful!!! Hugs from Oregon! Marilyn

  19. oh my ... a tea party, a wedding, a journey. you've captured the beauty, the serendipity, the joy!

  20. I saw those beautiful wedding photos shared on Instagram, what a fun day and a beautiful bride and groom. Congratulations to all! I'm glad your dad was able to make the wedding and is feeling better. I hope he has continued good health.

  21. What a lovely wedding. So happy for you that your family was able to be with you. I hope your dad is doing even better now.

  22. So many things to comment on! First, I hope your dad is continuing to feel better! What a scare for you all! Your tea party looks wonderful! I haVe always wanted to have a tea party! Congratulations to the newlyweds. Your son is handsome and daughter in law is a beautiful bride! I can so relate with your mom on the ski lift. We went on one in Tennessee earlier this year and I was petrified. Gripped the bar so hard my hands hurt!!! How lucky to have a cute little lake close to you to kayak on! Your pictures are stunning as usual!

  23. What an exciting month! That wedding was beautiful. Congratulations to your son and new DIL! That's a great idea to put place mats on the backs of your garden chairs. It really adds a beautiful touch. Your pictures are so pretty: the views from the mountain, kayaking on the lake... you have a gift!

  24. I forgot to mention your dad! Oh my word! What a scary situation but Praise God he was able to stay for the wedding and made it back home okay. I pray he continues to improve.

  25. I enjoyed this post. Hope your Dad gets better. Regine

  26. I was sorry to read about your Dad, hoping he is now feeling better and stronger.

    My congratulations to the newly-weds ...

    My good wishes for the new month of August.

    All the best Jan


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