Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Climbing New Heights

Last week after our Valentine date, since it was such a beautiful day, we began to drive around a bit, which is one of our favorite things to do.  We just never know where we'll end up by the time the day is over.  There is a certain excitement that comes when you have no destination in mind, but just turn down roads randomly and at will. 

We ended up on a private road where there was a "for sale" sign that was pretty inconspicious.  In fact, it looked like it had been for sale for a long time, because the sign looked old and tattered.  No matter.  It beckoned to us, and we followed....

It took us a while to get up to the top of this property and lookee what we saw when we got up there! WOWZERS!

 The place was on the side of a mountain with a large creek running through it.  The opportunities for exploring here are endless!

We called some friends who came out to the property with us to look at it.  The views were second to none! A full view of mountain ranges in almost every direction.

 I almost got dizzy climbing up here, but the views were spectacular, so I couldn't resist!

And don't forget that I was still in my "Valentine Day" clothes... I wasn't exactly planning on climbing on the side of a mountain when I got dressed that morning planning on a sleigh ride and a nice dinner!

I guess I must have an adventurer spirit at heart, because I was able to keep up with my husband and his friend as they tromped all over this place.

This is the road as you get to the top of the property.  I didn't think to get a picture of the road going up to this place.  It was pretty wild!  

 The creek sported some beautifully created ice sculptures as the running water had frozen on the branches and bushes.

This is the meadow on the property.  Most of the rest of the property is mountainous and hilly.  This was pretty much the only flat ground aside from the hilltop views.

Whoever owned this property evidently had great plans for it.  It seemed they had carved trails all around the entire property and put up signs naming the different areas.  I snapped a picture of this one, which they had named Panorama Plateau.  Pretty fitting, I thought.  The panoramic view in every direction was breathtaking. With a laughing creek running the entire length of the property, from the flat meadow areas to the hilltop panoramas, this property was amazing.

Of course, it seems there are always negatives to any property like this, and I'm sure you're wondering why this beautiful place is still for sale.  You would think it would have been grabbed up in a heartbeat. 

I think I know why it is still for sale.  The road to the place was very, very tricky.  Our tough 4x4 pickup almost never made it.  And this is after the snow had been melting for several weeks.  You would need a serious mountain vehicle to get to this place, especially in the winter. 

But it certainly was a beautiful way to spend an already wonderful day!

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