Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a dreaded word in most mother's vocabularies.  It involves making a list and checking it twice, and still... knowing that when you get home from the grocery store... you still managed to forget that most important thing that you went to the store for in the first place.

Or maybe that's just me that this happens to...

Has anyone else ever experienced this? (I hope I'm not alone..I'll cry myself to sleep tonight ... ;)

You have it right there on top of your list.  Toilet paper.  It's quite important.  You'll have a lot of really upset people hollering if you forget it.  So you know it is quite important.

Don't forget the toilet paper.

But.... how did I get all the way back home without remembering to get it?

I'll never know.  The answer just seems to elude me. 

So, grocery shopping isn't real high on my list of favorite things to do, because almost always I forget something... THE ONE THING I needed to remember to buy.

And, in case you're laughing about my distress over forgetting something at the grocery store, let me remind you that while I can shop for items here locally in town, most of the time I end up paying three times the price for it that I would have paid driving to the closest big box grocery store.  So yes, technically, I can just run down to Safeway and get the item, paying way more for it than necessary.

Forgetting an item on the grocery list is not a fun thing. Not at all.  So grocery shopping tends to be a tedious experience, crossing, and recrossing, and rechecking... and sometimes... the one thing I KNOW I need to get, didn't get written down on my list..  You see...  I made a mental note of it because I knew I wouldn't forget it.  HA!  HA!

(Don't talk to me about old age... I'm not listening, I'm deaf right now... what's that you are saying?!!)

Note to self.... ALWAYS write things down! Always! Just do it.

Anyway, back to the business at hand.  Grocery shopping is a big deal here. About once a month we take a whole Saturday to go to TOWN and stock up on groceries.  This is when you just don't forget to buy toilet paper, or milk or bread or.... all those important necessities...

It is an all day affair because the closest big box store is about 35-45 minutes away, depending on which direction we go to town.  We have three different options to choose from, and generally it depends on what other errands we are trying to accomplish at the same time as to which direction we go for groceries.  My preference is Costco, because I can buy in bulk there and plus... they have free food samples! Who doesn't like that!

So recently on an all day trip to get groceries... we happened to be heading home at just the right time.  The sun was setting, and setting off a show for us as we drove. All of a sudden, all the weariness of grocery shopping all day slipped away.  My camera was not on my grocery list... but I DID remember to bring it!

These pictures are taken through the window of our vehicle, so not really that clear, but.... you get the idea.... it was a beautiful ending to an otherwise hectic busy day! 

I never tire of the light shows that Idaho skies and mountains put on!  It is a constantly changing and enrapturing landscape!

I will leave you with this final picture that I caught of the sun just slipping down to the other side of the world... It was a perfect ending to a busy day... but with this beautiful sight before me as we traveled home, it made the business of the day suddenly fade away!

(PS: I forgot toilet paper) 

(PSS:  But my DH remembered... what oh what would I do without him!)

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