Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine Day Sleigh Bells Ringing

Valentine's Day this year was a really special time for my sweetie and I.  We made reservations at the Western Pleasure Guest Ranch for a horse and sleigh ride.  I've been wanting to visit the Western Pleasure Ranch for some time, and what better time to visit than on Valentine's Day!

As we were getting ready to drive over there, to my great surprise and delight, the sun came out in all her brilliance!  This time of year visits from the sun are few and far between, so that made the day that more special!  The Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust, but it doesn't say anything about the sunshine, and I was just thankful today to see the sun shine on a day that we had planned this sleigh ride.

As we drove toward the ranch, the sun shining down on the mountains was simply glorious, to say the least!  I couldn't help snapping a few pictures along the way as we drove.

As we arrived at the Western Pleasure Guest Ranch, we were given a warm and loving welcome! 

Two of their dogs ran out to meet us, and then proceeded to let the whole world know we had arrived from their snowbank guarding station.

 They were setting up inside the lodge area for a big Valentine Dinner that evening. 

They had a cozy fire going while we waited for the horse and sleigh to meet us for our ride, as well as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

Soon, our personal horse and sleigh arrived to take us for a zip through the woods.

When the horse and driver introduced themselves, we began to laugh, because the horse's name was the same as my husband's... so the driver cautioned us that if he was speaking commands to the horse, he certainly wanted my husband to know he wasn't speaking to him.

The horse had sleigh bells on him and we listened to the pleasant music of the bells as we traveled through the trail.

At one point along the ride, the driver stopped the horse while we overlooked this beautiful vista.  Schweitzer Mountain is in the far distance with the snow-capped ridges.  It was a beautiful view!

A picture of my sweetie and I on the "one horse open sleigh" And we didn't have to sing jingle bells... because the horse did that for us with all his bells ringing as he pulled us through the woods. 

It was an absolutely gorgeous day with the snow glistening on the trail!

Back at the barn, one last picture of the horse and the driver.

We said goodbye to the sweet dogs who had given us such a warm welcome to the ranch.

This is one of the log cabins on the ranch that you can rent for the night, week, or weekend.  They overlook the snow covered valley with the Selkirk Mountain ranges behind them.

As we were leaving, I snapped a few more pictures of Schweitzer Mountain off in the distance.

We drove into Sandpoint, and stopped at Ivano's Ristorante for lunch.  Italian food being one of my favorites, we enjoyed lunch here and celebrated Valentine's Day together. Being together any day with my husband is like Valentine's Day every day to me, but it a lot of fun to throw in a sleigh ride and an Italian dinner to the day to make it even more special.

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