Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fascinating Horizons

A friend of mine happened to be out driving one afternoon just as the day was coming to a rosy ending.  The sun had come out towards the end of the afternoon.  The sun is a rarity here during the winter months, often only peeking out for hours at a time, and then being hidden again by the clouds soon after. 

So, whenever the sun comes out, and shares its radiance with us, it is a real treat. 

My friend G.T. had her camera handy as they were driving, and began to snap picture after picture of the sun, and the clouds.  When you have the beautiful backdrop of the mountains, and the lake with the brilliant colors of the sunset mixed with all the different types of cloud cover there are... it really is an amazing view. 

She shared these pictures with me, and now... I want to share them with you... enjoy....

I never cease to be amazed at the way the face of the mountains change with the clouds, sunshine, and just weather in general.  It is incredible to watch it change even before your eyes... sometimes the clouds will lift and part and close back up while you are watching!

I love this picture! Something about the stark tree with the cloud hovering in the background, and then the tall and stately tree next to it... what a great picture of contrasts!

If you'll notice off to the right side of this picture, there are frozen tracks of water on the rocks.  Water pours off these rocks most of the year, except of course, when the water becomes frozen.  It is a really neat thing to see!

These pictures were taken as the sun was beginning to set, and as it shines through the clouds onto the trees in the mountains, the amazing shadows and different color patterns are absolutely magnificent.

I read a saying the other day and I think it fits here today.  It says,

Be inspired by God's nature: 
storms always lose to the sun; 
the sunrise always overtakes the night, 
and the winter always turns into spring. 

Even when the clouds are there, there is still so much beauty to be shared as the sunlight pokes its way through the clouds.  A beautiful thought indeed, that although the clouds of life may come and go, the sunshine of God's love and mercy always manage to find a way to shine through!

Something I just wrote after thinking about clouds and sunshine is this.... 

So whether your day is cloudy, 
or filled with sunshine
 enjoy today and
 Look for the beauty
Of the moment you are in!

  There will never be another today...
 just like today
 Enjoy the clouds
Enjoy the sunshine
 Add up your joys
And never count your sorrows!

(just my thoughts anyway...)

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