Friday, December 12, 2014

Mr. King Simba Demands His Turn in the Spotlight!

We have a King ruling in our house, and when King Simba found out that Princess Annie had been getting a lot of publicity, he wasn't too happy about it.  In fact, he made quite a big deal about it.  He jumped in front of my computer where I was working, and demanded that I take some pictures of Mr. King Simba! 

His favorite place is really to snuggle up with me especially in the mornings as I drink my coffee.  He cozies up into my big fuzzy housecoat and begins his musical purring.  

The love language of cats is when they are all taken care of, being petted and loved and surrounded by warm loving arms.  Such is the case of our King Simba.

He loves to find new places to sleep, but in the morning before he finds a cozy spot, he always jumps into my arms as I drink my morning brew.  We both wake up together!

I find it interesting that cats only think in terms of "what can YOU do for ME?" and dogs think in terms of "what can I do for YOU?"  LOL.  King Simba is no exception to the cat rule.  If he is not happy, no one in the house is happy.  He will tear stuff up, race up and down the halls, attack you if you walk by, and cry like a baby if there is "something" in his little world that is not right.

Of course, looking at this picture it is hard to imagine that such a beautiful creature could ever be capable of such nonsense, but 'tis true!  He will interrupt my work schedule at the computer, sit on the desk in front the screen, and lounge on top of the printer to ensure that I see him, and his needs get met first!

We all love him dearly, but one thing is for sure.  He loves us because of what we do for him, not just because we exist.  If his needs aren't taken care of, he lets us know.  But once his needs are met, he is a very happy contented fat little soul!

This is one of his glaring looks at me.  He is letting me know that he is NOT happy with the fact that I am working, and not cuddling with him.

Very deep in thought - who knows what goes through the mind of a cat intent on his own personal needs!

Introspective thoughts.  I have to watch him in a mood like this.  My hand on the mouse could be the next plan of attack!

Okay Mr. King Simba.... come on over here, and snuggle - after all, we both know that I won't get any work done until we do!

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  1. Hahaha. Cute post. Cats love me and, honestly, I could care less about them. Except lately posts like yours have me wondering what it would be like to have a cat in the house. Wait. . .no. I'm more of a dog person. Annie? Yes!


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