Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gentle Snowfall Makes Everything Beautiful!

Living in the north, where we do, around the first of November you begin to anticipate the first snowfall within the first week or so of November.  This year has been different.  Instead of getting snow, we have mostly had really cold weather, or rain, but little to no lasting snow.

This Saturday though, all that changed!  We finally had some snow begin to fall, and you can guess who was the most excited about it ...

Yes, Annie-girl was thrilled to see the snow falling.  Well... we were just a little excited too!

We got into our pickup and headed out to our property for a short hike as the snow had just begun to fall.

Annie couldn't wait to get out of the pickup, and begin our hike through the woods.

There was a calm stillness in the woods as we hiked along with the snow falling gently around us. We hiked for about 30 minutes or so until the snow really began to fall heavy around us, and we headed back home to spend the rest of the afternoon looking at the snow as it fell while the kids had their first snowball fight of the season.

The next morning, the sunrise showcased the glistening snow as the precious few rays of sunshine graced the sky.

The sun didn't stay out for long, and the clouds continued to overhang the beauty of the snowfall.

Annie romping in the snow with our daughter.

Lots of energy and excitement!

After the snowplows had been through, we headed out for another drive.

As the roads had been plowed and sanded, we decided to head farther north.

We happened to get behind a snow plow as he carefully did his best to remove any snow and ice off the roadways.

We drove to one of our favorite little spots to explore.  As we drove into the little park area, I spotted something large rushing out of the bushes.  It was a baby moose and was gone before my camera could be put into action!

The river flowed happily along as its banks were covered in a beautiful layer of snow.

The sun was hidden behind many clouds, yet even still, the scene was breathtaking to behold.

The amount of snow on the trees meant that continuous "slides" of snow would fall off the branches as we walked through the woods, and even though it wasn't snowing, it felt like it was.

As we walked through the park, we again caught a distant glimpse of baby moose.  We stopped and realized that Momma Moose was nowhere in sight, and that made us nervous.  We did not want to get between Momma and baby.  So, we turned around and went back to the river and then left the park. While we would love to see Momma and baby together, it would only be if we could see them from the safety of our vehicle, and so we decided to leave them alone in their snow-lovely haven.

As the sun began to set, I captured some beautiful photos of the snow draped trees.

The weight of the snow was too much for this poor little tree.

Pine trees look most beautiful when covered with snow!

Perfectly lovely, aren't they!

Snow lacing the pine trees was simply beautiful.

It was a lovely drive, as we soaked up the beauty that the snowfall had created.  What a beautiful world we live in!


  1. I always thank God for the pines here in the western mountains. Without them our winters would be so bland. They really are beautiful when "laced with snow", as you wrote. You are so smart not to hang around when you see a baby moose with no mama in sight. Too many people don't realize how dangerous it can be if the mother shows up and thinks her baby is in danger. Same with elk and deer. Mothers are very protective! Enjoy that beautiful snow. xxx ~ Nancy

  2. Nice pics. May get to take some more tomorrow (Monday_Jan 4)


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